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4 AI Cryptos Traders are Buying as Bitcoin and Other Major Coins Crash

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town—and not just in crypto. Since OpenAI launched its ChatGPT chatbot in December, investors across the crypto and tech industries can’t seem to get enough of AI.

That frenzy has encouraged crypto developers to jump into the ring with projects that combine AI and blockchain in exciting new ways. Some of these projects are truly innovative and have the potential to explode as they launch in the weeks ahead.

We’ll take a closer look at four AI crypto coins that traders think could shoot higher this month.

AI is the Hottest Trend in Tech & Crypto

The AI craze in crypto may only be getting started.

According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the market for AI is expected to grow 20-fold from $100 billion today to $2 trillion by 2030. At the same time, Grand View Research expects the crypto market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.5%.

Given the disruptive nature of both technologies, there’s bound to be some overlap and synergistic potential.

The excitement around AI isn’t confined to developers. Investors and everyday crypto enthusiasts are also looking into AI’s potential. According to Google Trends, search volume for “AI” is at an all-time high.

With all this action around AI, it makes sense that investors should keep an eye on emerging crypto projects that involve this technology. While the landscape is still evolving, here are four projects that have the potential to explode higher.

yPredict Raises $2.2 Million for Ai-powered Price Prediction Models

yPredict is a crypto trading platform that’s taking advantage of some of the new possibilities offered by AI.

The project team, which consists of experienced software developers and AI experts, is building a suite of tools to create AI-powered price prediction models. These models will be able to take traditional technical indicators and parse them with AI to generate accurate forecasts for the future price of a crypto asset.

These models have the potential to give traders a huge advantage within the crypto market. For example, a trader could buy Bitcoin based on an AI model’s prediction that its price is about to go up.

yPredict isn’t locking away its AI tools for proprietary use. Instead, it’s releasing them to the community so that quants and developers can create and fine-tune their own models. Model creators can then offer their best models to traders and analysts on a subscription basis.

These subscriptions will require yPredict’s $YPRED token, ensuring that value stays within the yPredict ecosystem. $YPRED token holders who participate in staking will earn a 10% share of all revenue generated through subscriptions.

Traders, analysts, quants, and developers love yPredict’s approach. The project has raised more than $2.2 through its $YPRED presale, which currently offers $YPRED at a 25% discount relative to list.

The yPredict presale is rapidly approaching its $6.5 million hard cap, so investors won’t want to wait to join the presale.

Visit yPredict Presale

AiDoge Leverages AI to Generate Viral Memes, Launches June 19

AiDoge is a shiba-inu themed meme coin that’s using generative AI to fill the world with even more memes.

With AiDoge, users just need to describe the meme they want to create in a few words. The platform’s AI algorithm will automatically generate an image and matching text to bring the meme to life.

This is revolutionary for the meme space because it only takes seconds to create a new meme. Users don’t need any graphic design experience and they can draw inspiration from AiDoge’s clever text and images.

After users create a meme with AiDoge, they can edit it or mint it as an NFT and publish it. The seamless process of minting new memes as NFTs is important because it establishes a clear system of ownership within the meme ecosystem.

Users need AiDoge’s native $AI token to create memes. By staking $AI, token holders can earn daily rewards in the form of meme generation credits. This system encourages long-term investment in $AI while ensuring that users can create as many memes as they desire.

AiDoge sold out its $14.9 million presale in late May, but investors still have a chance to buy $AI ahead of the project’s June 19 launch. For a limited time, AiDoge is selling additional $AI at the token’s list price.

Visit AiDoge

Jim Chatbot Piggybacks on Pepe and Offers Deflationary Tokenomics

Jim is an AI chatbot that’s making waves on crypto Twitter. The project has picked up more than 100,000 Twitter followers and is rapidly approaching 2,000 token holders. It features Pepe the Frog in all of its posts, enabling this project to piggyback on the explosive popularity of Pepe Coin.

Jim has gained popularity so quickly because the chatbot is approachable, fun, and uncensored. It can talk about everything from crypto and memes to sports and politics. Jim also loves to roast followers and get roasted, making the bot feel extremely interactive.

The $JIM token that underlies the project has gained 650% since launching on May 31. That could be only the beginning for this coin, since Jim announced its first centralized exchange listing on AscendEX.

Trading is set to start on Monday, June 12. That’s likely to send the $JIM token soaring higher as more traders pile into the latest meme coin with the hopes of making huge profits.

Over the long term, $JIM could maintain its value. The development team plans to burn $JIM every time someone calls the Jim chatbot. So, the more people who use Jim, the more valuable $JIM becomes. Enables Anyone to Create Autonomous, AI-powered Bots is an AI crypto project that was arguably ahead of its time when it launched in 2017. However, the project is coming into its own now that the crypto spotlight is on AI.’s goal is to enable anyone to create their own AI-powered autonomous agents for Web3. These agents can do things as simple as pull data from different websites or as complex as coordinate multiple Internet of Things devices. bots are entirely customizable, making this platform suitable for everyone from individuals to businesses across almost any industry. Some of the world-changing use cases the development team has identified include managing traffic flow in smart cities, connecting smart energy grids, and optimizing trading within financial networks.’s $FET token is up 150% since the start of the year, demonstrating just how much of an impact the AI buzz has had on this token. Given the project’s customizability and futuristic potential, $FET may have room to run.


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