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BALD Coin Price Hits New High, Crashes – Can New Cryptocurrency HAIRY 100x Next

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It’s been a rollercoaster few days in the meme coin market, with Bald ($BALD) coin making headlines.

Following a minor retracement on Monday morning, the BALD coin price began to surge once again, suggesting a return of trader enthusiasm, and hit a new ATH before a pullback.

Attention is also shifting towards new cryptocurrency Hairy ($HAIRY) – with many in the meme coin community speculating that it could have 100x upside potential.

$BALD Explodes 4,000,000% Amid Buying Frenzy

$BALD is a fresh addition to the rapidly growing meme coin market and has immediately captured the attention of traders.

This token exploded by an eye-popping 4,000,000% after its LeetSwap launch on July 29, making it one of the most talked-about projects in the meme coin niche.

As its name implies, $BALD is a token that takes a lighthearted approach to the crypto market while delivering staggering price performance.

The DEXScreener image above shows the BALD market cap hitting almost $100 million near its peak today.

$BALD is hosted on the Base network, Coinbase’s powerful Layer 2 solution, meaning that it benefits from enhanced scalability and transaction speeds – not to mention reduced fees.

According to DEXScreener, there have been over 10,000 buy orders in the past 24 hours alone, highlighting the remarkable level of investor demand.

Holder Confidence Remains Unshaken as $BALD Continues Rising

Although $BALD suffered a minor retracement throughout Monday morning, with the price pulling back by 35%, the token quickly began soaring again.

In recent hours, $BALD has skyrocketed by 79%, passing its all-time high of $0.0868, before a deep correction.

This will be music to the ears of early $BALD investors, who have already experienced exponential returns since the token’s launch.

These recent movements further confirm the hype driving the $BALD price, as holders appear undeterred by the momentary price dip.

Given this regained momentum, it appears likely that the gains may continue – and with crypto influencers like LaCryptoLycus tweeting about $BALD, the token’s visibility is undoubtedly on the rise.

$HAIRY Positioned for 100x Gains Amid Exciting Creator Rumors

As $BALD continues to capture the limelight, there’s another meme coin piquing the interest of the crypto community – Hairy ($HAIRY).

With its impressive launch and stellar price appreciation, $HAIRY is emerging as a potential candidate for 100x returns.

Although these haven’t been confirmed, rumors have begun spreading on social media that the creators of $BALD have also created $HAIRY to capitalize on the former’s rocket-like growth.

These rumors have fuelled the buzz surrounding $HAIRY, which has already surged by over 9,900% following its Uniswap listing on Sunday.

The success of $HAIRY’s launch is eerily similar to $BALD’s – hinting that the token could be in for a fruitful few days ahead.

Looking at its DEXTools price chart, $HAIRY has soared over 7,000% in the past 24 hours alone, with 250 unique wallet addresses now holding the token.

Moreover, the official Twitter account has grown significantly in the past day, indicating escalating interest and a burgeoning online presence.

The clear trading advantage that $HAIRY has over $BALD further escalates interest, given that investors can trade the token without any restrictions.

Since $BALD is based on the Base network, which is currently using a one-way bridge, holders cannot cash out.

This isn’t the case with $HAIRY – traders can sell their tokens anytime if they wish to take profits.

Considering $HAIRY’s promising debut, the developer rumors, and the unrestricted trading setup, there’s a growing consensus among crypto traders that this newcomer may hold 100x potential.



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