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Analysts recommend adding InQubeta, Avalanche, and THORChain for a diversified portfolio in 2024

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You might have heard many crypto analysts stressing the need for a diversified portfolio. A diversified portfolio features a diverse range of tokens and reduces risk without compromising on returns. 

An added advantage of a diversified portfolio is that it can also lead to long-term gains. If you look at the current market, analysts’ top favorites for diversifying a portfolio include InQubeta (QUBE), Avalanche (AVAX), and THORChain (RUNE). 

InQubeta is the latest to enter the cryptocurrency market, but it has emerged as a popular altcoin attracting many buyers. 

Built on the Ethereum network, InQubeta helps startups working in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector find suitable investors to back their projects. Its unique model, coupled with a robust security framework, has impressed crypto users across the world, and many of them are lining up to get their hands on it. 

Its cryptocurrency ICO recently crossed $5.3 million, and analysts feel the figure is likely to go higher as the presale stages proceed further.

InQubeta: Crowdfunding the DeFi way

InQubeta has garnered global praise for its cutting-edge features that help both startups and investors become financially independent. Its native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token, is used for all kinds of payments and rewards.

The token can be purchased on presale currently at very attractive prices. Smart investors are currently accumulating huge volumes since presale tokens tend to deliver potentially significant returns in the long term. 

The QUBE token can also be staked to earn a passive income. When a token is staked, it adds to the liquidity of the platform and contributes to its balanced growth. In exchange for staking, the platform rewards the token holder with crypto rewards, which are given out from a separate rewards pool. 

QUBE plays a central role in InQubeta’s governance structure as it democratizes the process of making decisions. The decentralized governance structure involves all stakeholders in some capacity. 

If a community member is pitching a set of changes, others are discussing it to highlight its pros and cons. QUBE token holders get exclusive voting privileges with which they can determine what changes are implemented. 

The democratic structure also ensures that InQubeta community members make decisions that can complement the platform’s optimal growth.

InQubeta is one of the more successful new altcoins as it offers a user-friendly and transparent mechanism for raising funds for startups. There is no unnecessary documentation or formalities awaiting startups once they get onboarded. 

The only requirement that they need to fulfill is to have a rewards-based offer. The offer would contain details about the project and what investors would get should they fund the startup’s project. 

These offers are uploaded on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace after they are tokenized into NFTs. At the online marketplace, investors can compare, evaluate, and buy the NFTs to become startup investors.


THORChain: Swapping crypto assets in permissionless settings

THORChain is a top crypto to invest in, which has been developed as a decentralized liquidity protocol for swapping crypto assets. The platform has carved a niche for itself by enabling the exchange of blockchain-based assets across blockchains. 

A key reason why many users prefer THORChain is that they can exchange assets in a permissionless ecosystem. They don’t need to depend on order books for liquidity, as the ratio of assets in a liquidity pool is used to maintain market prices. 

Its native token is RUNE, and it has delivered huge returns in the past. Many analysts are impressed by the recent upgrades of THORChain, and it has many partnerships planned for the upcoming new year. 

Republic to roll out digital asset on Avalanche network

Avalanche is a Layer 1 blockchain that offers developers high-performance tools to create dApps and bespoke blockchains. 

Its key USPs include high throughput, enhanced scalability, and security. Its native token is AVAX, and it has delivered significant gains. 

The platform was recently in the news after investment firm Republic stated that it would be rolling out its digital asset on the Avalanche blockchain. The new digital asset will be called Republic Note and will be used for paying dividends to Republic’s investors. 



InQubeta, Avalanche, and THORChain have been on analysts’ lists over the past few months due to their steady and stellar market performance. 

These tokens are ideal for diversifying a portfolio and can also help to deliver inflation-beating returns over the long term. 

The list of benefits doesn’t end there because these tokens come with decentralized governance structures and cutting-edge consensus protocols that make token holders a party to all important decisions. No wonder they are being considered as the best altcoins to buy now by many experts.

Cryptocurrency buyers should carefully evaluate a project before committing a huge amount. It is also important to diversify a portfolio to manage risk. 

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