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ATH Date 2022, Jan 20

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Coinbase Exchange
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24H Volume:
43.9K USD
Coinbase Exchange
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833.6 USD
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24H Volume:
2.2K USD
Coinbase Exchange
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Spread: 2.31%
24H Volume:
25.3 USD
Last price: 0.00 USD
Last price: 0.00 USDT
Spread: 4.28%
24H Volume:
19.3K USD
Last price: 0.00 USD
Last price: 0.00 USDT
Spread: 22.76%
24H Volume:
7.3 USD

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Shping takes the entire retail industry to the next level by totally disrupting how brands discover and interact with their end consumers.

Shping is a robust ecosystem that connects brands to the main grocery buyer as they shop, bypassing Search Engines and Social Media giants and enabling brands to direct their marketing spend directly to the end consumer. For the first time, brands can gain control over their communication channel with the shoppers directly and are now powered to influence buying decisions of the global army of shoppers in a trillion-dollar industry.

The Shping platform is used by many global and local brands where Shping has outperformed in cost in terms of interactions and conversions compared to the top 3 three social media platforms.