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Crypto-Fueled EV Solution eTukTuk is Driving Change in Developing Economies: Learn How Here

Press Releases

The emergence of a project like eTukTuk (TUK) holds exceptional significance in light of concerns raised about the ecological footprint of mining and other crypto-related activities. This initiative, centered around eco-friendly electric vehicles (EVs), is making substantial contributions to the financial and environmental well-being of developing economies and their inhabitants.

The crypto market has been increasingly shaped by projects prioritizing environmentally sustainable applications and technologies that yield positive global impacts. We’ll elaborate on the precise ways eTukTuk is helping in this regard and the role you can play a role in driving this transformative change.

eTukTuk Aids All Stakeholders Including Drivers and Commuters

eTukTuk serves as an electric vehicle counterpart to the traditional internal combustion engine tuktuk, offering a more economical and reliable option. Additionally, the ecosystem includes strategically located charging stations.

The primary objective is to establish an ecosystem dedicated to curbing carbon emissions through eco-conscious transportation alternatives. This initiative holds the potential to spearhead an era of sustainable transit and lead the crucial shift towards electric vehicles. The project also seeks to provide support to drivers and other essential participants within the ecosystem. As a user, you have the chance to actively participate in the endeavor to reduce carbon emissions while reaping its benefits.

At the core of the ecosystem is the TUK token, driving the mission to eradicate carbon emissions. It will serve as an incentive for stakeholders, particularly as the network expands. This not only encourages stakeholders to contribute to environmental well-being but also boosts drivers’ earnings, thereby stimulating local economies.

The ecosystem operates on the premise of drivers paying for recharging their vehicles, generating revenue for the network. Simultaneously, each transaction awards TUK tokens to territorial partners and power stakers. This scalable approach facilitates a gradual reduction in reliance on fossil fuels, both locally and globally, as the network’s coverage area expands.

The TUK token is currently valued at $0.024 in the presale and has to date raised over $140,000. This is only set to grow as people put their money into eco-friendly initiatives.

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eTukTuk Has Already Managed to Cover A Lot Of Ground

Recent months have witnessed substantial progress, most notably the integration of Layer 2 opBNB from BNB Chain into its operational framework. This strategic shift to BNB Chain was primarily driven by the efficacy of the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism, which demonstrated notable scalability throughout 2023.

For those eager to glimpse into eTukTuk’s future, there are a multitude of exciting developments on the horizon. In Q4 2023, Sri Lanka’s inaugural charging stations will be installed, accompanied by an official government launch, the finalization of the driver app, and the introduction of the passenger app.

Establishing partnerships and fostering collaborations with prominent entities remains a pivotal focus for the project. The partnership between eTukTuk and the Capital Maharaja Group, a major presence in Sri Lanka, is a noteworthy achievement. As part of this collaboration, the Capital Maharaja Group secured a 20% equity stake in eTukTuk’s operations in Sri Lanka earlier this year.

Furthermore, the synergistic efforts between eTukTuk and the Sri Lankan government represent yet another profound partnership. This joint initiative aims to establish over 200 charging stations in collaboration with the government, greatly benefiting drivers. The anticipated result is a potential 400% reduction in operating costs for drivers compared to those using fossil fuel-powered TukTuks.

These recent advancements only mark the beginning for eTukTuk, rapidly solidifying its position as a significant player in the crypto and EV sectors. It’s a project that serious crypto enthusiasts should undoubtedly have on their radar, as it brims with boundless potential.


Ventures like eTukTuk represent a crucial addition to the crypto landscape. It seamlessly combines innovation with the ability to engage individuals beyond the traditional crypto sphere, unlocking growth possibilities that have the potential to revolutionize public perception of cryptocurrencies. This initiative is undeniably one that merits close attention, and the TUK presale is an opportunity that should not be underestimated.

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