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Crypto Heavyweights from Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) Turn to Everlodge: Vacation Rental’s $82B Industry in for a Jolt

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In a remarkable turn of events, key players from Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP)—two of the most prominent cryptocurrencies on the market—are shifting their focus towards Everlodge, a burgeoning player in the $82 Billion vacation rental industry. Everlodge is currently in the presale phase, creating a unique window of opportunity for early investors to tap into the potential of this innovative start-up.

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Everlodge (ELDG): Is a 30x Surge for ELDG on the Horizon

Everlodge is revolutionizing the property investment domain by making luxury real estate attainable for the many, not just the few. A $9m New York penthouse, once the preserve of the elite, is now accessible for as low as $100.

Harnessing the power of blockchain, Everlodge enshrines property specifics into fractionalized NFTs to elevate trustworthiness and democracy. By merging the benefits of NFTs with time-honored timeshare values, the platform offers a robust and inclusive model for property enthusiasts.

But Everlodge isn’t just a portal; it’s a whole ecosystem. Its Launchpad ignites a nexus where property magnates and the Everlodge community can come together to build the future of real estate.

Moreover, the Rewards Club is an embodiment of Everlodge’s commitment to value addition. Members are treated to complimentary stays across a range of upscale properties, and these stays can metamorphose into a lucrative passive revenue source if resold.

ELDG, Everlodge’s native token, is more than a digital currency; it’s a passport to an elite property realm. Token holders bask in an array of exclusive benefits, from staking dividends to special rates, rendering ELDG ownership akin to joining a prestigious property guild.

With its initial offering set at just $0.010, ELDG is a tempting proposition for the visionary investor. Early participation is incentivized as the price of ELDG is due to increase as it moves through each presale stage.

As Everlodge sets its sights on reshaping the trillion-dollar property market, industry mavens predict a meteoric ascent for ELDG, projecting an astounding 30x surge in the near horizon.

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Comparing the early Ethereum (ETH) Days to Everlodge (ELDG)’s Promise

Ethereum (ETH) has managed to pique the interest of Wall Street, albeit cautiously, with speculations of a potential Blackrock-endorsed ETF in the works. However, this hinges largely on the approval of a Bitcoin (BTC) ETF, which remains uncertain.

Despite the extensive ecosystem built around Ethereum, evidenced by a significant $26 billion Total Value Locked (TVL), the network still struggles with scalability. Ethereum will need to adapt to hold off the likes of Solana.

Pricewise, Ethereum has fallen 11% this week to a current price of $1,659. This bearish slump comes after nearly two months of oscillation between $1,800 and $2,200. It also triggered a breakout from a diagonal trendline that held the Ethereum price up for eight months.

Early Ethereum holders are still sitting on large profits, but they are now wondering if their ROI has run its course. As such, some Ethereum heavyweights are now turning to Everlodge due to the transformative and lucrative opportunities it offers. They see similarities to the initial emergence of Ethereum, which cemented itself as an industry leader.

Ripple (XRP): The SEC Battle and the $0.55 Support

Ripple’s courtroom victory against the SEC was a landmark moment not just for Ripple, but also set a precedent for the entire crypto industry. Successfully arguing against Ripple being a security, the company may have paved the way for others facing similar regulatory challenges.

In response to this legal win, Ripple’s value surged by more than 100% to reach a peak of $0.95, signaling renewed investor confidence. Those who closely tracked the lawsuit’s developments saw a prime opportunity to make a significant return.

However, the volatility synonymous with the crypto realm soon reared its head. Ripple has retraced the full move and settled at $0.50 today. Analysts note that Ripple’s move back under the $0.55 support spells trouble for the near term.

With both Ethereum and Ripple’s respective rallies ending abruptly, many crypto enthusiasts have turned their focus to Everlodge as the next leading platform in a trillion-dollar industry.

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