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3 Top Cryptos Surging Now: Bone ShibaSwap, Everlodge, Ethereum

Press Releases

Over the past month Bone ShibaSwap, Everlodge, and Ethereum have experienced significant price increases. Bone ShibaSwap is up over 10%, and Ethereum has seen a 19% rise. Meanwhile, Everlodge has hit a new all-time high after stage 6 of its presale quickly sold out. 

On their current trajectory, Bone ShibaSwap, Everlodge, and Ethereum could become the best-performing cryptocurrencies in December. 

Everlodge Soars After Stage 6 Sells Out 

Everlodge has hit another all-time high after stage 6 of its presale became its fastest selling yet. The project is now expected to attract the attention of several crypto whales as market experts predict how high the exciting new presale will go. 

Everlodge looks to solve many of the issues throughout the travel property industry using its DeFi property marketplace. With Everlodge, investors will have the chance to buy equity in some of the world’s most luxurious travel properties. 

To get started, properties will be listed on the Everlodge marketplace as NFTs. Each NFT is fractionalized, and investors will be able to buy an NFT fraction that represents ownership in a percentage of the property. This reduces how much an investor needs to get started and allows multiple individuals to own a single property. 

Owning an NFT comes with the benefits of traditional property ownership. Investors will generate a passive income based on how much of the property they own. For example, if an individual owns 25% of a property that generates $6,000 monthly, they will earn $1,500. 

In addition to removing financial barriers, Everlodge removes additional red tape surrounding the travel property market. As a decentralized platform, investors won’t need to pass a credit check. Furthermore, they will also be able to invest in properties worldwide, no matter their birthplace. This means an individual can build an international portfolio regardless of location. 

Everlodge has just hit a new all-time high of $0.025 and is expected to rise again soon, with over 70% of the latest rounds supply already sold. With additional price surges expected throughout December, it’s only a matter of time until ELDG tokens become popular throughout the mainstream crypto market. 

Bone ShibaSwap Surges 10% In November 

Bone ShibaSwap has surged by 10% in November, its biggest rise since August. This increase was triggered by the renouncing of the Bone ShibaSwap smart contract. When a smart contract is renounced, the original creator relinquishes control of it. In this circumstance, the Bone ShibaSwap founder has given up control. 

This is a huge relief for Bone ShibaSwap holders, as the smart contract can no longer be modified. Since being renounced, Bone ShibaSwap’s daily trading volume has increased to $9.3 million. Furthermore, Bone ShibaSwap’s token value has also increased to $0.78. 

Should its current growth rate continue, experts predict that Bone ShibaSwap could hit $1 in the first week of 2024. However, as Bone ShibaSwap is a memecoin, its value will likely be volatile. 

Ethereum Passes $2,000

Over the last month, Ethereum has passed the $2,000 benchmark and is now trading at $2,269. This has triggered an influx of Ethereum investors and driven Ethereum’s daily trading volume up to $11.1 billion. 

This is a huge win for Ethereum, and some experts predict that the project could continue to increase in December. Bull predictions suggest that Ethereum could hit $2,500 before the end of the year, while less ambitious predictions suggest that Ethereum will rise to $2,350. 


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