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AMD, Nvidia,, and Other AI Stocks Lose Momentum, Crypto Project InQubeta (QUBE) Sees Unprecedented Demand After the Presale Beta Stage Sold Out

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Many AI companies have stocks that investors can buy into and earn a passive income from, but not all of them have been able to maintain a steady price balance. AI stocks like AMD, Nvidia, and have lost some momentum in the financial markets. This has left investors looking for reliable investment opportunities that offer access to AI investments.

The crypto market is not left out of the plans to introduce AI into its operations. Many new and old cryptocurrencies have links to the AI market, so investors can easily access the budding industry. InQubeta (QUBE) is the newest crypto project closely tied to the AI market. Its presale has experienced a lot of demand since it launched.

Let’s explore why InQubeta’s presale has seen unprecedented demand even as other AI stocks lose momentum.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Beta Stage Success Draws More Attention to the Presale

InQubeta recently completed the Beta stage of its presale, entering Stage 1, where it has raised over $500,000. The QUBE tokens are sold for $0.00875 in this stage, and there are 100,000,000 tokens to be sold before the next stage commences. There are ten stages in total, and each stage will begin with a higher price than the previous one, increasing the possibilities of getting rich on the DeFi market through InQubeta.

The QUBE token offers an easy way into the AI market, and investors can begin amassing the token in the presale. Over 45% of the available presale tokens have been sold, and there are still more available before Stage 1 ends and the DeFi coin price increases. InQubeta also offers a 10% bonus to investors using the promo code on the presale site.

As InQubeta’s presale gains popularity in the DeFi market, more investors can learn about its NFT marketplace, connecting them to AI startups. The NFT marketplace allows investors to decide on the AI startups they want to invest in, while also providing AI startups with the finances needed for their operations. Buy InQubeta’s presale now to gain access to its growing AI ecosystem.

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AMD’s AI Chip Challenges the AI Stock Market

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) recently launched a new AI chip to rival market leaders like Nvidia. AMD’s newest chip was built to help advanced AI models. The graphics processing unit (GPU) chips can comfortably deal with the needs of large language AI models.

The announcement of AMD’s new chip may advance its future position on the stock market. However, in the meantime, it may be losing momentum amid the rush for other AI stocks. AMD could increase its stock value when its AI chips are officially launched.

Nvidia Builds Energy-Efficient Chips for AI Technology

Nvidia is closely tied to the crypto industry. It creates chips that streamline the crypto-mining process by lowering costs. Nvidia has also been able to offer services to programs like ChatGPT and Bard.

AMD’s recent addition to the AI market may challenge Nvidia’s stock. This will create competition among the AI chips on the market. Investors are eager to see the new direction of Nvidia stock on the market. Announces Listing on Google Cloud Marketplace is a software company devoted to building AI applications. It recently announced its listing as a public offering on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This will make it easier for customers to track their purchases through Google Cloud. offers a chance for customers to get information through a user interface. is facing a great deal of competition in the stock market. With the new influx of AI stocks, investors are closely watching the direction of’s stock.

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The number of AI stocks on the market has increased exponentially. This has shifted the balance of projects like AMD, Nvidia, and, causing a new crypto AI investment project to be needed. InQubeta has been introduced to answer this need through its affordable presale DeFi coin price.

The QUBE presale has surpassed all expectations in the just concluded Beta stage and has increased investors’ interest in the token. Before long, InQubeta may become the biggest AI crypto on the market.

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