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3 Cryptos to Buy Now Before They Explode

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As the Federal Reserve is expected to shift its stance, Bitcoin, silver, and gold are expected to jump higher. However, experts are also upbeat on BorroeFinance ($ROE), Bitcoin, and Chainlink. If you are wondering what crypto to buy, here’s why you should consider these three high-growth cryptocurrencies before they explode. 


BorroeFinance Raises $1.7m in Record Time

Are you looking for one of the best cryptos to buy now?

BorroeFinance ($ROE) might just be your golden ticket. This platform is redefining how Web3 businesses, especially those in the creative sector like NFT artists and digital creators, handle their finances. Traditionally, these innovators have grappled with financial hurdles, often struggling to find institutions that understand and cater to the unique demands of the Web3 space. 

Imagine turning your future income into something tangible and tradeable today. BorroeFinance makes this a reality by allowing users to convert their expected earnings into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These represent recurring income (i.e., invoices), and are sold at a discount for immediate cash. In return, investors fund the NFTs in exchange for higher returns than traditional assets offer. 

But it’s not just about technology. BorroeFinance’s vision is about empowerment, as it is highlighted in its detailed whitepaper. It seeks to create a financial ecosystem where the supporters of content and services are the ones driving the business. This approach could revolutionize how Web3 businesses are funded, making the process more equitable and efficient.

BorroeFinance is making waves among the new ICOs. Although only in Stage 2 of its presale, it has already raised a whopping $1.7 million. Less than 4% of tokens are still available for sale at the current offering of $0.015. The next presale stage marks a price increase of 16.6%, or $0.0175. 


Bitcoin to Jump as the Fed Turns Dovish

As the market leader, all eyes are undoubtedly on Bitcoin as it keeps soaring right before the year ends. Experts believe that the Fed’s pivot towards a dovish stance will push Bitcoin, along with silver and gold, toward new highs. This comes as it is expected for the US economy to cool down, along with inflation and rates. 

Bitcoin enjoys several other bullish signals – such as the quite likely approval of the crypto ETFs, the lack of investors willing to sell, and the upcoming halving event in April. To top it all off, the upcoming election year will add to the uncertainty mixture, providing a ramp for Bitcoin and other promising altcoins, such as $ROE.

At press time, LINK has increased by nearly 30% in the past month. Fresh data put forward by CoinMarketCap suggests that the token is still on the rise, mainly thanks to increases in on-chain metrics and the Chainlink Staking v0.2 going live. 

Notably, on November 28th, LINK recorded the largest spike in whale transactions – there were more than 2,500 transactions, over $100,000 each. Historically, spikes in whale transactions have preceded a significant price increase.  

The Bottom Line

The crypto market is bubbling with excitement ahead of a year full of promising events. Bitcoin, silver, and gold are expected to go up and the US economy cools down, making the crypto king worth considering ahead of the halving event.

BorroeFinance, in particular, has already raised $1.7 million, although it’s only in Stage 2 of its presale. This is thanks to its potential to revolutionize the financial industry with its NFT-powered ecosystem.

If you want to play a role in the future of Web3 financing, consider buying $ROE tokens today!

Learn more about BorroeFinance ($ROE) here:

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