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6 Best Crypto to Buy Now with High Potential

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Cryptocurrency continues to be a hot investment opportunity, thanks to digital assets becoming more mainstream.

However, with hundreds of cryptos to choose from, it can be overwhelming for investors to identify the top players with the most upside potential.

This article will highlight six cryptocurrencies that analysts believe have the use cases, community backing, and roadmaps to prompt significant gains in 2023 and beyond.

1. Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

First up is Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – a project that has distinguished itself not just as a meme coin but as a legitimate crypto investment with considerable potential.

With a colossal global community that’s already grown to over 1.1 million members, Wall Street Memes has fostered a sense of camaraderie that’s resonating with people worldwide.

This community focus is evidenced in Wall Street Memes’ tokenomics, with 30% of the total supply reserved for community rewards like giveaways and airdrops.

The remaining $WSM tokens will be used for things like CEX/DEX liquidity to promote a stable and fruitful trading environment.

In addition, Twitter mentions from tech magnate Elon Musk have propelled Wall Street Memes’ reputation even higher.

While not a formal endorsement, Musk’s interactions have contributed immensely to the project’s hype.

All of these factors have played into Wall Street Memes’ stellar presale performance, which has seen the project raise an incredible $20.2 million – and counting.

Would-be investors now have a narrow window to purchase $WSM tokens through this presale at a favorable price before the planned CEX and DEX listings in the coming weeks.

As such, Wall Street Memes is an exciting proposition for those looking to invest in high-potential meme coins this year.

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2. XRP20 ($XRP20)

XRP20 ($XRP20) is another standout crypto that looks poised for significant growth in the latter half of 2023.

This new token, leveraging the brand appeal of the original XRP, brings a unique set of attributes that helps it stand out from the crowd.

First, $XRP20’s tokenomics are designed to appeal to newcomers and experienced investors alike.

Per XRP20’s whitepaper, a 0.1% token burn will be implemented on all transactions, reducing the circulating supply over time.

Assuming demand remains level (or increases), this burn mechanism will help promote value growth for $XRP20.

XRP20’s developers also intend to launch a staking protocol whereby token holders can lock up their $XRP20 to receive recurring rewards.

This feature ties into XRP20’s exciting roadmap, laying out plans for a pre-launch marketing campaign to draw support before the token’s market debut.

Although XRP20 was only launched this week, the token has already piqued the interest of low-cap crypto investors, raising over $120,000 in funding in just two days.

With $XRP20 tokens available to purchase for just $0.00092, 30 times lower than the original $XRP’s all-time low, many believe this project could be poised for a fruitful 2023.

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3. Shibie Coin ($SHIBIE)

Shibie Coin ($SHIBIE) is a unique meme coin that combines two iconic symbols – Shiba Inu ($SHIB) and the timeless appeal of Barbie.

This creative fusion helps create an identity that sets Shibie Coin apart from the array of new meme coins launched weekly.

The timing of $SHIBIE’s launch has been strategic, coinciding with the recent release of the Barbie movie, which has reignited interest in the classic character.

Naturally, this has amplified the buzz around $SHIBIE’s presale phase, raising nearly $50,000 in less than 24 hours.

Shibie Coin’s tokenomics further solidify the token’s standing in the meme coin space.

The Shibie Coin whitepaper outlines that 60% of the total token supply will be reserved for presale investors, with a further 20% dedicated to DEX liquidity.

Furthermore, 5% will be used to fund a large-scale marketing campaign, positioning $SHIBIE to gain mainstream adoption.

Looking ahead, Shibie Coin’s creators intend to add real utility to $SHIBIE in the form of an AI-powered Telegram bot, which will engage in playful banter with token holders.

These factors combine to create a viral-ready meme coin available for purchase for just $0.0000167 through the ongoing presale.

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4. Cowabunga Coin ($COWABUNGA)

As its name implies, Cowabunga Coin ($COWABUNGA) is a brand-new cryptocurrency inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

With a total supply of 4 billion tokens, the project offers a unique tokenomics setup, whereby 35% of the supply will be reserved for presale investors.

Additionally, 20% will be set aside for liquidity, with 25% used to fund community rewards and airdrops.

This community-centric approach is the backbone for Cowabunga Coin, with the developers hoping to build hype ahead of planned DEX listings.

Cowabunga Coin’s presale has just kicked off, allowing early investors to buy $COWABUNGA for just $0.000357, which is expected to be a discount on the eventual listing price.

Given this low entry point, there’s scope for buyers to put themselves in line for substantial returns in the future if Cowabunga Coin can capitalize on the ongoing meme coin hype.

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5. yPredict ($YPRED)

yPredict ($YPRED) is another newcomer making waves in the crypto market.

This revolutionary platform offers cutting-edge crypto analytics tools designed to empower investors with market insights, price predictions, and real-time data.

Moreover, yPredict’s team has opted to branch out into the SEO niche, making it a platform that appeals to crypto enthusiasts and digital marketers alike.

yPredict’s AI-powered backlink estimator is designed to fuel the platform’s growth in the SEO arena – and will be usable by businesses of all sizes.

The market’s response to yPredict has been exceptional, with the project’s presale having raised over $3.2 million thus far.

With the presale now in Stage 7 of 8, and over 20,000 people already on yPredict’s waitlist, it’s clear that the demand for $YPRED is high – setting the stage for it potentially to become a breakout star later this year.

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6. Chimpzee ($CHMPZ)

Last but not least, Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is another innovative new project with a mission to empower users to earn passive income while saving the planet.

Chimpzee’s ecosystem integrates various features, like the Shop2Earn store and the Trade2Earn marketplace, which allow users to earn $CHMPZ tokens.

$CHMPZ has several use cases within the ecosystem, including being used to purchase limited-edition NFT passports that give holders unique rewards and perks.

NFT holders can even stake their NFTs to earn up to 20% APY – providing another potential income stream.

Chimpzee’s whitepaper outlines that $CHMPZ tokens used to purchase these NFTs will be burned, reducing the circulating supply and helping promote value growth.

Given these elements, it’s no surprise that Chimpzee’s presale has become an instant hit, raising over $1 million in early investment.

Prospective investors can still buy $CHMPZ tokens through this presale and receive a bonus allocation of up to 100% – an appealing promotion that could boost returns if the token price rises post-listing.

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