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DOGE 2.0 Is Latest 2.0 Token to Pump – These Meme Coins Could Also 100x

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In the world of cryptocurrencies, a new wave of “2.0 tokens” is captivating investors’ attention.

Doge 2.0 is one token that’s gaining immense traction, with its price soaring over 6,800% in the past day.

However, $DOGE2.0 isn’t the only meme coin that’s seeing growth – Wall Street Memes ($WSM) and Thug Life ($THUG) also look primed to explode in the coming weeks.

$DOGE2.0 Demonstrates Potential After Huge Price Explosion

Doge 2.0 is riding on the tailwinds of its predecessor, with its price rocketing just hours after listing on Uniswap.

Per, over $6.9 million worth of $DOGE2.0 has been traded in the past day, highlighting the overwhelming investor interest in this newly minted meme coin.

This unprecedented trading volume points toward a frenzied trading atmosphere, with new and experienced investors looking to get involved.

According to data from, more than 1,500 unique wallet addresses now hold $DOGE2.0, with 12,700 transactions completed already.

There have even been several transactions valued at $10,000 (or more) in the past hour, signifying that some investors are taking high-stake positions in the token.

This large-scale investment activity indicates a strong belief in Doge 2.0’s potential, suggesting that it may follow in the footsteps of the original Dogecoin ($DOGE).

Understanding Doge 2.0’s Meteoric Rice – Why Is It Pumping?

Several factors may be contributing to the impressive surge in Doge 2.0’s value.

Firstly, the original Dogecoin’s reputation as one of the most popular meme coins provides $DOGE2.0 with a solid foundation.

It’s natural that this new iteration would garner huge attention from existing $DOGE enthusiasts – setting the stage for the price pump that’s occurring today.

Secondly, the current market trend for “2.0 tokens”, essentially copycat versions of existing cryptocurrencies, has created much buzz.

Pepe 2.0 ($PEPE2.0) and SHIB2.0 ($SHIB2.0) have also been pumping –  and the success of these tokens may be instilling confidence in the potential of Doge 2.0.

Finally, the rapid price rise of $DOGE2.0 could be inducing a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) effect, prompting investors to buy in because they fear missing potential profits.

Given these circumstances, the mix of nostalgia and FOMO is clearly serving as a catalyst for Doge 2.0’s current boom – meaning all eyes will be on this token in the days ahead.

Which Other Meme Coins Could Be Set to Explode?

With Doge 2.0’s momentum showing no signs of slowing down, meme coin enthusiasts are now eagerly searching for the next token that could explode.

Two noteworthy tokens that could fit the bill are Wall Street Memes and Thug Life, which are making huge moves in their respective presale phases.

Reddit-Inspired Wall Street Memes Causes a Stir & Hits $12.6m During Presale

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is quickly emerging as a significant contender in the meme coin market, leveraging its already established and engaging online community.

This meme-inspired token is indirectly related to the WallStreetBets subreddit, known for its humorous financial content.

However, Wall Street Memes draws in an audience of over 1.1 million followers itself, highlighting the scale of the brand.

These followers, spread across platforms like Twitter and Instagram, have helped catapult Wall Street Memes into the limelight during its ongoing presale phase.

This presale has now amassed over $12.6 million in funding, showcasing the strong investor confidence in $WSM’s potential.

Moreover, with high-profile names like Elon Musk acknowledging the Wall Street Memes brand, the project has a firm foundation for growth.

Adding to this is that Wall Street Memes’ tokenomics structure will see 100% of the supply distributed among the community, with no tokens set aside for the development team.

This cements Wall Street Memes’ focus on community engagement – and sets the stage for explosive growth once $WSM lists on major exchanges in the coming weeks.

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Thug Life’s Community-Centric Approach Sets Stage for Explosive Market Impact

Thug Life ($THUG) is another promising newcomer to the meme coin scene, attracting substantial attention with its ongoing presale.

The $THUG token, inspired by the globally recognized “Thug Life” meme, has captured the interest of retail traders – helping the presale raise $430,000 in just over one week.

Like Wall Street Memes, Thug Life’s tokenomics set it apart – 70% of the total supply is reserved for presale investors.

Not only does this ensure early adopters have a stake in the project’s success, but it also ensures that the majority of the $THUG supply is in the hands of the community rather than the developers.

In addition, 15% of the supply is being allocated for community rewards, with a lucrative airdrop campaign in the works once the presale ends.

The specifics of the airdrop are still under wraps, but it’s widely anticipated that it will offer significant incentives to engage potential investors.

With a clear objective of creating a vibrant community around the meme, Thug Life looks set to carve out its own niche in the bustling meme coin market.

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