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Ethereum May Hit $2,500 This November; Investors Rally to InQubeta Presale

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Given the recent gains made by the cryptocurrency market, analysts are optimistic that its bull run isn’t going to be short-lived. Based on their observations and market indicators, many of them feel that Ethereum can potentially cross $2,500 in November. 

Experts are also full of praise for the newly launched decentralized platform InQubeta (QUBE)  which has impressed investors with its strong presale performance. The decentralized platform helps startups leveraging artificial intelligence find investors for their projects. 

Even though it was rolled out just a few months ago, it is now on every analyst’s best cryptocurrency ICO list after its presale funding hit the $ 4.1 million mark.

InQubeta: Fast-tracking startup growth with blockchain

InQubeta is among the altcoins to watch out for this year as it seeks to disrupt the startup and AI sectors with a dose of DeFi potential. By making a user-friendly DeFi solution more accessible to startups, it ensures that these budding companies don’t have to stall their plans due to lack of funding. 

Investors who back these projects also gain by investing in future-forward projects. Its native cryptocurrency QUBE token is used for all transactions, be it taxes or regular payments. 

Powered by the ERC-20 standard, the QUBE token is more than just a cryptocurrency facilitating transactions for a decentralized platform. It’s a mainstay of InQubeta’s governance structure that’s based on the decentralized autonomous organization model. Under the model, community members are consulted on all major decisions, and their views are incorporated for all key protocol changes. 

If a community member has a suggestion that could enhance the capability of the platform, they can forward it as a proposal. While the community discusses the proposal, token holders get the final say if it should be implemented. 

All token holders get voting privileges that they can use during the voting process for a proposal. Using these voting privileges, token holders can act in the best interests of the platform. 

The hype around the QUBE token is understandable when you consider its anti-inflationary character. The token supply is regulated to keep it intentionally scarce so that the asset’s price doesn’t fluctuate much. The feature helps keep token holders’ returns intact when the markets are turbulent or inflation is high.

InQubeta has become one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in today’s market with its transparent model. Its transparency ensures that startups and investors do not feel short-changed and get a fair deal. Before startups connect with investors, they submit a proposal that contains the reward they are ready to offer the investor. 

These offers are then minted into NFTs and uploaded on InQubeta’s online marketplace. Investors can assess, compare, and buy these NFTs. It’s not necessary that an investor buys the entire NFT, they can also purchase a smaller part of the asset. This is made possible with fractionalization. InQubeta allows even retail users to invest in startups.


Ethereum-based spot ETFs may hit the market next: Raoul Pal

Ethereum is among the most versatile cryptocurrencies that you can find in today’s market. It powers not just blockchain protocols but dApps, virtual machines, cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs. 

Ethereum’s key USP is that it’s an entire ecosystem backed by a strong blockchain network with smart contract capability. The use of blockchain for smart contract execution further improves its efficiency. The platform’s native token is called ETH and it is among the most demanded cryptocurrencies in the world.

It seems it’s not just crypto analysts who are smitten by Ethereum but other experts too. In a recent media interview, macro expert Raoul Pal said it is only a matter of time before Ethereum-based spot ETFs hit the market. He said Ethereum spot ETFs could be seen as ‘trade agreements’ that could fetch great capital returns on investments. 



With its ongoing successful run, the crypto market is a happening place with its fair share of cutting-edge financial instruments. As the recent performance of tokens like InQubeta and Ethereum shows, there is no dearth of options for anyone, whether you are an experienced or an amateur investor. 

If you are wondering what cryptos to buy now, then consider the two coins described above as they have strong utilities and are guided by unique ecosystems. 

However, users must remember that diversification can help in reducing the risk in the long term. 

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