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5 Best Altcoins To Invest In For 10x Gains – XRP & New Altcoin Projects Make The List

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The altcoin market has been booming recently, with numerous projects pumping 100% or more over the past month, particularly the first week of November.

With that in mind, ambitious traders are eagerly searching for the next altcoins with high potential.

Best Altcoins To Buy Now

From our analysis based on market trends, price, and fundamental research, the five best altcoins to buy today are XRP and trending new altcoins including Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF), Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX), Meme Kombat ($MK), TG Casino ($TGC):

Bitcoin ETF Token: Stake-to-Earn Presale Token With High APY

The highly anticipated Bitcoin ETF approvals is likely the hottest trend in crypto at the moment. However, not many projects have leveraged it, but that has all changed with the launch of Bitcoin ETF Token – a presale Stake-to-Earn crypto with a burn mechanism that aligns with key Bitcoin ETF events.

Bitcoin ETF Token’s staking mechanism currently offers a four digit APY. That said, those looking to maximize their yield must be fast because the APY will decrease as the staking pool grows.

The project’s burn mechanism is set to burn 5% of the total supply at five key Bitcoin ETF events. This aims to induce scarcity at times when euphoria is highest – creating massive growth potential.

Yet, Bitcoin ETF Token is more than a financial instrument. It is a movement and a celebration of Bitcoin spot ETFs. Its website will provide users with around-the-clock updates on key occurrences, enabling them to navigate the market during potentially highly volatile times.

Despite launching on Monday, prominent analysts have already begun rallying behind the project, with Jacob Bury recently calling it to 10x after its presale.

Currently, investors can buy $BTCETF for $0.005, but they must act fast as a price rise will occur in two days. 

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Bitcoin Minetrix: New Protocol Moving Towards Bitcoin Mining Mass Adoption

Despite being the most prominent cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining has been underwhelming. From the expensive hardware requirements, exorbitant electricity fees, and technical expertise requirements, most people simply pass up on Bitcoin mining and leave it for tech wizz-kids and deep-pocketed businesses.

However, Bitcoin Minetrix solves this. It is a revolutionary new protocol enabling users to cloud mine Bitcoin with an Ethereum-compatible wallet (like MetaMask) and $BTCMTX tokens.

Users simply stake $BTCMTX for Bitcoin mining credits, which they can burn for cloud mining power, translating to free Bitcoin. This use case democratizes Bitcoin mining by making it easily accessible to everyone. 

Considering $BTCMTX’s crucial role in the operation, this could translate to tremendous upside potential. Moreover, since staking rewards are paid out in credits and not $BTCMTX, it will incur minimal sell pressure.

The project is currently undergoing a presale, having raised a whopping $3.6 million in under six weeks.

Currently, it is priced at $0.115 per token, but this is set to increase by 10% in just three days. Therefore, potential buyers must be fast.

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Meme Kombat: Multi-Purpose Meme Coin That Gameifies Crypto Gambling to Tap Into a New Market 

With the crypto gambling niche surging at the moment, Meme Kombat aims to bring the phenomenon to a totally new yet admittedly well-suited audience. The project enables users to gamble on AI-created battles between popular meme characters.

Meme Kombat essentially gamifies crypto gambling, enabling users to earn crypto rewards while enjoying an exhilarating experience powered by sophisticated casino mechanisms.

The project boasts various game modes to keep all users entertained; they include multiplayer, player vs. game, and side betting – which enables users to bet on dynamic battle events.

Considering the fun-filled action of Meme Kombat, combined with the “degen” persona of many meme coin investors, we could see this project take off after its IEO.

Moreover, Meme Kombat features a staking mechanism, providing users with a 112% APY. As well as rewarding community engagement, the mechanism will remove many tokens from circulation, bolstering its supply and demand dynamics.

So far, it has raised an impressive $1.2 million and is currently priced at $0.0183, with a price hike set to occur in one day. With that in mind, market participants seeking the most upside potential cannot wait around.

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TG Casino: Telegram-Based Anonymous Casino That Offers 294% Staking APY and 25% Cashback on All Losses

Another project cashing in on the crypto casino trend is TG Casino. However, it tackles it differently to Meme Kombat. TG Casino goes directly after the market leader, Rollbit. 

After launching in March, Rollbit has amassed a staggering $750 million market cap. This illustrates the demand for crypto casino projects, but there are several improvements that TG Casino makes that could enable it to take Rollbit’s crown.

For instance, TG Casino is anonymous, licensed, and regulated and offers 25% cashback on all losses. The platform has been rated highly on leading gambling review sites like

Yet, TG Casino takes this one step further by launching on Telegram, making the casino accessible to Telegram’s one billion users, and streamlining the process of placing bets.

TG Casino also features a cutting-edge buyback mechanism that repurchases $TGC tokens from the open market with a portion of the casino’s revenue. It then sends 60% to staking rewards and burns 40%. 

The $TGC token also holds notable utility that could generate high demand after it lEO. For instance, users get free rewards, access to exclusive games and rooms, and a 294% staking APY.

Currently, TG Casino is undergoing a presale, but after raising $1.7 million with a goal of $2.5 million, there is not much time left to buy.

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XRP: Cross-Border Payments Crypto With Institutional Adoption and Nearing Regulatory Certainty

XRP has historically been a hot topic in crypto thanks to its ambitious use case and legal issues. However, with its case against the SEC coming to a close, the project is finally nearing regulatory certainty. 

This could enable U.S.-governed institutions and banks to use XRP for international cross-border settlements freely. As well as partnering with countless institutions and governments worldwide, XRP is one of the few ISO 20022-compliant cryptos.

ISO 20022 is an international framework that all banks aim to adopt by 2025 for open data transacting.

Overall, XRP’s partnerships, robust blockchain technology, and innovative use case could indicate unprecedented gains are ahead.

Currently, XRP is priced at $0.67, up 29% this month but still -82% from its 4 January 2018 ATH of $3.84. However, since then, it has made significant advancements in its ecosystem, regulatory clarity, and partnerships, presenting considerable upside potential.


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