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SafuFide offers digital asset protection to both consumers and DeFi token projects.The SafuFide’s Safe-Sig™ software allows users to protect their digital assets, and those of family and friends, via a multisig wallet. Safe-Sig provides a simple program for setting up multisig wallets to protect assets, LP (Liquidity Provider), contest tokens, tokens held for future development and others.

Like traditional checking accounts that need multiple signatures to cash checks at a bank, SafuFide’s Safe-Sig protects token holders by requiring multiple sign offs with each transaction. Protect your Digital Assets in minutes with a click of a button! SafuFide’s Safe-Sig launched Nov 2021 with the token launch expected by the end of Nov 2021.

The SafuFide DAO is “governance in a box.” With SafuFide’s DAO projects can avoid issues that may hamper their long-term outlook and growth. The DAO offers smart contract audits, DEV team verification, a transparent governance platform, multisig wallets to manage settings and project development guidance. Many pre-launch decisions made in development can unwittingly harm the project as it grows and SafuFide’s DAO solves this issue by providing a guide that allows the developing team to avoid critical errors or miss massive opportunities. As they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Luckily SafuFide knows.