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spool Spool DAO #1267
0.21 USD 9.45% +0.02
0.19 0.21
Circulating supply 22.3M
Total supply 210M
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spool Price

Current Price 0.21 USD
Price Change 24H 0.02 USD
Price Change 24H 9.45%
Price Change 7D 4.81%
Price Change 14D 23.72%
Price Change 30D 68.23%
Price Change 60D 46.58%
Price Change 1Y -93.86%
Market Cap Change 24H 412.8K
Market Cap Change 24H 9.55%
All time high (ATH) 8.20 USD
ATH Change -97.41%
ATH Date 2022, Jan 02

spool Markets

Uniswap (v2)
Last price: 0.22 USD
Last price: 0.22 0X6B175474E89094C44DA98B954EEDEAC495271D0F
Spread: 0.60%
24H Volume:
56.5K USD
Last price: 0.21 USD
Last price: 0.21 USDT
Spread: 0.68%
24H Volume:
136.7K USD

* Anomaly - Trading price is an outlier against the average

** Inactive - No trades in the last 3 hours

Spool DAO

Spool is a permissionless DeFi middleware ‘toolkit’ that allows users to create fully customised, automated, and diversified yield farming portfolios with a single deposit.

Select your favourite yield generators from a list of supported protocols and create a diversified portfolio based on your individual risk appetite… All accessible through a single deposit address.

After depositing, Spool automatically manages deposits to optimize risk/reward for individual users within the given terms under which their capital was deposited — Spool regularly rebalances liquidity between yield generating DeFi protocols, while taking individual user’s risk tolerance and array of selected strategies into account.

Spool represents the next evolutionary step for DeFi on Ethereum by allowing for diversification, compounding, and rebalancing at affordable gas prices via a buffer system and transaction batching.

It enables builders to easily access and combine existing and new DeFi legos, creating possibilities for novel user-facing products that leverage the power of all of DeFi instead of just a few individual primitives.

Spool is designed to serve as the backend for DeFi-powered financial products and applications.