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BTCS Is Leading The Way For Bitcoin Forks, With Several Milestones On The Horizon

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All successful projects typically have detailed road maps to alert investors and potential community members of the objectives achieved and what the project is looking forward to in the near and long term. The road map entails milestones and goals that determine the imminent trajectory of the project as it inches closer to its main objective. One particular roadmap that has attracted investors belongs to a new BTC fork project called Bitcoin Spark.

What is a Bitcoin Fork?

A Bitcoin Fork is a Bitcoin alternative project with a high-speed network, an advanced smart contract, and a decentralized income-generating network. Bitcoin forks have been in existence for the longest time. However, Bitcoin Spark stands out among the rest. Bitcoin forks usually address a single challenge witnessed in the parent blockchain, expecting users to adopt the fork instantly. However, true utility goes beyond solving one challenge. Bitcoin Spark’s utility is widely spread to encompass other Web3 areas outside solving Bitcoin’s limitations.

Bitcoin Spark price prediction

With a low initial cost outlay and a refined blockchain network, Bitcoin Spark will provide Web3 participants with a high-performance blockchain with reduced gas fees and impeccable transaction speeds. The network is currently hosting an ICO event on the Ethereum blockchain where the native Bitcoin Spark token BTCS is retailing at $3.25. According to industry experts, Bitcoin Spark has a massive intrinsic value, making it currently undervalued. Some analysts have analyzed the project’s roadmap and developed a realistic price prediction for BTCS. 

In the first twelve months after the official Bitcoin Spark mainnet debut, BTCS price will likely surge to $600, making phase 8 investors more than 18,000%. The BTCS price could have reached $2,000 in the next five years. The predictions are realistic because Bitcoin Spark is a deflationary platform, and BTCS tokens are capped at a maximum supply of 21 million coins. The smart contract audits conducted by Vital Block, Cognitos, and Contract Wolf verify the capped supply and the Bitcoin Spark team cannot create more BTCS secretly. The audits also prove the team’s dedication reinforced with transparency and accountability. 

The Bitcoin Spark network is among the few networks in the DeFi ecosystem, encouraging validators to join the bandwagon. The platform’s network conserves much energy tapped through the smart contract mining layer through processing power. This process allows miners only to use the energy required; the remaining is lent out to organizations and individuals in exchange for BTCS tokens. 

Additionally, this process also reduces the entry barriers to becoming a Bitcoin Spark validator, allowing an increased number of network participants to increase the security of the platform while at the same time preventing network strangling from having too many validators.

Bitcoin Spark’s tokenomics is no different from that of Bitcoin. Both DeFi projects have capped their supply at 21 million. However, Bitcoin Spark gains an advantage over Bitcoin because it will take longer before the maximum BTCS supply is achieved. This is because most BTCS tokens have been allocated to mining pools, accounting for more than 78% of the total supply. Bitcoin Spark developers prognosticate that the supply will take more than 120 years to achieve full market circulation.

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