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7 Next Crypto to Explode with High Potential 2023

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The crypto market is constantly changing, with new and exciting opportunities arising weekly.

For those seeking the next crypto to produce exponential returns, the digital asset landscape is offering an array of projects poised for rapid growth.

With that in mind, this article explores seven projects boasting robust communities and innovative use cases that could shake up the crypto market in the coming weeks.

1. Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

First up is Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – an exciting new meme coin backed by a colossal online community.

Leveraging the power of internet humor, Wall Street Memes has already raised an incredible $14.2 million through its presale phase in less than two months.

The response to the presale’s launch has been nothing short of sensational, with investors from all over the world piling into the Telegram community to learn about the upcoming CEX listings.

These listings could be imminent, given that Wall Street Memes is now over two-thirds of the way through its presale phase.

The project’s core strength lies in its solid community base, with Wall Street Memes’ social media channels receiving over 40 million monthly impressions.

Even tech tycoon Elon Musk, well-known for his love of meme coins, has interacted with Wall Street Memes several times.

Overall, with the increasing momentum of Wall Street Memes, it showcases tremendous growth potential for the coming year.

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2. Thug Life ($THUG)

Thug Life ($THUG) is another new meme coin that combines humor, hip-hop culture, and appealing tokenomics to great effect.

As its name implies, $THUG is inspired by the “Thug Life” movement of the 1980s, with the project’s branding featuring rap icons like Snoop Dogg.

Thug Life’s overarching goal is to create a community of like-minded investors tired of missing out on the exponential returns offered by low-cap crypto projects.

Interestingly, Thug Life’s presale takes a unique approach – rather than increasing the $THUG price over time, the token’s price is fixed for the whole duration of the presale.

This arrangement enables widespread participation and allows investors to acquire $THUG tokens at a lower initial cost.

The presale’s structure has had an immediate impact, with over $1.1 million in funding being raised in just two weeks.

Moreover, the project’s Telegram channel has also seen rapid growth as early investors prepare for exchange listings in the coming weeks.

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4. Mr Hankey Coin ($HANKEY)

As its name implies, Mr Hankey Coin ($HANKEY) is a vibrant meme coin that draws inspiration from the legendary South Park character that shares the same name.

This fun-focused token has caught the crypto community’s attention, with over 4,300 people following the official Twitter account in just 24 hours.

Not only that, but a huge influx of eager investors has piled into the project’s Telegram channel ahead of Mr Hankey Coin’s presale launch, which is scheduled for July 13.

Excitement is in the air as the presale approaches, particularly since 40% of the total $HANKEY supply will be up for grabs.

Moreover, given that Mr Hankey Coin has been developed by the same team that created $SPONGE, which produced exponential returns earlier this year, many believe that $HANKEY has the potential to follow a similar trajectory – positioning it as a potential breakout star.

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3. yPredict ($YPRED)

Another crypto that has huge growth potential is yPredict ($YPRED).

yPredict aims to bridge the gap between AI and Web3, offering a cutting-edge platform that provides a suite of advanced trading tools.

These tools include automated chart pattern recognition, AI-powered trading signals, and market sentiment analysis.

yPredict’s ecosystem will even contain a tailor-made predictions marketplace, where AI experts can offer custom-built models for traders to subscribe to.

On top of all that, yPredict’s team also aims to shake up the SEO niche through the revolutionary backlink estimator tool.

The integration of these features into a single user-friendly platform has generated significant interest in yPredict, as evidenced by its more than 19,000 followers on the official Twitter page.

With yPredict’s ongoing presale just about to enter its second-last stage, would-be investors only have a narrow window to purchase $YPRED tokens at a discount before they make their exchange debut in the weeks ahead.

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5. Chimpzee ($CHMPZ)

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is a Web3 crypto project that aims to save the planet while providing community members with ways to generate a passive income stream.

This eco-friendly crypto project has raised over $810,000 in its ongoing presale, attracting investors keen to make a positive environmental impact.

The platform allows users to earn $CHMPZ tokens in three distinct ways – through the Chimpzee shop, the NFT marketplace, and a Zero Tolerance game.

Not only that, but Chimpzee will also debut “Chimpzee Passports” NFTs, which each user can design to their liking.

Holding these passports will provide an array of perks – while also offering another avenue to create passive income.

According to Chimpzee’s whitepaper, those who “stake” their NFTs will earn up to 20% APY – higher than most other earnings protocols.

Although the platform is still in development, early investors can gain exposure to its growth by purchasing $CHMPZ tokens through the presale phase for $0.0007 while also receiving a bonus of up to 125%.

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6. Binance Coin ($BNB)

Binance Coin ($BNB) is the native currency of the Binance exchange, the world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume.

$BNB has multiple use cases within Binance’s ecosystem, such as offering trading fee discounts and the ability to participate in the Binance Launchpad feature.

The coin’s value has grown rapidly in recent weeks, cementing its position as a top four cryptocurrency by market cap, according to CoinMarketCap data.

Despite recent challenges, expectations for $BNB’s growth remain high in the crypto community, buoyed by Binance’s relentless innovation and expansion into novel market sectors.

Although Binance has been under pressure from the SEC recently, this has yet to halt $BNB’s progress.

Thus, if the SEC’s lawsuit is thrown out, it could ignite further momentum for the coin – paving the way for rapid price growth.

7. eCash ($XEC)

Finally, eCash ($XEC) is an ambitious project that aims to bring Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision to life – much like Bitcoin.

Previously called Bitcoin ABC, the eCash protocol has distanced itself from the crypto giant and forged its own path in recent years.

Although momentum has been limited since March 2022, many long-term holders still believed that $XEC had huge potential – and they may be being proved correct.

In the past three weeks, the $XEC price has rocketed over 70%, hitting a level that hadn’t been seen in nine months.

This price pump has sparked interest throughout the crypto community, with  CoinGecko revealing that more than 73% of users are now “feeling good” about the token’s prospects.

Overall, with a promising future ahead, eCash emerges as a noteworthy contender to keep an eye on in the latter half of 2023.


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