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5 Best Cryptos To Buy Now Before The 2024 Bull Run

Press Releases

With the SEC’s Bitcoin spot ETF approval and the Bitcoin halving almost within reach, investors are frantically positioning themselves to capture the most gains. However, with so much data and variables, identifying the projects with the most potential can be overwhelming,

With that in mind, this article presents the five best cryptos to buy now, considering the price, fundamental analysis, and market trends.

Bitcoin ETF Token: Stage 1 Presale Focused on Bitcoin ETF Approval With High Staking APY and News Updates

Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF) is a brand new presale launched on Monday June 6th, focusing on the upcoming Bitcoin ETF approvals. 

The project features a staking mechanism that rewards users with a 5,000% annual percentage yield (APY) at the time of writing, encouraging community participation and reducing the available supply. Moreover, it features a burn mechanism with five milestones corresponding with key Bitcoin ETF events, burning 5% of the token’s total supply at each.

As well as inducing scarcity, these burns will occur at times of peak Bitcoin ETF hype, potentially furthering the impact on the $BTCETF price.

Yet, the project is more than just a financial instrument. It is a movement and a celebration of crypto mass adoption, aiming to educate and update users on key industry events.

The Bitcoin ETF Token website features a news section, regularly updating users on what’s happening in the Bitcoin ETF market. This will enable users to make sense of the market, empowering their decision-making.

With the project undergoing a presale, investors can buy $BTCETF for $0.005. However, this price will be short-lived as it will incrementally increase throughout the presale, with the first uptick set for in four days.

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Meme Kombat: Multi-Purpose Meme Coin With Gambling Utility and 112% Staking APY, Raised $1.2 Million

Meme Kombat ($MK) is a multi-purpose meme coin that boasts an exhilarating P2E GambleFi platform, enabling users to bet on the outcome of AI-generated battles between meme characters. 

Users will wager and earn rewards using the $MK, providing a steady demand stream to a trending meme coin.

With this in mind, Meme Kombat looks poised to explode as the next bull market nears, but the platform does not stop there. It also features a staking mechanism, providing a 112% APY.

Combined with its gambling utility, this could significantly bolster its supply and demand dynamics, enabling its price to flourish.

The exciting thing about the project is that it “gameifies” crypto gambling, opening it to a new market.

Meme Kombat has received an audit and boasts a doxxed team, with its founder’s social media and experience available on its website. This adds a degree of trust and legitimacy to the project that is not seen in other meme coins.

With this in mind, Meme Kombat has the potential to become the best crypto to buy ahead of the next bull run. Yet, with it currently undergoing a presale and a price rise set for in two days, potential buyers should act fast to secure the most upside potential.

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Bitcoin Minetrix: Revolutionary Project Enabling Users to Mine BTC Effortlessly

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project enabling users to mine Bitcoin by staking $BTCMTX tokens on its Ethereum-based platform. 

The project is undergoing a presale and has raised $3.5 million in just over one month. This indicates immense popularity and hints at significant upside potential when it launches on exchanges. 

Bitcoin Minetrix’s value primarily lies in its ability to provide effortless Bitcoin mining. To get started, users stake $BTCMTX, receive Bitcoin mining credits, and then burn those credits on the Bitcoin Minetrix platform for cloud mining power.

Unlike traditional Bitcoin mining, users require no technical expertise, expensive hardware, or overhead costs. Instead, they simply need $BTCMTX tokens and an Ethereum-compatible wallet.

This democratizes Bitcoin mining, enabling anyone to get started regardless of skill or financial resources. Moreover, Bitcoin Minetrix also eradicates security issues prevalent in cloud mining operations through its decentralized and transparent token.

Such benefits have led to unprecedented early presale success and attention from the industry’s top analysts ranking it among the best cryptos to buy now.

What’s more, the project is nearing stage six of ten in its presale, with each stage set to incur a 10% price hike. Therefore, there is only little time to secure the best presale price.

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TG Casino: Annonymous Telegram-Based Casino With 296% Staking APY and 25% Cashback on Losses

TG Casino ($TGC) is an innovative new crypto casino providing users with fast, convenient, and anonymous gambling directly from the Telegram application.

Crypto casino projects have soared recently, with market leader Rollbit reaching a $750 million market cap. Yet, with the trend still in its infancy, this provides tremendous potential for new crypto casino projects as we head toward the next bull run.

The promising thing about TG Casino is that it provides considerable value through anonymity, being fully licensed, access to Telegram’s one billion users, and Telegram’s end-to-end encryption.

Users do not even need to create an account to get started. Instead, they simply connect their wallet through the TG Casino Telegram platform. This is far quicker and more convenient than traditional crypto casinos.

The TG Casino token provides many benefits, like access to exclusive games and rooms, free rewards, 296% staking APY, and 25% cashback on all losses. Such utility within a revolutionary project could equate to tremendous demand, bolstering the $TGC price.

Currently, the project is in presale, having raised $1.7 million. However, the presale goal of $2.5 million is quickly approaching, so potential investors must not wait around.

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Injective Protocol: Interoperable DeFi-Focused Blockchain With Strong Recent Performance

With institutional interest in cryptocurrency thriving, one of the key focuses of the next bull run will likely be on DeFi and protocols that can best serve the incoming demand through efficient liquidity, interoperability, and an overall solid user experience.

Injective Protocol is just that, a layer 1 blockchain focused on cross-chain DeFi. Moreover, the project has recently become a hotbed for NFT trading thanks to its low fees, speed, and security.

It also recently integrated into Google Cloud, making it possible to query its blockchain data, opening the door to massive innovation potential through technologies like AI and machine learning. Currently, only some of the most prominent blockchains, like Ethereum and Bitcoin, have their data available on Google Cloud.

Injective Protocol has enjoyed tremendous success recently, currently priced at $17, up 7.1% in the last 24 hours and 124% this month.

It currently holds a $1.4 billion market cap, but its innovation and unique positioning could enable it to grow much more, considering Ethereum has a $227 billion market cap.

Visit Injective Protocol


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