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5 New Meme Coins Traders Think Could Trend Next – WSM, AiDoge, BOB, McPepe, Wojak

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Since the April Pepe rally, meme coins have taken centre stage in crypto. However, with the market particularly volatile right now, many traders are seeking Pepe alternatives which could have more growth potential.

Let’s take a look at 5 new meme coins traders think could be among the next to trend and pump.

Wall Street Memes

Currently, Wall Street Memes is the hottest presale meme coin on the market. The $WSM token has been in high demand because it was launched by a social media brand with over one million followers and a track record in crypto.

In a recent YouTube video, content creator and analyst Borch Crypto discussed the project, calling that it could have 100X potential. The video highlighted Wall Street Memes’ presale success, stating the team is doing a fantastic job of marketing.

The Wall Street Memes team were inspired by the 2021 Wall Street Bets Reddit movement. The team launched their own NFT collection in 2021, Wall St Bulls, which sold out in 32 minutes and now has over 1600 ETH in trading volume.

According to its website, the Wall Street Memes crypto aims to “tokenise the movement”. This refers to the Wall Street Bets Reddit movement that centred around everyday traders working together to beat institutions and traditional finance. Elon Musk has interacted with the project on Twitter, highlighting its viral potential.

The presale launched on 25 May and raised $100K within minutes. Today, the presale has raised an impressive $5.4 million and is currently in stage 11, priced at $0.028. There are 30 rounds in total, and the last round is priced at $0.033, presenting investors who buy now with a 34% discount.

Visit Wall Street Memes Presale


Having recently reached its $14,900,000 presale hard cap, AiDoge is causing a stir, with traders anticipating it could explode following its IEO.

Currently, investors can still purchase $Ai at its initial exchange listing price, but once launched on exchanges on 19 June, the price will be determined by supply and demand.

The Crypto News Youtube channel recently discussed the AiDoge presale, stating it could have 10X potential after its launch.

Moreover, YouTuber, Crypto Boy, analysed an AiDoge token price prediction, noting that the token’s utility could give it long-term potential to reach $0.00055.

AiDoge is a meme generation platform enabling users to create crypto-related memes with text-based prompts. Although the platform is not yet live, the AiDoge roadmap states development will begin in Q2 2023 and go live in Q3 2023.

The AiDoge ecosystem will also feature a public wall for memes created by the community, staking, and later, users can mint memes as NFTs.

One of the most exciting things about the AiDoge project is that although a meme coin, it still provides real value to users. Additionally, leveraging two trending topics of meme coins and AI has caused the project to fare as a favourite among investors and analysts.

Visit AiDoge Website


Bob is a cryptocurrency that launched around the same time as Pepe. While it is down 89% from its all-time high, the charts have recently established strong support.

Crypto YouTuber Asobs covered the project recently, highlighting that it stands out from other meme coins thanks to its ExplainThisBob account. Essentially, ExplainThisBob is an automated Twitter account powered by AI that, when a user tags it, provides an automated response explaining the tweet back in simple words.

Many of Bob’s replies become viral, and the account has over 300K followers, with the likes of Elon Musk regularly engaging with it.

Investors can purchase the BOB token directly from the website with a software wallet, and 100% of tokens are already in circulation, according to CoinMarketCap.

Bob’s market cap is $15 million, but the 24-hour trading volume is $13 million. This shows interest in the project is vast and gives it the potential to pump in the coming days and weeks.


McPepe is a meme coin based on the Pepe meme but characterised as working at McDonald’s. McDonald’s is the theme of a running joke in the crypto industry. When the market is performing poorly, some high-profile crypto influencers jokingly job search for McDonals vacancies.

Considering this, McPepe aligns well with the crypto culture, particularly considering the Pepe token’s explosive bull run recently.

Popular YouTuber Crypto Infinity, with over 120K subscribers, covered the token recently, stating it could become hugely popular due to its unique idea that resonates with the crypto community.

However, what truly sets the McPepe’s token apart from other meme coins is that it combines elements of AiDoge and Bob.

On Twitter, users can tag McPepe’s account in reply to a tweet, and it will automatically respond with a Pepe-themed meme based on the tweet’s context.

Despite a continuous downtrend since its 1 March ATH, McPepe’s has pumped over 40% today following Elon Musk replying to one of the account’s autogenerated Pepe Memes.

It remains to be seen whether the recent pump will cause a longer-term breakout for the token, but the backing of numerous high-profile influencers and the recent support from Elon gives McPepe’s lots of potential.


Wojak is a new meme coin based on the Wojak meme, which originated in 2010. The project has a thriving community on Twitter with 27K followers and consistently posts high-quality, relatable memes.

The project was issued as a stealth launch and got off to an explosive start, reaching an all-time high (ATH) of $0.001084 on 5 May. Since then, the WOJAK price has gradually decreased, but the token is displaying signs of a reversal on the 4-hour charts.

The price action was first picked up by Melvin’sMoves, where he noticed a descending wedge that he stated was about to break to the upside. The video was published yesterday, and the price has since pulled back but now looks to make a higher high.

If the price reaches $0.00012, this will confirm a short-term breakout for Wojak and could push the token to $0.00015.

The Wojak meme coin’s main strength is its team’s ability to create funny memes around emerging industry narratives.

Wojak is up 3.11% in the last 24 hours but remains down 15.98% in seven days and 59.35% this month. The Wojak market cap is $7 million, and its 24-hour trading volume is $5 million.


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