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5 New Cryptocurrency Launches & ICOs To Watch This Month

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The cryptocurrency market is showing bullish strength once more, with the global crypto market cap surging another 1.5% over the past day.

However, experts believe that the rally may be short-lived as Bitcoin fell back to $29,800 after a quick retest of the $30,000 price level. The upcoming CPI inflation data and SEC’s appeal against Ripple’s win can also halt any bullish momentum.

Despite this, hopes remain high for several new cryptocurrencies that look like they could outperform the wider market. Let’s take a look at five hot crypto launches & ICOs to watch this month.

Could Wall Street Memes be the Next Pepe After Raising As Astounding $22.5 Million?

Ever since Pepe coin shocked the cryptocurrency market with a remarkable 10,000% rally, investors have been frantically searching for the next big meme token. Many traders are now backing the recently-launched Wall Street Memes token to have 100x potential.

The $WSM token is certainly off to a blistering start, raising over $22.5 million in its ICO in just over two months, with 2 presale stages still remaining.

The token is certainly receiving a major boost from its established community – the Wall Street Memes group is the trendiest online trading community, boasting a global brand value and a million-strong internet army.

Its social media pages farm over 40 million impressions monthly and even Elon Musk is a fan of its Twitter account.

After all, the group has its roots in the Wall Street Bets Reddit community that revolutionised the global financial landscape during the historic GameStop short-squeeze in 2021.

In a similar fashion, the $WSM token is looking to reshape the meme coin market, targeting a market cap of $1 billion after launch. To this end, the token has adopted community-driven tokenomics, making 50% of the tokens up for grabs in the presale itself and reserving another 30% for community rewards.

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Stake-to-Earn XRP20 Raises $1.5 Million In An Impressive Presale As Investors Dump Struggling Ripple

Ripple’s landmark victory against the SEC kick-started a massive XRP bull run. However, the threat of an SEC appeal has turned the token bearish, with investors now pivoting to alternate presale tokens that can outperform XRP in the short term.

The newly-launched XRP20 token has emerged as an alternative, resulting in it raising over $1.5 million in just over a week since launching its presale.

The token is priced at just $0.000092 in the ICO, which is 30 times cheaper than XRP at its all-time low. Therefore, investors who missed out on Ripple’s 22,000% all-time rally are also gravitating towards XRP20, eager not to miss this second chance.

XRP20 also offers an excellent opportunity for retail investors to generate attractive passive income through its on-chain stake-to-earn mechanism, a feature that is missing in Ripple.

Furthermore, investors will find it easy to trade, track and store the token due to its ERC-20 design which offers seamless compatibility with existing Ethereum platforms and wallets.

The token will also utilise an efficient burn mechanism to drive up its value – 0.1% of every XRP 20 transaction will be sent to a burn address. Furthermore, an additional 10% of all XRP20 coins will be burned to create a deflationary token supply.

The project has also allocated 10% of the tokens to provide liquidity for decentralised exchanges, ensuring a smooth trading experience.

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Web3 Investment Platform Launchpad XYZ Platform Sees Surging Demand & Raises $1.2 Million In Token Presale

The extreme volatility of the crypto market can be overwhelming for investors, both newcomers and natives alike. However, the Launchpad XYZ ecosystem is offering a wide range of powerful tools to help its users navigate the complexities of the market.

For example, Launchpad Quotient (LPQ) analyses a diverse set of crypto assets across 400 data points and ranks them in accordance with their confidence and trust rating. Experts believe that the next crypto bull market is quickly approaching and LPQ can ensure that investors do not miss out on the next big opportunity.

Similarly, users can utilise the TradingEdge tool to make informed real-time decisions with the help of sentiment analysis and the latest market news. Pro traders can also leverage the Terminal trading engine to execute their trades at a blazing-fast speed.

The platform is looking to be a one-stop shop for all the users’ needs, offering cutting-edge products like its own Web3 wallet, premium NFT marketplace, fractionalized assets and a play-to-earn gaming hub.

Investors have been quick to recognise the platform’s potential and have started to accumulate its $LPX native token in the presale. The token has already raised $1.2 million in the ICO and may hit the $2 million milestone this month.

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Shibie Coin Approaches $250K Milestone In Explosive ICO

The meme coin market may have its next 10x contender as the Shibie Coin is generating tremendous hype and FOMO in the presale. The token has already raised $240K in just over a week and is on the cusp of hitting the $250K mark.

$SHIBIE is receiving a major boost from two of the hottest global phenomena – Shiba Inu’s established brand value and Barbie’s pitch-high fever. The Shiba Inu community is currently bustling due to the upcoming Shibarium launch while the latest Barbie movie continues to shatter every record in the box office, making it the perfect time for Shibie Coin to display explosive price growth.

The Shibie presale has a hard cap of $999,000 and is set to end in just 5 days. Thus investors looking to maximise their profits have limited opportunity to get in early and purchase the token at the cheap price of $0.000167.

Shibie Coin promises a seamless trading experience for investors, allocating 20% of the tokens to provide liquidity on decentralised exchanges and another 10% for future centralised exchange listings.

To fully capitalise on the ongoing Barbie mania, 5% of the tokens have also been reserved for marketing efforts to boost user adoption.

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Cowabunga Coin is Another New Crypto to Watch with Presale Set To End In A Day

The Cowabunga Coin is another meme token that is stealing the spotlight in the presale –  the token has already raised $36K in the ICO in just a week.

The presale is set to end in just 1 day after which the $COWABUNGA token will launch on exchanges at the price of $0.000357, with an initial market capitalization just south of $1.5 million.

If popular crypto YouTuber Jacob Bury is to be believed, the token has tremendous upside potential and may even show a 10x bull rally after launch.

After all, the token has its roots in the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, one of the most popular brands that has captivated generations of global audiences with its movies, TV shows, books and toys.

Meme coin projects paying tribute to famous pop-culture characters are becoming a new trend in the crypto market, with some tokens even displaying 1000% rallies.

Apart from its adventure-filled narrative, the token has also adopted sound tokenomics, making 35% of the tokens up for grabs in the presale and reserving another 25% for rewarding the community.

The project has also allocated 10% of the token supply for collaborations and partnerships that can boost the token’s adoption, a marketing move that has paid dividends for other similar tokens.

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