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Bitcoin Cash Soars 10%+, Targets $255 Resistance; Arweave and InQubeta Emerge as Investors Favorite Picks.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH), often overlooked in the cryptocurrency market, has experienced a notable increase of more than 10%, according to market data. It established a foundation at the $220 price point and maintained a consistent upward trajectory, targeting the $225 resistance level. Meanwhile, Arweave (AR) and InQubeta (QUBE) are actively reshaping the market landscape, emerging as favorite picks among investors with their distinctive offerings.

InQubeta shines as one of the new ICOs in the crypto space, earning recognition with its NFT marketplace. This distinction arises from its fusion of AI and blockchain technology, propelling it as a promising AI altcoin. Experts affirm that its groundbreaking concept is poised to address a significant challenge within the AI market.

This article explores why InQubeta and Arweave have emerged as favorite picks, while Bitcoin Cash targets the $255 resistance level.

InQubeta (QUBE): Transforming Crypto Investments with Innovative Fractional AI Startup Funding.

InQubeta is gaining favor as a favorite pick among crypto investors with its innovative approach as the first crypto crowdfunding platform for fractional investment in AI startups. This has resulted in a significant influx of investors seeking new ICOs to buy as they purchase the token in bulk at the price value of $0.01925. The ongoing presale has raised over $6.4 million, attracting crypto whales to the QUBE presale. The presale is currently in stage 6, with more than  610 million tokens sold.

This new De­Fi crypto’s exceptional investme­nt method has pushed it to be the lead pick for investors. AI startups mint each inve­stment opportunity as an NFT and then fractionalize it. This creates a flexible and budget-friendly investment journey for supporters. The NFT marketplace­ upgrades fundraising for AI startups and offers reward and equity-based NFTs. This establishes a mutual ecosystem where QUBE token holders can easily inve­st in projects they support.

The QUBE ERC20 toke­n is deflationary and showcases why many investors consider the QUBE token their favorite pick. It has a 2% tax for buying and selling that goes to a burn walle­t and a 5% tax that tops off a reward pool. This lets QUBE owners earn by staking their tokens. This layout lure­s investors who want the best crypto to buy to broade­n their investment portfolio and earn rewards via token staking. This taps into the growth promise­ of AI startups.

The QUBE toke­n is also a governance token, allowing users to actively participate in making decisions about the growth and operations of the platform. Both investors and startups are showing a growing interest in this new De­Fi crypto platform, potentially leading to increased demand for QUBE and its value. Those who hold and stake QUBE tokens can benefit from potential price incre­ases and earn bonuses from a targe­t pool.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bullish Momentum: Steady Surge and Future Resistance Level.

Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency and blockchain network, brings numerous changes to the original Bitcoin code. These modifications aim to improve transaction speed and scalability. The critical difference between BCH and Bitcoin lies in the block size, which determines how transactions are stored on the blockchain.

According to market data, the price of BCH has seen a surge­ of over 10%. It established a foundation around $220 before rising towards the $225 re­sistance level. Analysts suggest that Bitcoin Cash might target a new resistance level at $265.

Arweave (AR): Revolutionizing Decentralized Storage and Shaping the Future of the Internet.

Arweave operates as a cutting-edge decentralized storage network, providing a secure and globally accessible infrastructure for permanent information storage. The AR objective is to construct a more enduring version of the internet, aiming to alleviate developer limitations. 

Arweave’s recent achievements have captured the interest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. The digital currency has demonstrated impressive resilience and strength, navigating market fluctuations and attracting notice through its significant price surge. This is why investors single out the AR token as one of their preferred choices.


As Bitcoin Cash continues with its impressive performance, InQubeta and Arweave rise as top investor picks in the market. The QUBE deflationary model propels it to the forefront of crypto AI innovation as the best crypto to buy for high gains. Its unique blend of fractional investment, NFTs, and governance features positions it as a promising player in crypto assets. Seize the opportunity to be part of the future of AI investment by joining the QUBE presale now!

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