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Chancer Presale Hits $1 Million and Optimism Crypto Price Up 25% in August

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The crypto market has shone a positive light on several cryptos in August, with Optimism Crypto enjoying a 25% rally and Chancer hitting $1.5m in its presale. Optimism, a layer- 2 token, witnessed increased user transactions, which helped push its price in August. In the same light, Chancer is winning the crypto market with its innovative social betting concept. Can both tokens continue in this positive light as September unfolds?

Understanding Optimism’s recent price rally

Recent weeks have witnessed a remarkable surge in the price of Optimism, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. The token, known as OP, has seen a weekly increase of over 10%, with a single-day gain nearing 3%. 

Data from CoinMarketCap reveals that Optimism reached a high of $1.6712 on a recent Wednesday, marking a rise of over 5% from the previous day’s price. This significant uptrend has positioned Optimism among the top performers in the crypto market.

This price rally is primarily a result of the sustained bullish momentum that the Optimism crypto project has been riding from July 13 to August 2. This period saw a 30-day price increase of over 25%. Technical indicators also point towards a bullish trend. 

The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is above the signal line, and the green histogram bars indicate strong bullish momentum. Furthermore, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has moved into overbought territory, sitting at 75, which signifies heightened buying pressure for OP.

What’s behind Optimism Crypto’s recent rally?

Several factors have contributed to the recent uptrend in Optimism. One of the factors was Coinbase’s recent launch of the BASE network on the Optimism Stack. This launch attracted many new crypto addresses to the Optimism network, increasing average address activity in recent months.

Unfortunately, the BASE network was recently exploited, with $1 million (or 597 Ether) losses. While there’s no significant impact on the Optimism crypto price, this unfortunate event has the potential to dampen investor sentiment.

Chancer sees increased user interest with presale hitting $1.5m

Like the Optimism crypto price surge, Chancer has crossed $1.5m in its ongoing presale. Chancer, a decentralized betting platform, has been gaining traction recently. Its major catalyst is its unique premise of allowing users to create their own betting terms by “becoming the house.”

Another primary reason behind the project’s warm reception is the people behind it. Brothers Adam and Paul Kelbie are quickly becoming top blockchain names.

This has been further increased with the recent announcement of the first exchange listing, which will be on Bitmart.

What is Chancer?

Chancer is a pioneering platform that offers a decentralized peer-to-peer predictive market solution. Chancer allows users to create custom betting markets on a range of things; this can be anything from friendly wagers to large-scale crowdfunded bets on global events.

This revolutionary platform is the brainchild of the Kelbie brothers, Adam and Paul, both avid online betting enthusiasts.

The Kelbie brothers were known for their competitive nature from their early years. They enjoyed betting on everything from sports outcomes to who could finish their homework first. 

As they matured, they noticed a void. They wanted a community that shared their betting passion, but no platform met this demand without simultaneously attempting to tip the odds against them. 

Determined to fill this gap, the brothers took the initiative to establish Chancer, a platform tailored for social betting in the era of Web3.

Chancer’s innovative offering is a bet worth taking

Chancer runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and its native CHANCER token powers it. This unique betting platform allows users to place bets, receive payouts, and earn rewards within the Chancer ecosystem, providing real utility and value for token holders. 

Chancer also features a Share2Earn staking program that rewards users with CHANCER tokens for creating markets and promoting participation among their social circles. 

Furthermore, Chancer leverages Google’s WebRTC software to enable users to track their bets in real-time and facilitate genuine interaction between bettors.

The Chancer presale and giveaway

Chancer’s presale presents a unique opportunity for early investors to join a groundbreaking platform. The presale, which has already raised $1.5m, offers CHANCER tokens at a low price of $0.011. Already mentioned in best crypto to buy lists, this is worth some research.

Beyond providing access to one of the year’s most promising projects in the crypto market, Chancer is also incentivizing its ICO with a series of special offers throughout its 12-round presale. 

The first of these offers is a $100k CHANCER token giveaway, to be divided among ten lucky winners. This initiative will ensure that participants can benefit from the crypto market before the platform officially launches.

By participating in the presale, investors get to be part of Chancer’s mission to revolutionize the betting industry.


While the Optimism crypto project continues to reward its holders, Chancer is becoming a top 2023 crypto after rapidly raising $1.5m. Chancer is a revolutionary change from the traditional method of using centralized bookies and could well disrupt the online betting industry, worth $63 billion in 2022 and estimated to reach $150 billion in 2030. 

Take part in the CHANCER presale here


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