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5 New Meme Coins to Watch This October

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The meme coin market shows no signs of slowing down, with dozens of new and exciting projects launching each month.

These projects all seek to leverage the hype and buzz that drove coins like DOGE and SHIB to exponential gains in 2021.

In this article, we highlight five new meme coins generating traction in the crypto community that could have the potential for enormous moves in October.

1. Meme Kombat (MK)

One of the most exciting new meme coins launching right now is Meme Kombat (MK).

This unique project is building a gaming and gambling platform where popular meme characters battle it out while users place bets on the outcome of each bout.

In Season 1, players can bet on battles between 11 different meme characters, including DOGE and Pepe the Frog, with more being released in Season 2 and beyond.

Unlike other meme coins that lack utility, such as PEPE, Meme Kombat has a clear use case with this Web3-enabled battling system – which is why the project has attracted so much early attention.

On top of that, users can also stake MK tokens and earn sky-high yields, which currently sit at 112% per year.

Although the platform is still in development, interested investors can buy MK tokens for $1.667 each through the ongoing presale.

This presale has already raised $270,000 in just two weeks – and with the official Telegram community seeing an influx of new members every day, the growing interest suggests strong potential for success in October.

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2. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Another new meme coin investors may wish to watch is Wall Street Memes (WSM).

With a mission to empower retail investors in the battle against Wall Street, the brand boasts a community of over one million “degens” worldwide.

Launched on the open market just last week, WSM is already the third most-traded meme coin globally, with over $57 million in 24-hour trading volume.

The token is now available on nine exchanges, including Tier-1 platforms like OKX and MEXC, and has just debuted on CoinW and today.

Adding to WSM’s appeal is that the token offers an attractive staking mechanism, with estimated yields of 45% per year.

Given the buzz around Wall Street Memes, rumors are circulating that a listing on Binance could be in the works.

With WSM tokens currently trading at $0.0528, more than double the initial presale price, Wall Street Memes looks poised to challenge the likes of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu soon.

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3. Volt Inu (VOLT)

Volt Inu (VOLT) is a trending meme coin that aims to become a one-stop shop for DeFi products while incorporating a deflationary token model.

The project’s ecosystem includes VoltiChange, a DEX that makes any listed token deflationary, and VoltiGames, which offers play-to-earn experiences.

Volt Inu has been attracting attention due to this real-world utility, which sets it apart from the hundreds of meme coins that don’t feature a use case.

VOLT is listed on over 80 exchanges and is currently the 7th most-traded meme coin globally.

Looking ahead, Volt Inu’s roadmap includes plans for global marketing campaigns, NFTs, and even a crypto-compatible debit card.

Given its comprehensive ecosystem and deflationary tokenomics, VOLT could emerge as another utility-driven meme coin to keep an eye on in October.

4. Calcium (CAL)

Calcium (CAL) is a community-driven meme coin that aims to unite and revolutionize the market after some perceived letdowns from other major meme coins.

CAL got its start after a surprise decision by Shiba Inu developers to replace BONE with CAL on the ShibaSwap DEX.

This caused significant volatility initially since CAL was not meant to be traded, yet the community banded together to buy and stake the token.

Now, CAL is ranked third on DEXTools’s list of hot pairs, with a mission to become the world’s premier community coin.

The token is now tradable on Uniswap, BitMart, Bitget, and other top exchanges – yet it doesn’t have a clear use case yet.

However, this hasn’t stopped CAL from amassing a market cap of $12.4 million – priming it as another exciting meme coin to watch in the weeks ahead.

5. Banana (BANANA)

Lastly, Banana (BANANA) is a meme coin that aims to simplify crypto trading through its “sniper bot.”

This bot, called “Banana Gun,” lets users safely invest in upcoming token launches or manually buy existing ERC-20 tokens.

Banana Gun offers features like anti-rug protection and private transactions to protect user safety.

Beyond the trading bot, the BANANA team has also laid out plans for additional elements of the ecosystem, including a web dApp, multi-chain support, and trading analytics tools.

These plans have piqued the attention of meme coin investors, pushing BANANA to second on DEXTools’ list of the hottest meme coins.

Although the token’s price is down from September’s high, BANANA appears to be picking up steam once more – priming it for a potential rebound in the coming weeks.


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