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Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Recoils From $2k, $QUBE Holders “In the Money”

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Ethereum (ETH) prices have declined sharply as the top altcoin fails to hold over the $2k mark, while InQubeta (QUBE) investors who got in during the presale’s beta stage have watched the value of their holdings rise by over 50%. Those who join the action today still get to grow their holdings by over 300% before the event ends.

InQubeta uses a crowdfunding methodology to open up investments in artificial intelligence (AI) while making it simpler for startups to raise money. Traditional investment firms often have discriminatory practices that inhibit most people from utilizing their services. For example, some have high minimum investment amounts that are more than the average person in the United States makes in a year.

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, and its blockchain functionality far exceeds Bitcoin’s (BTC). The Ethereum network hosts many cryptocurrency projects like InQubeta, allowing them to enjoy its security, transparency, and functionality.

Top altcoin InQubeta (QUBE) providing profits while cryptocurrency markets crash

The InQubeta presale has become a haven for cryptocurrency investors looking for ways to mitigate some of their losses as cryptocurrency markets struggle. Many cryptocurrency investors have watched the value of their portfolios shrink substantially in the past few weeks, leading to them looking for safer and more profitable opportunities.

The progressive price changes at each of the InQubeta presale’s ten stages have been a huge hit with investors looking for ways to make some profits.

InQubeta’s solution-based approach puts it ahead of most cryptocurrencies. Investors have been long frustrated with traditional investment avenues and their elitist requirements, and InQubeta provides an easy-to-access alternative that accomplishes the same goal.

Anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet regardless of their geographic location can invest in AI through the InQubeta network. This frees up the flow of capital to the AI industry as startups get the capital they need to innovate.

AI is on course to be the next major technological revolution, and it’s already leading to conversations among world leaders like President Joe Biden. The technology is expected to cause more changes than recent tech revolutions like the personal computer and the internet. It has the potential to be the most transformative tech breakthrough in human history.

A new way to be part of the AI revolution

ERC20 coins serve as stocks on the InQubeta network and becoming a part owner of AI firms is as easy as buying one of these non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the marketplace. The ERC20 coins are made by firms that have been approved by the operations team, and investors buy them with $QUBE. Like stocks, the value of these tokens increases as their makers grow. Some give other bonuses like a share of profits made.

The value of all tokens sold on the InQubeta ecosystem can be tracked in each investor’s InQubeta account, and they can sell their tokens anytime they choose.

Ethereum (ETH) prices drop sharply after enjoying substantial growth

Ethereum prices have tanked substantially in the past few weeks after enjoying substantial growth all year, but its relative strength index (RSI) continues to rise. A cryptocurrency’s price and RSI moving in opposite directions is often a sign of an incoming reversal.

While Ethereum has the potential to enjoy substantial growth, it likely won’t exceed InQubeta’s presale growth.


InQubeta tokens are yet to be launched on exchanges, but it has already emerged as a top altcoin, raising over $2.6 million early on. Its alternative to traditional investment options, strong tokenomics, and link to artificial intelligence give it the potential to enjoy 100x growth in 2023. It’s one of the best altcoins to invest in right now.

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