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Dogecoin Price Prediction, Analysts Predict Everlodge Meteoric Price Surge

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Dogecoin has been extremely turbulent in 2023. Following price spikes in February and April investors were extremely bullish about the project. However, after a crash in June, confidence in Dogecoin fell. Now, going into August, investors have turned bullish again as Dogecoin surges following Twitter’s rebranding. 

At the same time, an exciting new DeFi project is poised to gain traction. Everlodge is expected to become the next big DeFi presale. Offering outstanding utility and a number of opportunities to make profits, investors and experts eagerly await for the project’s presale to begin. 

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Everlodge Applies DeFi To A $82 Billion Market

Everlodge is a blockchain-based project that offers a marketplace for fractional vacation home ownership. The global vacation rental market size was estimated at $82.63 billion in 2022 and is growing at 4.6% annually. As a result, there are endless opportunities for investors who want to get involved. 

Everlodge will let investors fractionally invest in luxury villas, vacation homes, and hotels. These properties will first be minted at NFTs, after which they will be fractionalized. Each smart contract will contain all the data required to complete transactions. This will include titles, deeds, and ownership details. 

NFT fractions will increase or decrease in line with the property’s value. For example, if an investor holds a $100,000 stake in a property worth $1m and its value increases by 10%, their NFT’s value will rise to $110,000. 

The team behind Everlodge has passed KYC checks and the project’s smart contract has been successfully audited by an external auditing firm. Additionally, team tokens have been locked for 2 years, and the Everlodge liquidity pool will be locked for 8. 

Investors holding Everlodge will be eligible for a number of rewards. These include property discounts, trading discounts, and staking opportunities. Investors who become members of the reward club will also earn free nightly stays at properties in the Everlodge ecosystem. This will work like a traditional timeshare. However, holders can sell their time at the property to generate a passive income should they not want to stay themselves. 

The Everlodge presale is set to begin soon. ELDG will begin trading at $0.01 and will reach $0.035 before the end of the Everlodge presale. 480,000,000 of the 800,000,000 token supply will be sold during this presale, with early investors winning big on price increases due to the projects dynamic pricing model. 

Dogecoin Surges Following Twitter Rebranding

Although Elon Musk recently announced his move away from Dogecoin, the project continues to be influenced by the CEO’s actions. After rebranding Twitter to X, Dogecoin increased in value by 14% in two days. 

This increase took Dogecoin to $0.083, though it has since decreased to $0.07914. Activity on X surrounding Dogecoin also increased, with rumors of Dogecoin becoming a means of exchange on the platform. However, no additional information on this is yet to be released. 

Nonetheless, this move by Elon has reignited the flame in the Dogecoin community. Dogecoin activity is up on all social media platforms and expert predictions for Dogecoin have become extremely bullish. 

Experts believe that Dogecoin will reach a minimum price of $0.15 before the end of 2023. This will likely increase activity throughout the memecoin market, and could trigger additional interest in new projects like Everlodge. 

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