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9 Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Now – Where Is Smart Money Moving In 2023?

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Despite a 2% recovery in the crypto market today, some experts are predicting BTC and the big caps to soon resume their bearish trend in September – making it more important than ever to carefully select the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.  

The rising strength of the US Dollar, along with stickier-than-expected inflation levels, has created a backdrop for Bitcoin to potentially correct to the $23K price range. Furthermore, the SEC is showing no signs of approving a spot Bitcoin ETF, despite another TradFi giant Franklin Templeton joining the race today.

Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Now

There are a however a number of high-potential altcoins, including new presale projects not yet listed on exchanges that could outperform BTC in the weeks to come. The last quarter of the year tends to be bullish for cryptocurrency.

In this article, we dive into the nine best cryptocurrencies to buy right now worth adding to your watchlist:

Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

Wall Street Memes has emerged as a consensus top pick amongst experts for the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023. $WSM has impressed them with its stellar presale performance, having raised over $25 million in just over three months despite the ensuing bear market. 

The meme token is now approaching its highly-anticipated launch on the 27th of September and will list on several Tier-1 CEXs, which could trigger a strong bull rally. As such, popular crypto traders like Satoshi Stacker and No BS Crypto believe that Wall Street Memes has the potential to be the next big meme coin in the market. 

WSM’s strong start is not even a surprise, considering the enormous community support behind the token that is reminiscent of Pepe coin. After all, the Wall Street Memes group has its origins in the revolutionary GameStop bull run of 2021 and has since become the internet’s trendiest trading community. Even Elon Musk is a fan of its Twitter account. 

However, instead of resting on its laurels, $WSM is offering community-centric tokenomics to further boost user adoption. The entire token supply will be available to the general public, with no cuts for the team or any private sale. 

Furthermore, the token is offering its own staking mechanism with lucrative rewards, making it attractive amongst retail investors. As a result, the token is ideally placed to generate significant returns despite the struggling crypto market. 

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Bitcoin BSC ($BTCBSC)

Bitcoin BSC is another token that is seeing surging interest from investors, especially as BTC is expected to remain strongly bearish for the rest of the month. $BTCBSC has had an explosive start to its presale and has already raised over $1.4 million in just one week. 

The Bitcoin BSC project has a straightforward mission – to offer a second opportunity to investors who missed out on Bitcoin’s 2,600,000% rally the first time around. As a result, the token is priced at just $0.99 in its ICO, denoting BTC’s value in the early days of 2011. 

However, the token is not just an ordinary BTC clone and is offering substantial improvements over Bitcoin’s various flaws. For example, Bitcoin BSC transactions are much quicker and cheaper as compared to BTC as the token is built on the technologically advanced BNB Smart Chain. Recent Bitcoin-themed projects on other chains also outperformed the market last month, such as BTC20.

Bitcoin BSC is also more energy-efficient as it uses the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism instead of Bitcoin’s proof-of-work. 

However, the project’s flagship feature is its highly lucrative stake-to-earn mechanism, which is currently offering a high APY over 300%. Investors will earn rewards every 10 minutes, which will also ensure the token’s price stability after launch. 

Due to Bitcoin BSC’s unique value proposition, popular traders like Cilinix Crypto believes that it is one of the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023 and are expecting it to display a 100x price surge after launch.

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Launchpad XYZ ($LPX)

Smart-money investors often gravitate towards high-utility projects like Launchpad XYZ, especially during a difficult bear market, which is both a platform to find the best cryptocurrencies to buy, and an investment itself through its native token LPX.

The Launchpad XYZ platform is seeking to be the one-stop shop for all things Web3 and offers a wide range of products such as its own custom Web3 wallet, a decentralised exchange, a play-to-earn gaming hub, an AI chatbot, etc. 

However, the project has put a special emphasis on helping its users succeed in the world of crypto trading. In fact, it has offered limited-time free access to its alpha calls group on Telegram, which has already delivered on many successful trade setups – for example, its alpha call on ELON 2.0 resulted in 29x gains. 

Similarly, the Launchpad Quotient feature ranks a large number of crypto assets and allots them a score of confidence – this ensures that investors do not miss out on the next Pepe or Floki and are able to avoid scams and rug pulls. 

As a result of its widespread utility, Launchpad XYZ’s token LPX is seeing a robust demand and has raised over $1.6 million in its ICO. Presale buyers are also currently receiving a generous 18% bonus, along with premium NFT-based access passes that will unlock more exclusive perks, depending upon the amount of $LPX purchased. 

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yPredict ($YPRED)

The yPredict platform is another high-utility project that is generating quite a buzz in its presale, thanks to its AI-powered trading tools and state-of-the-art predictive models. 

Investors have been quick to recognise the potential of this all-in-one AI ecosystem, with the $YPRED token raising close to $4 million in its ICO. With only two presale stages remaining, investors have limited opportunity to purchase the token at its discounted price before it explodes after launch. 

All token holders will receive free lifetime access to the Market Predictions platform which comprises accurate price predictions for thousands of crypto assets and securities. Furthermore, they will enjoy heavy discounts on various yPredict services, along with 45% quarterly staking rewards.

However, yPredict’s flagship product is the Marketplace platform, which allows the top 1% AI experts and quants to publish their cutting-edge predictive models. Traders can subscribe to these models and use them as signals to devise their own effective trading strategy. 

Similarly, traders can get a competitive edge in the crypto market using yPredict Analytics which offers automated chart recognition, transaction data analysis and sentiment analysis. They can then execute their trades at a blazing-fast speed using yPredict’s sophisticated Terminal trading engine. 

As the crypto market remains extremely volatile, the popularity of the yPredict trading platform continues to rise, making $YPRED a safe investment opportunity despite the negative broader market outlook. 

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Rollbit Coin ($RLB)

Online gambling platforms are surging in popularity, thanks to their ease of access and high-quality user experience. Rollbit, a casino platform powered by blockchain technology, is taking full advantage of this trend, with its native $RLB token amassing over $420 million in market capitalization.

The co-founder of the company, @Lucky_Rollbit, believes that his online casino platform will soon become “the gold standard of news-based trading” due to its instantaneous trade execution, zero slippage and high leverage on assets.

Rollbit also created tremendous hype a week ago when it announced its partnership with the popular Italian football club, SSC Napoli. It also heavily benefited from the $41 million hack against another crypto gambling site, Stake – data from Arkham Intelligence showed massive outflows from Stake and heavy inflows into Rollbit. 

Due to the recent bearishness in the crypto market, $RLB suffered a strong correction yesterday in the daily time frame. However, instead of dumping their holdings, bulls believe that it has presented an excellent buying opportunity. 

As a result, the token saw a 155% surge in its daily trading volume, leading to a 13% appreciation in its value in the past day. Popular trader @CryptoGodJohn, who has close to 500K followers on Twitter, revealed that he is extremely bullish on the token, both in the short and the long term. 

Unibot ($UNIBOT)

Unibot is another token that has emerged as a winner in the crypto market, having surged over 10% over the past 24 hours. This powerful Telegram bot recently made waves on social media as it allows users to trade crypto assets through their smartphones. 

The token’s surge today could be attributed to a massive rug pull in the new Banana token, which was being dubbed as “the next Unibot”. $BANANA’s market capitalization plummeted from $84 Million to $500K, which has led to strong inflows into Unibot. 

Popular crypto trader @CredibleCrypto, who has close to 350K followers on Twitter, revealed that $UNIBOT could be the best cryptocurrency to buy and hold for the long term. 

CNBC crypto trader Ran Neuner has also revealed that the token is right at the top of his buy list. 

Injective ($INJ)

Injective is a fast and scalable Layer-1 blockchain that is seeking to be the foundation of the next generation of fintech applications. It has been backed by giants like Binance, Pantera and even Mark Cuban and has already become the cornerstone of popular dApps such as Helix, Astroport and Frontrunner. 

More importantly, experts like @CryptoTony__ believe that $INJ could be one of the best investment opportunities, especially for the next bull run. 

Analyst @CryptoWizardd, who has more than 500K followers on Twitter, is even more bullish on Injective and believes that the token could soon trade in three figures. 

The token could also deliver even in the short term as it has breached the crucial resistance at the $6.70 price level and is trading above $6.80. The bulls would next hope to flip the 20-day Exponential Moving Average at $6.90, which could lead to a strong continuation. 

Optimism ($OP)

$OP is another top crypto asset that is being touted for its long-term growth prospects. It is the native token of the Optimism Layer-2 roll up solution, which improves the scalability of the Ethereum network and makes it faster and cheaper. 

The OP Mainnet currently has over $2.4 billion in Total Value Locked and is the second-largest layer-2 network in terms of market share. 

The Optimism Foundation recently scored a big win when USDC issuer Circle revealed that the second-largest stable coin will now be available on the OP Mainnet. 

Thanks to a strong 50% surge in its 24-hour trading volume, $OP has regained its $1 billion market capitalization and is back to trading above the $1.30 price mark. Trader @CryptoTony__ believes that the token will show a strong continuation if the bulls manage to flip the $1.36 resistance into support. 

Litecoin ($LTC)

Early Bitcoin competitor Litecoin could see itself becoming a haven for institutional investors, thanks to a 2018 speech by the SEC chairman Gary Gensler. In an event hosted by Bloomberg and Fidelity, Gensler revealed that Litecoin is one of the four crypto assets that he does not believe to be a security. 

While Gensler was not the head of the SEC at that time, his comments could have a huge significance for Litecoin – after all, the SEC’s hawkish stance is one of the biggest barriers to the success of the entire crypto industry. 

TradFi institutions clearly believe that Gensler still agrees with his 2018 assessment of Litecoin as Charles Schwabb and Fidelity-backed EDX crypto exchange has already started to offer LTC trading. 

With other institutional giants like BlackRock becoming increasingly interested in the crypto market, $LTC could emerge as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the next bull run. 


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