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5 New Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week That Traders Think Could Pump

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Despite some major cryptos diving in recent weeks, numerous newer altcoins have shown immense potential, continuing to gather momentum ahead of the preempted 2024 bull run.

This article looks at the 5 top cryptos traders predict could pump this week.

Wall Street Memes Prepares for IEO After Raising $25 Million at Presale

Wall Street Memes is a new meme coin created by the Wall Street Memes social media brand that boasts over one million followers across all platforms. The project is currently undergoing a presale and is in the final stages after raising over $25 million in four months.

A significant part of the presale’s success is due to the sheer community size of Wall Street Memes. However, one of the world’s most prominent figures, Elon Musk, has engaged with the Wall Street Memes Twitter on multiple occasions. 

This has furthered the meme coin’s clout, particularly considering Elon’s impact on the Dogecoin price in 2021.

Adding to Wall Street Memes’ potential to become one of the top future meme coins, the team recently announced that the project will be listed on multiple tier-one exchanges in under 30 days.

As we saw with Pepe following its Binance listing, tier-one listings can attract billions in new liquidity, catapulting a project to the forefront of the industry seemingly overnight.

Moreover, the project is running an airdrop worth $50K to celebrate the presale. The prize will be split between five winners, and each participant gets up to seven entries by completing simple tasks like following the Wall Street Memes on Twitter. 

However, with the tier-one exchange listings less than 30 days away and traders backing it to explode, time is running out to join the Wall Street Memes presale.

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Stake-to-Earn Sonik Coin Speeds Past $700K in Limited ICO

Another meme coin that looks set to explode in the near future is Sonik Coin. It is inspired by Sonik the Hedgehog and presents a viable way for meme coin investors to earn passive rewards by simply staking their meme coins.

Sonik Coin’s Stake-to-Earn feature differs from others because presale investors can begin earning immediately when they buy their coins (with no waiting until the end of the presale). 25 billion tokens are already staked, with the estimated APY currently at 94%.

As a result, investors have rushed to buy this speedy meme coin, with the project raising over $690K despite only launching recently.

Sonik Coin also has a unique goal of becoming the fastest meme coin to reach a $100 million market cap. This is a tall order considering meme coin giants that have come before it, like Shiba Inu and Pepe.

However, the nostalgic allure of a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed meme coin and the ability to earn passive rewards through Stake-to-Earn may just be enough to see this project explode.

On top of that, Stake-to-Earn presales tend to do well once they launch on exchanges, with BTC20 doing a 6x following its launch. Numerous Sonik-themed coins have also pumped recently, including the Sonic ($HOTDOG) coin, raising high hopes for this new meme token.

The Sonik Coin presale looks to sell out in a flash, nearing $700K with a $2,098,547 hard cap. Therefore, investors must be speedy to get their hands on the world’s fastest meme coin.

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Web3 Analytics Platform Launchpad XYZ Helps Users Find the Next 10X Trades and Generates $1.5m

Launchpad XYZ is a brand new all-in-one crypto platform, enabling users to do anything from executing a trade or browsing every metaverse, P2E game and NFT to utilising AI and institutional grade data tools, all from one platform.

However, Launchpad XYZ really shines in the realm of analytics and assisting traders in making well-informed decisions. Some of the trades already provided by the tool have yielded 10x-29x gains.

The project features five membership tiers, ranging between $50 and $25,000. Some of the tools included are Launchpad XYZ’s bespoke AI language model, Apollo AI, and Launchpad Quotient – a ranking system leveraging over 400 data points to tell traders what’s hot and not in the crypto markets.

One of the exciting things about Launchpad XYZ is that it generates real revenue, which could help sustain its price long-term. Also, users must buy their NFT memberships with $LPX, providing real token utility.

Furthermore, the project has a fully doxxed team comprising numerous experienced individuals with proven track records in crypto, trading and business.

The project is currently available at presale having raised $1.5m, and with there one day left to buy and get an extra 20% off $LPX tokens as a bonus.

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All-in-One AI Ecosystem yPredict Is Gearing For a Presale Price Hike After Raising $3.6 Million

yPredict is another project on the cutting edge of crypto innovation, showing massive potential this week. It is currently in its presale, having already raised over $3.6 million.

Part of its presale success is due to its tools that provide users with AI-powered trading signals, sentiment analysis, technical analysis and chart pattern recognition.

However, yPredict also goes beyond financial markets, offering marketing tools like a backlink estimator and an AI-powered content marketing solution.

Moreover, the project hosts a predictive model marketplace, where data scientists and quants can sell AI and machine learning-powered predictive models that can predict the outcome of future events.

Its revolutionary use case has attracted 20,000 users to its waitlist, providing significant long-term potential.

Another factor that is driving demand to yPredict is that it offers lucrative staking rewards that will be derived from platform revenue. $YPRED stakers can earn up to 45% in quarterly rewards, which will be subsidised from platform subscription fees. This means that the staking mechanism does not rely on inflationary tokenomics.

Currently, investors can buy $YPRED for $0.1, but this is set to rise to $0.11 shortly, with its exchange listing price set at $0.12.

Visit yPredict Presale

Eco-Friendly Meme Coin Chimpzee Protects Wildlife and Boasts P2E, Shop-to-Earn and Trade-to-Earn Mechanisms

Chimpzee is a new meme coin that appeals to eco-conscious investors and meme coin degens alike. 

The project has already taken significant climate action, planting thousands of trees in Brazil and Guatemala and donating $15,000 to save elephants. Furthermore, the project has partnered with esteemed charities like The Giving Block, One Tree Planted and Wild.

However, Chimpzee is more than just an eco-friendly meme coin. It boasts real utility, which has bolstered its market appeal among the broader meme coin community.

The project recently announced it burned 100 billion $CHMPZ tokens, which, coupled with its demand drivers, could catapult its price once it goes live on exchanges.

Chimpzee features a Play-to-Earn game, a Shop-to-Earn merchandise store and a Trade-to-Earn NFT marketplace, enabling users to earn passive rewards while fighting climate change and enjoying the vibrant Chimpzee ecosystem.

On top of that, the $CHMPZ token will power the entire ecosystem, providing a steady stream of buying pressure when the platform goes live.

The presale has so far raised over $1.2 million, currently priced at $0.00095. However, the price will rise to $0.001 in three days and incrementally climb to its exchange listing price of $0.00185. This represents a 94% increase from its current price.

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