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12 Solana Price Predictions As FTX To Liquidate Assets – Crypto Signals Group Shorts $SOL

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Solana is trending, with over 100,000 posts about $SOL now under the Business & Finance trends section of Twitter (X). All eyes are on the Solana price, after a tweet by The DeFi Investor, now with over 1.6 million impressions, stated: 

Big selling pressure is potentially coming – FTX will likely get approval to liquidate its assets on Sept 13. FTX had $3.4B in crypto in April. The proposed plan is to sell assets worth up to $200M per week’. 

He included a chart of FTX exchange’s holdings, in the millions, with Solana being the largest at $685 million.

The post was retweeted and quote tweeted by many respected crypto Twitter accounts, such as Fomocap who wrote ‘sale is coming’. 

After that September 9th tweet, the Solana price sold off over 6% on September 10th, while Bitcoin dropped only 0.2%. What’s next for SOL? Will it continue to underperform against BTC?

Solana Price Predictions From Crypto Twitter

Many analysts are now posting their SOL price predictions – we’ve collected some of the best commentary from top traders on the potential Solana price action this week:

1. Trader_XO – Accumulate Solana In Q4

XO (@Trader_XO) has been under some fire this week from ZachXBT over his promotion of PAAL AI and CBOT. However putting that aside, his crypto price predictions have generally been accurate throughout the bear market and are followed by many. 

While he hasn’t made a specific Solana price prediction to the upside, XO is looking to buy $SOL as a long-term hold ‘if price trades the lower bound of the range heading into Q4’.

He tweeted to his 431k followers that if support breaks – the mid-line of the range above at just under $19 – that then ‘opens the floodgates’ for the $14 lows to be taken out and SOL to hit his accumulation zone at around $9-12.

Since posting the Solana price chart above, the SOL price hit $17.7 and now appears to have flipped the mid-range to resistance.

2. Altcoin Sherpa – FTX Sell Off Will Create SOL Bottom

In early September Altcoin Sherpa, who has 196k followers, tweeted ‘If FTX has to liquidate their holdings, see you at $10 #Solana again’.

He followed that up today with predicting that that the ‘big sell off (if it happens) creates a bottom for Solana. It’s one of the last big questions in regards to the big supply [held by FTX]. If FTX gets liquidated, expect price to capitulate to sub $10 ($5 maybe) and then V reverse.’

He added he will still buy Solana at $10 with possible ‘deep longshot entries’ at $8 and $5, and that ‘as a network, SOL is still a good one and will probably be a solid bet for the next bull run. I’ve got a long term bag that I’ll just hold because I expect multiples on it later on. But in the short term, it’s likely going to be painful’.

3. CryptoJoe – Bad For Solana Price Short Term, Bullish Long Term

CryptoJoe posted similar sentiments, that FTX ‘distributing $SOL might be bad for price in the short term, but distributing the supply of a major L1 chain is extremely bullish long-term – more distribution, more decentralization.’

Many other analysts have commented that shedding the baggage of associations with FTX and SBF will be a positive for Solana in the long run.

CryptoJoe went on to add that Solana has ‘the same staying power of Ethereum – Vitalik has vouched for Solana, Visa has vouched for Solana. Yet many will get lost in the noise of short term volatility. Accumulation begins soon.

4. The DeFi Investor – FTX’s Holdings Mostly Locked Until 2028

The DeFi Investor began the panic over Solana, but did quote tweet himself later on to add that ‘while FTX holds a very large percentage of the $SOL supply, most of it is still locked and will be fully vested in 2028. SOL price can still be impacted in the short term, but not as bad as everyone expects’.

He added the table of The Solana Foundation’s transactions with FTX and Alameda below:

A similar tweet was posted by CryptoGodJohn, one of the most followed accounts, with almost 500k followers.

5. CryptoBit – What Solana Dump?

CryptoBit is skeptical of the Solana FUD, posting that ‘the supposed $SOL FTX selloff narrative brought the price down by $1. Come on guys that is not a selloff. If they were really dumping you would know! If they do dump based on the amount of supply they hold it would crash the price’.

6. Bleeding Crypto – Solana To $5 – $8 Soon

One of the most bearish Solana price predictions at the weekend came from Bleeding Crypto, who posted ‘I feel sorry for any moonboy holding this knowing FTX is going to sell off $628 million worth of $SOL – imagine the idiocy of holding when you can just buy it at $5 – $8 real soon! MMs [market makers] love to crush hopes and dreams before any significant reversal’.

He did add that he had limit orders set to buy the dip, and that as ‘FTX are only required to sell $200 million a week collectively across all their assets, it won’t be just be $SOL alone – however, the slow bleed is going to be worse because it will test the patience of all the bag holders and lead them to capitulate one at a time week after week.’

7. RookieXBT – FTX Won’t Liquidate Holdings All At Once

RookieXBT began a sarcastic ‘copypasta’ about FTX liquidating $685 million ‘all in one market order, I don’t see how the industry recovers from this, I’m literally shaking’. 

That was then reposted by several other accounts – much of crypto Twitter is now ‘irony posting’, including the tradition of copy pasting some humorous FUD over and over again. 

8. Crypto Tony – Buy The Capitulation Wick

Crypto Tony posted a Solana price prediction today for his 336k followers. He’s looking for a reaction at $10 if Solana prints a double bottom, with a possible spike lower ‘to the next major support zone at $5 – this would be the perfect capitulation style wick I want to see across the #altcoin board.’

He added the logarithmic Solana price chart above, mapping out a bounce back to the $40 region, also posting that ‘the more FTX sell off $SOL, the more decentralized it becomes, which for the long term is only bullish’ – echoing Altcoin Sherpa’s Solana price predictions – and ‘I am treading this much like a typical token unlock, once the sell off has finished, we should ideally be in a good area fo accumulation, if Bitcoin behaves’.

9. Few – Long Solana On The 13th

Few (@fewseethis) posted an interesting Solana price prediction – that ‘on Wednesday, September 13th is when you close your $SOL shorts and look to buy’.

His rationale is that since the 13th was a known event, it would be ‘priced in by the market’, and have the opposite effect of a ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’ chart pattern. In this case, traders should ‘sell the rumor, buy the news’ by shorting into the event, then longing after.

10. Timeless Being – Short Squeeze First

Timeless Being (@Timeless_Crypto) noticed a build up in open interest on SOL on, and opened a long position for a ‘squeeze back to the 20s’.

11. Posty – Long Solana

Posty (@PostyXBT) tweeted for his 88k followers: ‘I’m with @Timeless_Crypto on this one and going long. A little degenerate for my style but I’m seeing way too many sub $5 shouts. But muh FTX selling? It might go lower sure, but I doubt it’s going there in a straight line. Too obvious.’

12. – Short Solana Target $15

A popular crypto signals group on Telegram run by made one of the most precise Solana price predictions on our list. 

They shorted $SOL at $20.2 on September 5th, with take profit targets at $19, $17 and finally $15. Their first take profit target has already been hit. 

They added to their short the same day, when the Visa stablecoin announcement made headlines:

‘Adding to $SOL short. This is a short term pump we think based on visa news, and released just before a large unlock of tokens on Sept 13th. So in other words “manipulation”. 500,000 also unlocked on Thursday from staking. Average entry now $20.36. Looking at order flow, markets being held up by Coinbase buyers, which usually means it’s hedge funds or exchanges. Probably teasing people to long then dump. Hard to explain in short form so will add to list of blogs to write.’

That prediction for Solana proved to be accurate as the Visa pump quickly retraced. Platform

Alongside their free Telegram group, is conducting a presale for the native token of their upcoming analytics platform, which aims to provide more expert crypto price predictions like the one above based on quantitative data.

Holders of its token LPX unlock access to a suite of trading tools, algorithmic price predictions, market insights, VIP Telegram signals and more. The platform also includes its own custom AI bot assistant for traders, Apollo.

Currently the team are tracking FTX’s movements of $SOL and other tokens, which have already started.

Learn more about the project and meet its founders – who are a fully doxxed team of professional traders – at the link below.  



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