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As Anime & Fighting Themed Tokens Explode in Price, Will Meme Kombat Pump Next?

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Anime and fighting-themed cryptocurrencies are seeing explosive growth, with tokens like GODZILLA, DEE, and AOKIJI skyrocketing in price.

This has sparked speculation that meme tokens related to combat, like the presale token Meme Kombat (MK), could be next to pump.

With its unique battle arena setup and lucrative staking yields, MK seems primed to capitalize on the hype around these trending coins.

Anime & PvP Memes Gain Ground as GODZILLA, DEE, & AOKIJI Go Parabolic

GODZILLA, DEE, and AOKIJI have exploded over the past 24 hours, according to, with all three topping the site’s list of biggest daily gainers.

The GODZILLA price is up a whopping 763% as the iconic Japanese monster begins to draw attention from crypto investors.

Inspired by the Street Fighter character, DEE has surged over 560% as nostalgia for the classic fighting game translates to colossal hype.

Meanwhile, AOKIJI, named after the One Piece admiral, has exploded over 415% as anime meme coins take off.

With these massive gains being seen across multiple anime and fighting meme projects, it’s clear there’s a tremendous appetite among crypto investors for these kinds of tokens.

The combat themes seem to be resonating strongly, priming all three of these tokens for potential further gains if the trend continues.

Meme Kombat Enters the Market as the Next Big Meme Coin Contender

As anime and fighting coins surge, all eyes are now on Meme Kombat (MK) as the next potential meme coin ready to explode.

Currently in presale, Meme Kombat merges memes and battle arenas on its innovative Ethereum platform.

The platform’s core centers around AI-powered battles between meme coin characters, with outcomes determined on-chain for fairness.

According to Meme Kombat’s whitepaper, users can wager their MK tokens on these battles, capitalizing on attractive odds to win more tokens.

With meme coin mania beginning to take hold, MK’s hilarious characters, betting mechanics, and competitive gameplay form a package primed for viral success.

Following in the footsteps of the three tokens mentioned previously, MK is poised to make the most of investors’ appetite for combat and PvP themes.

Meme Kombat’s presale has already raised over $450,000 as hype builds for the platform’s Q4 launch.

Investors worldwide have piled into Meme Kombat’s Telegram channel to stay updated and discuss the project’s potential, signaling strong community interest ahead of its official launch.

MK is also ranked in the top five upcoming ICOs on, indicating that it is beginning to attract attention from experts in the sector.

MK Presale Goes Viral as Token Looks to End 2023 on a High

With its presale trending to sell out soon, Meme Kombat is riding a wave of momentum into the first season of battles.

The project’s roadmap outlines plans for continuous upgrades and new seasons to drive ongoing growth after the initial launch.

Meme Kombat is also attracting support from influencers in the crypto space, such as Jacob Bury, who described it as a “100x potential meme coin”.

Meme Kombat even features a built-in staking protocol enabling presale investors to earn 112% APY automatically.

All of this sets the stage for a potential price explosion when MK lists on exchanges later this year.

If the project can deliver on its ambitious vision, leveraging its community and influencers to drive adoption, MK could follow in the footsteps of anime and fighting tokens like GODZILLA, DEE, and AOKIJI.

As such, all elements are in place for Meme Kombat to have an exciting end to 2023.

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