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8 New Cryptocurrency Releases & ICOs To Invest In Early Launching In Q4 2023

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Investing in new cryptocurrencies early can prove one of the most lucrative trading strategies. However, identifying the most high-potential projects often proves a difficult task.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the top new crypto presales and ICOs currently displaying the most potential. We consider factors like use case, community, long-term potential, presale success, etc.

Stake-to-Earn Bitcoin Alternative Bitcoin BSC Presale Surges Past $1 Million in One Week

Bitcoin BSC is a newly launched crypto presale that has raced past $1 million within its first week. Several factors are attributed to its success, mainly its robust value proposition compared to Bitcoin.

The project is a simpler, more scalable, faster and eco-friendly version of Bitcoin built on the Binance Smart Chain. However, it retains Bitcoin’s scarcity model to ensure long-term, sustainable price action.

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin BSC has a 21 million capped supply. 29% of tokens will be available in the presale at Bitcoin’s 2011 price of just $0.99. A further 69% of tokens have been allocated to staking rewards, incentivising long-term holding and adding to its scarcity. Finally, 2% of tokens are earmarked for exchange liquidity to facilitate seamless trading.

Bitcoin requires complex, expensive and high-energy-consuming mining to earn rewards. In contrast, Bitcoin BSC boasts a Stake-to-Earn mechanism, enabling investors to generate passive rewards by simply staking their tokens in the project’s smart contract. Currently, the estimated APY on staking $BTCBSC is over 400%, although this will decrease as the staking pool size increases.

Furthermore, since it is on the Binance Smart Chain, transactions are cheaper, faster and easier to make than with the original Bitcoin.

A similar concept was seen recently in Ethereum-based BTC20, which exploded 7x following its presale. However, by utilising the Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin BSC boasts cheaper and faster transactions.

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Wall Street Memes is a presale meme coin that achieved monumental success since launching in May. After raising over $25 million in its presale, the team recently announced that $WSM will be listed on multiple tier-one exchanges in just over two weeks time

Considering Pepe and Shiba Inu reached multi-billion dollar market caps after Binance listings,  the impact of Wall Street Memes’ tier-one exchange listings should not be underestimated.

The project’s success is primarily due to it already boasting a one-million-follower community across all social media platforms before launching the token. Wall Street Memes began as a crypto and stocks meme account, which exploded after being inspired by the Wall St. Bets and GameStop saga in 2021.

More recently, Elon Musk has interacted with Wall Street Memes on Twitter. Considering Elon’s impact on the Dogecoin price in the last bull market, this factor could hold significant importance regarding Wall Street Memes’ future.

According to its roadmap, the Wall Street Memes team aim for a $1 billion market cap following its launch. While it remains to be seen if this can be achieved, its tremendous presale success, Musk’s backing and its tier-one exchange listings all point in the right direction.

However, with just weeks remaining until it launches on exchanges, investors have little time to buy $WSM at its discounted presale price.

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All-In-One AI Ecosystem yPredict Reaches $7 Million at Presale and Already Has 20,000 Users on Its Waitlist

Another early-stage project boasting significant potential is yPredict. It is an all-encompassing AI ecosystem providing users with countless ways to capitalise on groundbreaking AI technology.

The platform offers trading tools like AI-powered signals, sentiment analysis, technical analysis and chart pattern recognition. 

However, one of its most anticipated tools is its prediction marketplace, where users can rent predictive models from AI and machine learning engineers. These models can predict future events and pose a solid edge within the financial markets.

Yet, yPredict does not solely focus on serving the financial industry. It also offers tools like a backlink estimator, an affordable content marketing solution and much more.

Another high-potential feature is the yPredict staking mechanism. It provides users with up to 45% quarterly staking rewards derived from the platform’s fees. As such, yPredict does not rely on token emissions to reward stakers, strengthening its supply and demand dynamics.

Due to the vast array of use cases, yPredict has already fared in huge demand, amassing 20,000 users on its waitlist and raising over $3.7 million in its presale.

As such, investors looking to buy yPredict in its presale must be fast.

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Discover the Next 10x Trade With Launchpad XYZ and Find All of Web3 in One Place

Launchpad XYZ is a trading analytics platform providing services that usually require numerous platforms, all in one place.

The project is in its presale, having raised over $1.6 million. Investors can get an 18% bonus on presale $LPX investments, but this offer ends in just over a day.

One of the project’s main focuses is empowering crypto traders to succeed in the markets, no matter their level. It does this through extensive market analysis and picking trades for its users. So far, it has already predicted a 29x trade (ELON 2.0) and an 11x and 10x trade, as well as shorting SOL from $20.3 last week.

Besides calling trades, Launchpad XYZ also offers a trading terminal, a trading strategy builder, market and sentiment analysis, a learning platform and an asset ranking system leveraging over 400 data points.

Through these tools, traders can quickly identify hot cryptos and build and run trading strategies from one platform. 

Recently, the Launchpad XYZ team announced a new tool called Apollo. This tool is the platform’s custom AI language model, providing data insights to help investors make better decisions.

With such innovation in the Launchpad XYZ ecosystem, it is no surprise that the presale is experiencing massive success. With that in mind, visit Launchpad XYZ today to secure an 18% bonus.

Visit Launchpad XYZ Presale

Multichain Web3 eBook and Audiobook Marketplace Book Raises $14.5 Million at Presale

Book is a new presale cryptocurrency platform where users can buy, read and sell eBooks and Audiobooks on the blockchain. 

The presale has so far raised an impressive $14 million and is set to end on 20 September.

Book’s most prominent value proposition is that online readers do not own a book when they buy it; they only own a license to view it. However, with Book, buyers can enjoy true ownership of the book and sell it on a secondary market when they are done reading or listening.

With Book, users can sell their purchased eBooks and audiobooks as soon as they have finished with them. As well as getting paid for the book, they will also receive free $BOOK tokens.

Another interesting factor regarding the project is that it is chain agnostic, meaning the books can be minted on any blockchain. This helps combat some of the cost and complexity issues often faced in crypto.

Despite being in its presale, Book has already launched popular mobile apps for Apple and Android. Currently, its Apple app boasts a 4.8 rating with 35 reviews.

Binance Smart Chain Metaverse Project Artyfact Offers Multiple Ways to Earn and Has Raised $1.17 Million

Artyfact is a Binance Smart Chain metaverse project offering several ways for users to play and earn, comprising different game modes, virtual events, in-game tradable assets and much more.

The $ARTY presale has raised $1,170,000 so far, with a $2,400,000 hard cap. However, the presale is set to end on 19 September, and then it will go live on exchanges.

Artyfact features several game modes, like Deathmatch and Battle Royal. In these games, gamers can utilise their NFTs to defeat opponents, earning $ARTY in the process. 

In-game NFTs include sneakers, weapons, jetpacks and vehicles, all 100% user-owned and can be traded with other players.

Finally, Artyfact’s virtual events include concerts, sporting events and runway shows. All of which can be organised and participated in by users. Furthermore, the platform offers a staking feature, with 30% of the token’s total supply earmarked for staking rewards.

$ARTY will act as the ecosystem’s utility token to buy, sell and transfer value within the metaverse. 

One of the exciting things about Artyfact is its doxxed and reputable team, comprising countless accomplished individuals with experience in industries ranging from tech to finance.

CeDeFi Payment Solution Manilla Finance Enables Users to Earn While Paying Bills

Every crypto enthusiast longs for crypto to reshape the world, spreading blockchain’s benefits and pumping up cryptocurrency prices. Manilla Finance is moving towards this crypto utopia, providing real-world utility by streamlining bill settlement, loans, and much more.

The project is running a token presale that ends in 34 days. So far, it has raised $1,100,000 with a $4,300,000 hard cap.

According to its website, Manilla Finance will enable users to achieve financial stability through blockchain technology and decentralisation.

The platform will enable users to trade cryptocurrencies quickly and securely. However, many more solutions are available, like paying bills, borrowing against assets, staking (up to 15% annual percentage yield), and even buying gift cards.

Its main selling point is its bill payments solution, saving the users time since they can integrate and pay all their bills easily and automatically with cryptocurrency.

There are also over 20 ways to trade on Manilla Finance, including bank transfers, digital currencies, and cash. Furthermore, the platform offers an MNLA bank card, enabling users to spend cryptocurrency in their day-to-day lives.

Ultimately, Manilla Finance aims to seamlessly merge the crypto and traditional finance sectors, making it easy for users to manage all their finances from a single dashboard.

In-game Currency for Legends of Bezogia and Other Future Games Magical Blocks Raises $1.9 Million 

The final new cryptocurrency release showing high potential is Magical Blocks ($MBLK). It is an ERC-20 token which will be used to transfer value within Legends of Bezogia and other future Zogi Labs games.

Magical Blocks is currently undergoing a presale, having so far raised $1.9 million with a $5.79 million hard cap.

The crypto community has widely embraced the presale, and it has even received media coverage from Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance.

According to its website, the Legends of Bezogia game already has 25,000 beta users. This signifies significant token demand once the game goes live to the public since users require $MBLK to pay for characters, weapons and more. 

Additionally, the platform offers a staking feature, enabling users to earn passive rewards from their $MLBK holdings.

The game’s main characters are called ZOGIs, and there are different types with unique attributes and powers. Players can control these characters, navigating through the enchanting Legends of Bezogia universe, completing quests and killing enemies.

There are also over one million weapons combinations and 2,000 million square metres of playable land, providing endless possibilities for gamers to innovate, experiment and earn $MLBK rewards.


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