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3 New Cryptocurrencies to Buy Now as Major Crypto Prices Tank

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Over the past few days, several impactful events have led to significant volatility in the cryptocurrency market. One such event is the recent conflict in Israel, sending shockwaves worldwide as political tensions rise.

As news circulates regarding the situation, Bitcoin’s price has begun to plummet, recently breaking below its $27.8K support and falling to $27.5K.

So far, its price has yet to show signs of a reversal, hinting that further downside movement is possible.

Prominent crypto analyst Miles Deutscher has spoken out on the situation and what it could entail for the crypto market. In a recent tweet, he noted that market participants could expect significant volatility, but historical data indicates there could be a quick recovery.

However, the Israeli conflict is not the only factor influencing crypto prices. Another rising concern is the Bank of America’s recent take on U.S. Treasury notes. According to the banking giant, U.S. bonds are currently in the oversold territory.

The analysis highlights that risk assets often fall in value when bonds are oversold. This is a significant concern for cryptocurrency prices and is likely part of the reason Bitcoin’s price is down 3% this week.

That said, some newer emerging cryptos have continued to thrive, considerably outpacing the most prominent projects. Let’s examine the three top projects that could pump despite the market’s difficulties.

Stake-to-Mine Project Bitcoin Minetrix Surges Past $800K Providing Investors With Easy and Secure Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is a new cryptocurrency enabling users to effortlessly mine Bitcoin by simply staking $BTCMTX tokens on its platform. In return for staking tokens, users receive Bitcoin cloud mining credits. They can then burn these credits in return for mining power and then earn free Bitcoin.

This ingenious concept provides a secure, decentralized, and simple way to earn Bitcoin fast. As such, the $BTCMTX token holds tremendous upside potential.

Indeed, simplistic Bitcoin mining is bound to attract investors, but Bitcoin Minetrix’s tokenomics design takes this a step further. Staking rewards are paid in mining credits, so no extra $BTCMTX tokens are released. Furthermore, users must buy $BTCMTX for staking. These two factors could indicate significant token scarcity, bolstering its price.

Investors can buy $BTCMTX at its cheapest price of $0.011. It is currently in the presale stage one of ten rounds, and its price is set to rise by 10% in each proceeding round. So far, it has raised over $800K; the round will end when it hits $3,080,000.

Bitcoin Minetrix has also announced a $30K airdrop to be split between 10 winners. Users get up to six entrees by completing simple tasks like following the Bitcoin Minetrix Twitter and visiting its website.

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One of the best ways for new projects to pump is by leveraging emerging industry trends. Meme Kombat ($MK) is the perfect example, blending Play-to-Earn, crypto gambling, and meme coins for a massively successful presale.

Since launching just two weeks ago, the presale has raised over $400K, drawing investors with its novel and compelling use case.

Meme Kombat lets users wager on AI-generated battles between their favorite meme characters. The platform is powered by the $MK token, providing real utility and demand if the game becomes popular.

It also features a staking mechanism, providing users with a 112% annual percentage yield (APY). This will encourage community engagement while locking up a significant portion of tokens, enhancing supply and demand dynamics.

The project will feature different seasons, each with new exciting meme characters, battle modes, and gameplay features. 

Considering it taps into the viral allure of meme coins, Meme Kombat also boasts a significant advantage over other meme coins in that its team is doxxed with their information on its website. The team is highly experienced, providing transparency and accountability to the project and indicating long-term potential.

Given its innovative use case, integration of crypto gambling mechanics, and much more, it is no surprise that the presale is already punching big numbers. Therefore, investors looking to buy should act quickly to secure the best price.

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Anonymous Telegram-Based TG Casino Is Available to One Billion Users and Boasts 730% Staking APY

TG Casino ($TGC) is a new anonymous crypto casino launching exclusively on the Telegram application. This provides end-to-end encryption and makes the casino accessible to Telegram’s one billion users.

Its token presale launched recently and has already raised an impressive $670K. Yet, this is expected since presale investors enjoy several benefits like special rewards, massive upside potential and can begin earning yield immediately. The current staking APY is a staggering 730%.

Those who invest over $5K in the presale also earn the “high roller” title and will enjoy even more rewards and a free, rare NFT.

Besides its unique value proposition of providing an anonymous and accessible crypto casino with hundreds of games on the Telegram app, TG Casino is also fully licensed, providing inventors peace of mind they are using a secure and reputable platform.

Another advantage to the project is its innovative buyback mechanism, which will repurchase $TGC tokens from the open market with a portion of the casino’s profits. It will then redistribute 60% of those tokens to staking rewards and burn 40%. 

This means holders directly benefit from the casino’s success. Furthermore, the buyback mechanism will bolster the token’s demand, and the burning will diminish its supply.

With this in mind, its presale momentum will likely snowball in the coming weeks. As such, those looking to buy $TGC at the lowest possible price must not wait around.

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