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Dogecoin Price Declines, Tradecurve Charts Indicate Another Price Surge on the Horizon

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Meme coins, like the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, are among the most popular. This is due to the strong social media presence and rapid historical gains. However, as of recently, Dogecoin (DOGE) has declined just as fast as it has increased in value. Projects with far more utility, like Tradecurve (TCRV), expect another huge surge with sustained gains.


  • Dogecoin has declined in value and is in the red zone, with expectations of it dipping under $0.05
  • Tradecurve has surged by 80% and trades at $0.018
  • Analysts predict TCRV to climb by 100x at launch

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Dogecoin Price Declines and Investors Turn To Alternatives

Dogecoin (DOGE) has been trading at a value of $0.065367. Its recent chart performance has left much to be desired, especially after its massive volatility. During the past seven days, Dogecoin has decreased by 3.6%.

In addition, Dogecoin is now trading at 91.06% under its all-time high point of value. While analysts with a bullish outlook expect it to surge to $0.07, others think it’s far more likely to dip under $0.05.

Whatever the case may be, Dogecoin is not showing the rapid growth and sustained gains as those that occurred in 2021 when it reached its ATH values.

 The Dogecoin price is heavily influenced by social media activity. The future Dogecoin price prediction places it at around $0.07 at the best level, which might not signify the high long-term ROI investors expect. As a result, they are now diversifying.

Tradecurve Charts Are Going Up

Retaining its bullish momentum throughout the previous 30 days. Tradecurve (TCRV) has showcased impressive performance with 80% in gains.

The TCRV token now trades at $0.018 per token, and this stunning performance has made it one of the best-performing digital assets. While most cryptos, such as Dogecoin, are declining, TCRV is making a name for itself due to its growth and unique feature set.

Features That Will Make Tradecurve a Dominant Force in DeFi

Tradecurve is a hybrid exchange that can have greater liquidity than Binance or other centralized exchanges due to its unique approach. It’s the first exchange that will grant traders access to financial instruments, such as forex, stocks, options, CFDs, ETFs, and commodities alongside cryptocurrencies.

Through it, anyone can tap into the OTC derivatives market that has a value of $632 trillion, alongside the global forex exchange market valued at $753.2 billion in 2022. This, coupled with negative balance protection, a VIP account system, and high leverage starting at 500:1, will make it a major force.

Another Surge for TCRV is On The Horizon

The unique offering of Tradecurve has put it on a clear ascension path. It can become one of the leading crypto exchanges due to this. Analysts predict a jump of 100x when TCRV lists on Tier-1 exchanges and on the Uniswap DEX.

 The team is also working on implementing Proof of Reserves (PoR) to bolster its transparency. It will begin beta development on a Trading App for iOS and Android, boosting its appeal even further.

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