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ChatGPT’s 2023’s Top Three Tokens for New Investors – Hedera, Everlodge, and dYdX – Seize the Opportunity Now!”

Press Releases

Although the cryptocurrency market has been bearish for a long time, there are signs that things could change soon. Ahead of a potential bull market, ChatGPT has picked Hedera, dYdX, and Everlodge as three tokens that new investors should pay attention to.

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Hedera Scores New Partnership Partnerships, How Will HBAR React?

The Hedera network is a fully open-source public distributed ledger that uses a secure and fast, hashgraph consensus. HBAR is one of the tokens that have fallen due to the crypto market downturn.  On August 5th, the HBAR price was at $0.052. 

Hedera Hasgraph saw increased activity during the period due to notable partnerships. The U.S. Federal Reserve added Dropp, a small payment platform built on Hedera (HBAR), to its list of service providers. As more people used its network, Hedera’s price went up, increasing by 40.3% to $0.073 on August 15th. 

However, Hedera’s price dropped by 26.0% to $0.054 when the market crashed on August 17. However, analysts are still bullish on the Hedera token due to its latest partnerships. ChatGPT has forecasted HBAR price to reach $0.08011in 2023.

dydx (DYDX) Gears Up for Full Decentralization 

dYdX token is the governance token of the dYdX exchange protocol. Currently, the dydx exchange is gradually getting closer to becoming a fully decentralized platform with its V4 platform. Last week, dYdX announced its integration with Axelar’s cross-chain infrastructure. 

The aim is to enable easier onboarding to its V4 that includes an appchain model. On September 22nd, dYdX announced that it would be making some updates to its v3 fee timeline. As of September 29th, the dYdX exchange will wind down fee discounts and return to regular fees. 

Hedgie holders will be eligible for a 3% fee discount. dYdX is getting ready to introduce its blockchain. However, the exact timing of the launch will depend on the outcome of a governance vote this month. As a result of the upcoming V4 launch, ChatGPT forecasts the price of dYdX to increase to $2.5 in 2023.

Everlodge (ELDG) Addresses Issues With Real Estate Investment

Everlodge is a newer player in the crypto industry compared to famous names like Hedera and dYdX. Still, ChatGPT believes Everlodge could become a big deal. According to ChatGPT, Everlodge has the potential to tackle the problems in the multi-trillion-dollar real estate industry. 

Several things make Everlodge a promising platform. First, the platform makes it easy for anyone to start with just $100, removing the need for huge funds. Second, details of property ownership are stored safely in the smart contract of the NFTs. 

Third, Everlodge gives developers a launchpad to start new projects. In addition, people who own parts of properties through NFTs can earn money passively as the property’s value goes up. They can also use these NFTs as collaterals for loans.

Meanwhile, the ELDG token is the fuel for this ecosystem. The token offers holders many benefits including free stays at hotels and passive income via staking. Currently, the ELDG token is trading at just $0.019. ChatGPT has forecasted a price jump of up to 35x when Everlodge officially launches.

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