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AI Marketing Trends. Could New Crypto Shiba Memu Represent a Shift in Crypto Marketing?

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New crypto projects can be some of the highest-gaining investment opportunities anywhere in the world, as the disruptive potential of blockchain technology continues to drive change across gaming, finance, and many other niche use cases.

One of the most interesting applications of blockchain technology during 2023 could be artificial intelligence, as AI marketing tools have started to generate a real buzz online.

However, there is only one project in the world that manages to combine all of this excitement into a single digital asset. Shiba Memu, also known as SHMU, is an AI marketing crypto meme coin that has the potential to become the single biggest meme coin in Web3. For now, it remains in its earliest phases of development.

AI marketing tools driving change for online businesses. Could this drive adoption of the new crypto project Shiba Memu?

The introduction of AI marketing tools such as and ChatGPT have revealed just how advanced artificial intelligence tools are becoming. They can already scan the internet for vast amounts of information in an instant, before collecting the data in easy-to-digest paragraphs for the reader.

The rapid development of these tools has led savvy investors to back AI over the long term. That’s because, thanks to their machine learning capabilities and widespread user adoption, these kinds of tools are only going to get better.

New crypto Shiba Memu is a prime example of just how far AI marketing tools can go. Shiba Memu combines advanced artificial intelligence technologies with automatic marketing campaigns to deliver a mind-blowing value proposition to the new crypto’s investors.

SHMU, the native token for Shiba Memu, is available right now during one of the most highly anticipated new crypto presales of the year. At the current price of $0.019675, it could turn out to be a massive investment opportunity.

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu is an AI-powered meme coin and a brand new crypto that has been attracting huge levels of attention during its presale event. Most crypto dog coins can’t even play fetch, while Shiba Memu is able to create AI marketing campaigns that are automatically distributed across leading social media platforms.

The huge disparity between Shiba Memu’s token utility, when compared against other new crypto meme coins, has been a key reason why the SHMU presale has raised $1.6m worth of investment in such a short space of time.

The Shiba Memu AI marketing system uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to drive engagement across the internet. It will create its own PR campaigns, social media posts, and interact with community members in popular forums.

Shiba Memu’s community has been making plenty of noise about the future prospects of this new crypto meme coin for several important reasons. Meme coins typically rely on their ability to generate online engagement, so Shiba Memu’s AI marketing tricks could give it a real edge over the competition.

How does SHMU work?

SHMU tokens provide access to an AI dashboard that will display all the latest AI marketing campaigns from the Shiba Memu algorithm. The dashboard will track the key performance metrics and every single conversation that takes place between Shiba Memu and members of the community in public online forums.

As well as this, the AI dashboard will allow community members to speak to Shiba Memu directly. With its nose to the ground, the AI marketing chatbot can scour the internet, using advanced NLP to curate in-depth responses to any question that it has been asked. In this sense, Shiba Memu’s chatbot will work in a similar way to other popular AI chatbots such as ChatGPT.

As far as AI marketing is concerned, Shiba Memu is on the bleeding edge of technological development. Its novel use of NLP and machine learning could revolutionize crypto marketing itself.

Shiba Memu will have a strong presence on social media that it can continually optimize due to machine learning, whilst also being in-tune with the latest trends and investor sentiment levels, being able to provide highly tailored campaigns that hit the sweet spot every time. This AI marketing functionality could truly set it apart as the top dog from other new crypto meme coins.

Will SHMU reach $0.30 in 2025?

Even though the SHMU token presale has only just got started, it has already proven to be popular among crypto investors. The presale is completely unique, in that the value of SHMU tokens will rise every single day for 60 days. The price of SHMU will end up 119% higher than it was when it first launched, giving every early backer a short window of opportunity to make guaranteed investment returns.

By the year 2025, SHMU is forecasted to reach highs above $0.30 during the bull market. Some experts are even claiming that it could breach the $0.50 mark after making over 20x gains from the end of the new crypto presale, as the AI marketing campaigns will be in full swing during bullish market conditions.

Is SHMU worth buying?

Shiba Memu’s AI marketing features could make it the top dog in the crypto sphere over the coming months and years. The project combines cutting-edge AI marketing with decentralized finance while wrapping all of this disruptive technology into a friendly, community-driven meme coin project.

SHMU certainly seems to have high long-term potential, so it’s no wonder that the new crypto presale has performed so well so far. The price of SHMU will continue to rise every single day until it reaches $0.0244 on 1st September, so it could be a case of “the sooner the better” for this new crypto meme coin.

Find out how to buy SHMU here.


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