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aarnâ AI: DeFi with Machine Learning and Collaborative Intelligence

Press Releases

Within the vibrant arena of decentralized finance (DeFi),  aarnâ protocol is emerging as a frontier of innovation with its advanced AI engine. This avant-garde technology represents a pioneering synthesis of blockchain and artificial intelligence, serving as an invaluable asset for astute crypto investment decisions. This has culminated in returns surpassing 89% in a six-month span, in extensive back testing.

Role of Deep Learning in aarnâ’s Predictive Intelligence Framework

At the heart of the aarnâ protocol are its tokenization platform and its AI engine. The sophisticated design of aarna’s AI model trained on an extensive feature set crafted from blockchain metadata and social sentiment, and redesigned and tuned in multiple itrerations has led to aarna’s first model Alpha[30/7] which is demonstrating robust predictive power to help navigate complex DeFi markets effectively. These predictive outputs cater to both individual users on aarnâ’s engine dApp, and also to crypto & DeFi experts and alpha creators within the aarnâ DAO ecosystem.

Graph illustrating aarnâ AI’s performance, back-tested over the preceding six months

Machine learning is a key component of the architecture of aarnâ protocol.AI models furnish users and alpha contributors with formidable information and insights power, supplementing human judgement with quantitatively-backed foresight.

Decentralization and Open-Source Approaches in aarnâ AI

In the quest for a decentralized future in finance, aarnâ’s AI engine will be a vital component in its protocol. aarnâ is mindful that the AI engine needs to be progressively decentralized along with the protocol. The feature set will be progressively open-sourced, models will be made open in aarnâ DAO, to data scientists across the globe, whio can bring their expertise to augment and to construct sophisticated models for alpha discovery, ultimately serving individual users in the ecosystem. This commitment to decentralization amplifies aarnâ’s mission to democratize the DeFi space.

The ethos of aarnâ protocol embraces strategic collaborations. By allying with like-minded data and AI protocols, aarnâ cultivates a collaborative ecosystem that resonates with its mission and aligns with its principles. These partnerships promise to enrich the DeFi landscape, extending opportunities for all participants.

Introducing the â_fi 800 Series: aarnâ’s AI structured vaults

The AI engine represents the culmination of close to two years of rigorous work, and is an integral part of aarnâ’s comprehensive roadmap. A significant milestone in this journey is the roll-out of the algorithmic â_fi 800 series. The first AI crypto structured product, or vault, in this series, â_fi802, takes algorithmic recommendations from the protocol’s Alpha[30/7] machine learning model. It identifies up to ten high-performing near-term tokens for the next seven days, with a lookback window of 30 days. The â_fi vault then rebalances to these assets every week, compounding returns over time. The model has a stacked architecture, and its filters pause the recommendations if the determined outcome probabilities are low, thus mitigating downside risk to some extent.. As aarnâ AI continues to evolve, it will offer more opportunities for data scientists and AI protocols to work on aarnâ’s infrastructure, or employ their proprietary datasets and algorithms to design future â_fi 800 vaults.

The strong backtest track record of aarnâ’s AI engine, with its weekly recommendations and roadmap of decentralized AI, coupled with it’s tokenization platform that tokenizes vaults from the algorithmic recommendation – underscores the protocol’s potential in building DeFi asset management that is intelligent and easy to navigate. 

Join aarnâ in this riveting expedition as they relentlessly sculpt the DeFi narrative, spearheading innovation, and disrupting traditional finance with cooperative human and artificial intelligence.


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