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3 Best 2.0 Cryptos to Buy That Could Pump This Week

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Copycat coins have caused yet another crypto frenzy in recent weeks. The latest meta 2.0 movement has enticed traders hoping to hit it big by getting in on second renditions of popular coins.

Dating back to September 2022, the 2.0 craze began when Ethereum upgraded its network, branded as Ethereum 2.0.

The name was catchy and was later used by founders looking to reignite the hype surrounding some of the top cryptocurrencies.

Although 2.0 cryptos are usually unaffiliated with the original projects, many aim to build on the shortfalls of the earlier version. As a result, investors can easily resonate with 2.0 cryptos, causing the prices to pump quickly.

With that in mind, let’s look at the top 2.0 cryptos with massive potential.


BTC20 is the self-proclaimed “new Bitcoin”. However, this is not your run-of-the-mill 2.0 coin. It is a meticulous, well-thought-out project which provides legitimate value to holders.

Currently, BTC20 is in its presale, priced at $1. Like Bitcoin, there are 21 million tokens in total, with 6 million available at presale and the rest will be released via an unlock schedule.

The unlock schedule is ongoing for 120 years, and users can earn them through staking. This is more “green” than the mining process used to earn Bitcoin.

Since all tokens remaining after the presale are available to stakers, the BTC20 project is 100% community-owned.

BTC20 is built on the Ethereum network, making it more accessible as users can buy it from their Metamask or other Ethereum wallet. Also, it means other decentralised apps can easily integrate it into their projects.

All in all, BTC20 builds from where Bitcoin left off. However, it also solves a significant issue faced on Ethereum today. The only way to buy Bitcoin on Ethereum is as a wrapped version, and these tokens rely on bridges which are often exploited.

In contrast, BTC20 is a native token to the Ethereum network, meaning it is not at risk of bridge attacks.

With just 21 million BTC20 ever to exist, investors have limited opportunity to buy at the presale price of $1.

Pepe 2.0

Pepe 2.0 was the meta 2.0 coin to kickstart the whole trend. The project builds on the back of the Pepe token, which rose to prominence in April and May this year.

According to its website, Pepe 2.0 is a “revolution” that features ”cutting-edge advancements and awe-inspiring innovations”.

Currently, Pepe 2.0 is trading 80% below its ATH, presenting considerable upside potential if a reversal occurs.

The project has announced it will release a profile pic NFT collection and has amassed a respectable $18 million market cap.

Moreover, Pepe 2.0 has gained 13K holders and holds the top spot on the DEXTools’ top trending list.

While its price does not currently reflect the current hype, it indicates that the tide may be turning for the project.

Pepe 2.0 has fostered legitimacy through its exchange listings. Despite launching just three weeks ago, Pepe 2.0 boasts KuCoin, Bybit,, MEXC listings, and more.

Shib 2.0

Shib 2.0 is another project showing strong potential to pump. The project calls itself “the next generation crypto king”, and like the original Shiba Inu, it aims to build an entire ecosystem in the future.

One of the reasons Shib 2.0 could pump is that the original SHIB has failed to live up to expectations recently, down 28% in the last year. Therefore, much of the original Shiba Inu community may seek new ways to profit, with Shib 2.0 presenting a viable alternative.

Shib 2.0 is trading 79% below its ATH. This presents significant room for significant growth if a reversal is to occur.

So far, Shib 2.0 has racked up a $2.79 million market cap, 6.79K holders and a whopping 16K Telegram subs. These factors reinforce Shib 2.0’s massive upside potential.

Similar to Pepe 2.0, Shib 2.0 has also secured listings on respectable exchanges like and MEXC.


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