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6 New Cryptocurrency Launches to Buy for Upside Potential in Q4 2023

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The cryptocurrency market is heating up as we progress through the final quarter of 2023, with several promising new projects gaining traction.

Investor interest is high as traders look for the next big opportunity in the wake of Bitcoin’s surge throughout October.

This article will highlight six of the most talked-about cryptocurrency launches that could have significant upside potential before the end of the year.

1. Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF)

The first project that crypto enthusiasts are talking about is Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF), a new project timed to leverage the imminent launch of the first spot BTC ETF in the US.

This Ethereum-based project lets crypto traders speculate on and potentially profit from the SEC’s pending approval of a spot BTC ETF – a milestone many think is inevitable in the coming months.

BTCETF has implemented a token-burning mechanism directly tied to real-world milestones related to the ETF’s launch and adoption.

At each milestone, such as the ETF’s debut on the open market, 5% of the BTCETF supply will be permanently removed from circulation.

This gradual deflationary mechanism is designed to drive up the value of the remaining BTCETF tokens as more are burned, an aspect that caught the attention of

BTCETF also incentivizes holding via a built-in staking protocol that currently offers high yields in the four digits.

The project’s presale has already raised over $80,000 in a matter of days – making it one of the more anticipated launches of Q4 2023. At the time of writing it ranks among Google’s top stories regarding Bitcoin ETFs.

Read our full BTCETF review here.

2. Banana Gun (BANANA)

Next on our list of promising new crypto offerings with upside potential is the Banana Gun (BANANA) meme coin.

This project works as a crypto trading assistant that helps investors maximize profits and minimize risk in the meme coin space.

Its array of automated tools seeks to provide a strategic edge for capitalizing on new token launches and volatile markets.

Banana Gun’s Sniper Bot instantly purchases new meme coins upon launch, employing fast transactions to beat the market and secure favorable prices.

Additionally, the Sell Bot monitors held tokens and liquidates them at preset profit targets, locking in gains automatically.

BANANA’s trading volume has jumped 66% in the past 24 hours, hitting almost $2 million.

Additionally, as speculated by Twitter analyst HornHairs, BANANA at its current market cap “seems like a misprice.”

With the token beginning to generate traction on social media and rumors that additional CEX listings could be in the pipeline, BANANA is yet another meme coin that could have upside potential in the final weeks of the year.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Investors are also watching Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) as an emerging project that could have upside potential in the coming months.

Bitcoin Minetrix introduces an innovative “Stake-to-Mine” model that allows holders to earn redeemable credits for cloud Bitcoin mining – simply by staking their BTCMTX tokens.

This decentralized approach addresses many problems plaguing the cloud mining sector, like a lack of transparency and high barriers to entry.

BTCMTX’s tokenomics are structured to reward early adopters, with staking Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) of 161% and a presale price of just $0.0115 per token.

The project’s roadmap also has many ambitious plans for the future, such as the release of a mobile app and partnerships with industry-leading cloud mining providers.

As Bitcoin gears up for its next halving event in April 2024, the interest in BTC as an asset class could be set to rise.

Bitcoin Minetrix looks to tap into this growing interest in a unique way – and may redefine how crypto enthusiasts mine BTC in the future.

4. Meme Kombat (MK)

Transitioning from more traditional offerings, Meme Kombat (MK) represents an innovative combination of two of the most popular trends in the crypto space – meme coins and blockchain gaming.

Aiming to leverage meme coin hype, Meme Kombat creates a betting arena for battles between meme coin mascots.

These AI-generated battles create an engaging gameplay loop, with winners rewarded with distributions of MK – Meme Kombat’s native ERC-20 token.

Meme Kombat boosts community engagement further by offering staking rewards of 112% per year, which are accrued automatically by those who buy MK through the ongoing presale.

This presale has raised over $1.3 million so far and offers MK for $0.183 per token.

However, with Meme Kombat’s presale featuring a stage-based approach, this price is only available for one more day before increasing incrementally.

With DEX listings slated to occur once the presale concludes, MK could be another new launch primed for upside potential in Q4.

5. Memecoin (MEME)

Next up is Memecoin (MEME), which represents a mainstream embrace of meme culture itself.

With backing from 9GAG, a leading internet meme hub, MEME aims to promote memes and capture this vibrant internet culture.

The total supply of 69 million MEME tokens is a testament to its fun-focused attitude, yet despite its playful approach, Memecoin has already demonstrated real value.

The project has released several successful NFT drops in the past and recently achieved major exchange listings, including on the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance.

As of November 8, this has propelled MEME to a market cap of $158 million, making it the sixth-largest meme coin in the world.

Notably, the creators have clearly specified that MEME has no utility and is purely for speculative purposes.

This hasn’t stopped investors from coming in their droves to buy MEME on exchanges – positioning it as a newly-launched crypto that could be in for a fruitful end to 2023.

6. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is another crypto launch that stands out due to recent investor interest.

WSM gained incredible traction earlier this year by completing one of the most successful presales of 2023, raising over $25 million in the process.

The project aims to tokenize a community of internet rebels, similar to those from the WallStreetBets subreddit, through the WSM token.

However, Wall Street Memes sets itself apart with tangible products, including a licensed casino integrated with WSM, enhancing the token’s utility with thousands of gaming options.

WSM further incentivizes holding via staking rewards and a buyback program designed to increase holder value.

Although WSM is 70% below its all-time high, trading volume has risen 124% in the past day – hinting that this could be another new token to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.  


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