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ATH Date 2022, Feb 07

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PeerMe is an ecosystem of distributed power, collaboration & fun. A social infrastructure that allows builders all around the world to come together and work on something they believe in – a shared goal & philosophy. Building a better society, a super society is just a side-effect. In all of that, we care about creating automated & autonomous systems with a minimum of bureaucracy, full transparency, and shared ownership that serves the general public. This is our way of creating the ever-promised society of the people, by the people, for the people.

Peers are people like you and me, and the way we know each other is through the identity service we call PEERID. PEERID contains information about us that is used to prove authenticity & trust to the people we interact with & potentially work within PeerMe. This may include personal information like your name, your origin, a free-to-chose picture in form of an NFT, a trust level, social connections, past contributions, and many other data points that help give people an idea of who we are. PEERID is how people know you in PeerMe.

PeerMe is a place where anyone can start or find self-sufficient communities that work towards a shared goal. They operate using their own ESDT token as a financial resource and have their own governance system in place. We call these communities Peerings. They have many similarities to what we know as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and are a place of progress, fun, purpose & belonging.