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5 New Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week

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With the crypto market shifting bullish in recent months, newly launched projects are gathering massive momentum quickly. Identifying these new cryptos often yields tremendous gains.

This article considers use cases, hype, narratives, price, and tokenomics to provide the five best new cryptos to watch this week.

Bitcoin ETF Token

With the SEC’s deadline to approve Bitcoin ETFs less than a month away, market participants eagerly anticipate an unprecedented inflow of liquidity. 

One crypto that stands above others to benefit from this new liquidity is Bitcoin ETF Token, a deflationary Stake-to-Earn presale that rewards holders as Bitcoin ETFs are approved.

Its main feature is a burn mechanism, destroying 25% of its total supply across five Bitcoin ETF milestones. This will create a sense of scarcity while the hype is highest, bolstering the $BTCETF price potential.

$BTCETF also has a 5% burn tax on transactions that reduces by 1% at each milestone, incentivizing long-term holding and building even more scarcity.

Meanwhile, it offers a staking feature, currently providing a 68% APY. This will reduce as more tokens are staked, so buyers must hurry. 

Another unique feature is its news feed, which updates users with the latest Bitcoin occurrences. The news feed will keep the community active and engaged, improving its long-term potential.

So far, the presale has raised more than $4.4 million in just over one month. This illustrates the massive community interest. However, it holds a $5 million hard cap, so those yet to buy must hurry.

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Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is a novel blend between GambleFi utility token and meme coin, tapping into two prominent markets for massive upside potential.

Crypto traders always seek new ways to generate gains, and Meme Kombat offers three.

First, it is building a battle arena where users can gamble on AI-generated battles between meme coin characters using the $MK token. As well as offering a way for users to earn crypto, this also bolsters $MK’s token utility, equating to higher demand potential.

Second, the project features a staking mechanism, currently providing a 246% APY. Like its token utility, this will boost $MK demand. However, it will also remove lots of tokens from circulation as they will be locked for staking.

Last, traders will benefit from Meme Kombat’s viral allure. The meme coin market is worth over $20 billion, and new projects are continually reaching sky-high valuations.

Meme Kombat incorporates the most trending meme coin characters, potentially attracting a massive part of the market to bet on their favorites in the battle arena.

However, considering Meme Kombat’s compelling use case and early presale success, the presale is unlikely to last long. Currently, market participants can buy $MK for $0.246, but this will rise to $0.257 in five days.

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TG Casino

TG Casino is a forward-thinking crypto casino launched on Telegram – the application that is quickly becoming crypto’s innovative hotbed.

Launching on Telegram offers countless benefits, like end-to-end encryption, a seamless user interface, and access to its one billion users.

Interestingly, TG Casino is also one of the only licensed Telegram-based casinos. It has also passed a team KYC audit and a smart contract audit.

With cutting-edge innovation and robust security, it is no wonder the presale is faring in short supply, raising over $4.1 million with a $5 million hard cap.

But another reason the presale is exploding is the compelling benefits of the $TGC token.

The platform offers hundreds of games and sportsbook events to bet on, and $TGC provides holders with an edge through things like 25% cashback on losses, access to exclusive games and rooms, free rewards, a 153% staking APY, up to a 200% rakeback bonus and more.

Its buyback mechanism is another widely anticipated feature. It will repurchase $TGC tokens from the open market with a portion of the casino’s revenue, sending 60% to staking rewards and burning 40%. This will bolster $TGC’s supply and demand dynamics, potentially making it a top long-term crypto.

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Coq Inu

After Solana’s learning meme coin Bonk recently surged to a $1.8 billion market cap, attention quickly shifted to other blockchain’s top meme coins. Coq Inu is one of Avalanche’s latest renditions, and after launching recently, it has already garnered a whopping $85 million market cap.

The project launched on CoinMarketCap on 12 December and is up 174% since then.

It has a $27 million 24-hour trading volume, and 100% of the tokens are already in circulation.

Even for a meme coin project, Coq Inu’s website is simplistic. It merely features some surface-level information on the token alongside a self-proclamation of “The Meme Coin of the Chad Chain.”

Nevertheless, the project is in high demand, currently holding a spot on CoinMarketCap’s top trending list and generating notable hype on social media.

The main narrative driving Coq Inu’s hype is that it is not yet listed on any tier-one centralized exchanges. Bonk saw over $1 billion in liquidity inflows following its recent Coinbase and Binance listings, so holders hope exchange listings will have a similar impact on COQ.

X commentator Nyce noted, “We tapped $103M Market Cap yesterday…. And still not a single Cex listing.”  


Another new crypto gathering significant momentum is 1000SATS. The project is a BRC-20 token on the Bitcoin Network, enabling users to inscribe data into Bitcoin blocks.

CoinMarketCap’s 1000SATS trading history dates to 12 December, and since then, it has pumped over 20%.

It has an impressive market cap of $1.58 billion, making it the largest BRC-20 token.

Currently, it has a $382 million 24-hour trading volume and a 100% circulating supply.

Bitcoin inscriptions are NFTs; this means 1000SATS lets users mint NFTs on the Bitcoin Network.

Traders are notably bullish on SATS and other related BRC-20 cryptos. One analyst, DeFi PANDA, compared the relative market cap of BTC-20 to ERC-20 tokens, implying that BRC-20 still has vast room for growth.

One of the reasons that 1000SATS and other BRC-20 cryptos have become popular is that Bitcoin inscriptions store NFT files on-chain. Meanwhile, Ethereum NFTs are not inscribed to the blockchain but are stored on external databases, potentially making them less secure.

That said, CoinMarketCap notes that SATS “is a meme token and is inscribed by an anonymous team.”


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