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Could Bitcoin ETF Token 10x If BlackRock ETF Is Approved?

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The US appears to be on the cusp of launching multiple spot Bitcoin ETFs for the first time, and BlackRock’s ETF could lead the way.

There are reports that BlackRock fund managers met with the SEC this week to discuss the proposed Bitcoin ETF, marking the third such meeting in three weeks. That follows meetings with Grayscale, Fidelity, and Franklin Templeton to discuss their respective Bitcoin ETF proposals.

Some analysts now believe that the SEC could approve more than a dozen new Bitcoin ETFs during a three-day window from January 8 to 10. This window coincides with the deadline for the SEC to make a decision on Ark Invest’s proposal.

If true, that means that Bitcoin ETFs could be coming very soon—a potential windfall for Bitcoin ETF Token investors.

Bitcoin ETF Token Offers 25% Supply Burn Based on Bitcoin ETFs Success

Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF) is a new crypto project that allows traders to speculate on the future of Bitcoin ETFs in the US. It offers event-based token burns that are directly tied to whether Bitcoin ETFs succeed.

There are five milestones planned for $BTCETF, each of which will trigger a permanent burn of 5% of the total token supply:

  1. Bitcoin ETF Token reaches $100 million in trading volume
  2. The first spot Bitcoin ETF is approved by the SEC
  3. The first spot Bitcoin ETF launches for public trading
  4. The total amount invested in spot Bitcoin ETFs reaches $1 billion
  5. The price of Bitcoin reaches $100,000

In total, the project plans to burn up to 25% of its token supply.

These milestones are expected to have a significant positive impact on the price of $BTCETF. They suddenly and sharply reduce the available token supply, creating a market shock that makes existing tokens much more valuable.

To encourage traders to hold onto their tokens until the last milestone is reached, $BTCETF also has a sell tax. The tax starts at 5% and decreases by 1% when each milestone is achieved.

BlackRock ETF Offers Opening to Banks, Accelerating $BTCETF Milestones

BlackRock’s proposal is unique among the 13 now in line for SEC approval—and it holds particular importance for Bitcoin ETF Token.

Whereas most Bitcoin ETF proposals require large institutional investors to buy into the fund using Bitcoin, BlackRock plans to offer a prepay model. This will enable banks and other institutions that are banned from owning crypto by regulators to invest in BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF with cash.

This is a huge deal because it could accelerate two of Bitcoin ETF Token’s milestones.

Getting banks to invest in the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF would dramatically increase its assets under management, pushing it over the $1 billion mark. At the same time, more money invested in Bitcoin ETFs will have a direct impact on the price of Bitcoin. Bank investment into Bitcoin ETFs could help send the price of the oldest cryptocurrency soaring over $100,000.

So, the timeline for Bitcoin ETF Token to achieve all of its milestones and burn 25% of its token supply could be very fast.

Bitcoin ETF Token Presale Offers a Chance to Buy Before the First Burn

Traders likely still have a few weeks before BlackRock’s—or any other firm’s—spot Bitcoin ETF receives SEC approval. But time is running out to buy Bitcoin ETF Token before it launches.

Crypto analysts like Jacob Bury have predicted that Bitcoin ETF Token could 10x if it combines momentum from its upcoming launch with a series of quick token burns.

Other prominent influencers backing Bitcoin ETF Token include Austin Hilton, who told followers it’s “like nothing you have ever seen.” Crypto Boy predicted a 100x gain and Matthew Perry called $BTCETF “appealing.”

Bitcoin ETF Token has raised $3.8 million in its presale and the project is gearing up for launch on major crypto exchanges. The next price increase is just hours away, so traders need to buy $BTCETF soon to lock in the biggest gain from this token.

Traders who buy now can also take advantage of staking rewards. Bitcoin ETF Token currently offers 72% APY in additional $BTCETF tokens, giving token holders the potential for even more gains once the first Bitcoin ETF launches.

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