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Bitcoin Touches $35,000 Mark; Retail Enthusiasm Peaks for InQubeta Presale

Press Releases

It’s raining records in the cryptocurrency market. Recently, many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have smashed new records and unlocked new milestones. This includes Bitcoin crossing the $35,000 mark, which has sent the market into a tizzy. 

Another cryptocurrency that has won over analysts with its stellar growth is InQubeta (QUBE). It’s a decentralized platform powered by Ethereum and connects startups in the artificial intelligence sector with investors. Ranking on many analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO list for 2023, it has raised over $4 million in presale funding so far. 

InQubeta: Giving wings to AI startups

InQubeta has a never-before-seen use case that has been drawing not just startups and investors but analysts and crypto users as well. It’s one of the few decentralized platforms that understand that AI isn’t going anywhere and there’s no better time than the present to cash in on its potential. 

It caters to startups, helping to boost AI-driven projects and helps them find an audience. For investors, InQubeta is a niche platform that helps them navigate the world of AI innovation without any hassles and find budget-friendly investments. 

InQubeta has generated a native cryptocurrency, called the QUBE token, for all transactions on its network. Be it paying for NFTs, in-house purchases, or tax payments, the QUBE token is used for all transactional purposes. 

The ERC-20 token can also be staked. By staking their assets, token holders get a twofold advantage. Firstly, they can turn validators and confirm transactions. Secondly, they can earn crypto rewards for the efforts they put in. 

The QUBE token’s supply has been capped at 1.5 billion, of which 65% is allocated for presale. The rest is used for funding market campaigns and meeting legal expenses, among other purposes. 

QUBE is sometimes referred to as the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2023 as it has a deflationary character. Deflationary cryptocurrencies advocate a scarce token supply to keep price fluctuations minimal. The team regularly destroys extra tokens in circulation and ensures that the supply is always less than the market demand.

The QUBE token is one name that can end all your concerns about what cryptos to buy now as it gives you the power to contribute to the decision-making process. As InQuebta uses a decentralized governance structure, all decisions are taken by the community at large. 

Suggestions for protocol changes are discussed by community members and then put to a vote. As QUBE token holders possess special voting privileges, they can exercise these rights to get useful suggestions implemented.

Before connecting startups with investors, InQubeta requires them to come up with reward-based offers. These offers are converted into NFTs using tokenization and then made available on an online marketplace. Here, investors can check out and compare NFTs and decide which of them is best suited for their needs. 

If they like an NFT, they can pay for it with QUBE tokens. Investors can also buy a small fraction of the asset as InQubeta offers the facility of fractionalization of NFTs. 


Bitcoin soars to $35,000

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and still retains the highest market cap. It was rolled out in 2009 and is a permissionless cryptocurrency. Its native token BTC comes in handy while dealing with all kinds of transactional purposes on the network. 

As it is in high demand, it’s compatible with multiple Web 3.0 wallets. Bitcoin’s new tokens are generated through a process called mining. In the process, miners confirm bundles of transactions processed by the Bitcoin blockchain and are rewarded with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s recent rapid rise to the $35K level has reignited hopes of long-term holders in the pioneering cryptocurrency. 



InQubeta has been recording a steady rise in its popularity because of its unparalleled features that help startups create impactful AI solutions. For crypto users too, it has a lot more in store. It has the potential to fetch potential long-term returns and can also provide users with the opportunity to invest in interesting AI companies. 

By investing in startups, crypto users are essentially contributing to the growth of a next-generation AI project and can stand to earn rich rewards over the years. InQubeta’s other features like a strong security framework and a deflationary model ensure that token holders’ assets and privacy are amply protected.

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