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Brand New Meme Token Mr Hankey Coin is Trending Ahead of $500k Presale Drop This Week

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The meme coin world is set for its next big project as Mr Hankey Coin launches this week for its ICO.

The project, based on the South Park favorite, will launch on July 13 but the exact time of the launch has been kept a secret.

Excitement and FOMO has been building at a rapid pace since the new project was first announced, with a huge marketing budget and experienced team already seeing $HANKEY become a must-watch across Web3.

The ICO is expected to sell out before the weekend due to its limited supply and small hard cap, meaning investors will need to act decisively to secure their tokens.

FOMO Builds around $HANKEY’s Secret Launch & Viral Potential

A secret ICO drop for $HANKEY tokens has seen FOMO spread like wildfire throughout Web3, with investors poised to act quickly on July 13.

There are rumors that the launch could be as early as 6pm UTC, although those details are unconfirmed and may be a red herring.

With name recognition from one of the beloved sitcom South Park’s most popular characters, a secret drop and robust tokenomics, Mr Hankey Coin has all the ingredients to enjoy a stunning launch before the weekend.

In fact, the presale is expected to not last for very long as a small hard cap of just $500,000 has been set before $HANKEY reaches exchanges.

That represents 40% of the extremely limited 1 billion max supply, with another 40% set for the liquidity pool, which will also be locked.

The combination of ever-growing FOMO, a small hard cap and a large liquidity pool have analysts predicting Mr Hankey Coin will have a spectacular launch that will quickly see 10x returns from its launch price.

Experienced Developers Plotting Massive Growth

Another advantage Mr Hankey Coin has over other newly launched meme tokens is that it has been developed by an extremely experienced team with contacts across Web3.

Those contacts have already seen the token featured in numerous news publications across the space, while $HANKEY is also on the lips of major investors and alpha groups.

The developing team are anonymous but rumored to have been involved in $SPONGE, a meme coin project thatlaunched earlier this year that took the whole space by storm.

Those two projects each secured incredible returns for their investors and have helped pave the way for other meme coins to thrive in more recent weeks.

The Mr Hankey Coin project has a sizable marketing budget and the token has already featured on the likes of DEXTools and CoinGecko – key data aggregators that boast millions of viewers and will bring huge awareness to the token.

10% of the HANKEY supply has been reserved for marketing costs, with 5% for the team and development and a final 5% for centralized exchanges.

The developers plan to use their contacts and experience to have $HANKEY listed on as many tier-1 exchanges as quickly as possible, with the high volume from the anticipated launch likely to help their cause.

ICO Launch Time to be Revealed on Social Media

As mentioned above, the $HANKEY launch will be on July 13 but exact times and details are still to be revealed.

However, they will first be announced on Mr Hankey Coin’s social media channels, making the Twitter page and Telegram channel vital for prospective investors to follow.

The composition of the launch and the growing excitement mean the $500k presale allocation is not expected to last long, so moving quickly once the ICO drop is announced will be vital to secure tokens.

$HANKEY is an ERC-20 based token that will be available to purchase directly on the Mr Hankey Coin website.

Visit Mr Hankey Coin Website


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