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Aave and Algorand Have Still Not Stabilized, While Everlodge Roars During Presale

Press Releases

While Algorand (ALGO) and Aave (AAVE) struggle to get stable growth, Everlodge may grow in presale. Investors are showing interest in this property marketplace that uses blockchain and NFT technology. So, stay updated, as the new platform promises to be the next big thing in the crypto world!

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Algorand (ALGO) talks about the go-algorand 3.16 release while the token drops to $0.1068

It’s not unlikely that Algorand (ALGO) users seek continuous updates. In fact, Algorand (ALGO) development teams also focus on bringing network upgrades regularly. Currently, the platform’s new technical update, go-alegorand 3.16, is gaining traction. Algorand (ALGO) calls it a tool to improve the network’s performance.

Moreover, they also claim that the new update will improve Algorand’s (ALGO) finality time. One of the update trials shows that it can achieve 3.3 seconds of block latency.

Additionally, the update brings many new research, testing, and engineering tools for Algorand (ALGO) developers. However, it seems like the update is yet to impress Algorand (ALGO) users. The token is trading at $0.1068, a 0.46% drop in a day. However, price predictions suggest the token to reach $ 0.111719 by next year.

Aave (AAVE) founder proposes to buy Curve DAO Token as its price drops to $63.28

Uncertainty among DeFi protocols is not new. But, this time, the issue is seen around Curve (CRV) tokens. However, Aave’s (AAVE) founder has come forward to support the falling DeFi. Marc Zeller proposed an Aave (AAVE) treasury buy of $2 million worth of Curve (CRV) tokens.

Moreover, he believes that buying tokens will create strong DeFi support. Additionally, it will strategically put Aave (AAVE) in the Curve wars. Furthermore, it will also help Aave (AAVE) network’s decentralized multi collateral stablecoin to grow.

The founder suggests locking CRV tokens as veCRV for four years. Further, he is planning to use locked tokens to grant voting rights to Aave (AAVE) users on the Curve network.

Aave (AAVE) community showed mixed reactions to the proposal. Half of the community members object to the proposal to avoid CRV liquidation risks.

Moreover, the present condition of the Aave (AAVE) token is not very good. It is trading at $63.28, a 1.91% drop in a day. However, experts suggest a growth between $71.92 to $107.88 for the token this year.

Discover Everlodge, where you can invest in hotels, vacation homes, and villas

Yes, that’s correct; Everlodge will allow everyone to gain ownership of luxurious real estate. Besides villas and hotels, it will include the vacation rental market that is growing at 4.7% CAGR annually. It’s the first platform to bring fractional property ownership. It will use NFT and timeshare to make it happen. Additionally, its smart contract metadata storage will prevent any owner data breach.

Users will be able to buy these NFTs’ fractions without the need to pay for the entire property. Indeed, it is a fantastic concept to make property buying easier for all kinds of investors. Additionally, it will also allow owners to sell their assets quickly. Furthermore, the platform’s native token, ELDG, gives access to the marketplace, rewards club, launchpad, and lending.

There is more to come as the platform plans to launch on top exchanges. The token’s initial price point is $0.01, with the potential to grow by 280% during its presale stage. Moreover, token prices will jump up with each presale phase. Thus, it is wise to invest early and enjoy guaranteed returns.

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