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Fidelity plans spot Bitcoin ETF, Ethereum (ETH) and DigiToads (TOADS) on the rise

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Fidelity, an asset manager with over $4.2 trillion in assets under management, has joined the race and plans its own Bitcoin Spot ETF. The signal from institutional investors is clear; they are unequivocally long on $BTC. What does this mean for the rest of crypto? Investors have a narrow window to load up on the best altcoins before institutional money prices them out of the market.

An Ethereum Spot ETF will naturally follow the approval of a Bitcoin ETF, and given Ethereum’s (ETH) yield properties, it could prove popular with retirement funds- a vast untapped market. On-chain data shows seasoned investors taking advantage and Ethereum (ETH) and the top DeFi projects within its ecosystem, like DigiToads (TOADS), are already on the rise.

DigiToads (TOADS) The Next Level of On-Chain Earning

DigiToads races to the top, and this up-and-coming utility memecoin has already raised a whopping $5.8 million in its presale. Currently in its ninth stage, the window of opportunity to scoop up massively undervalued $TOADS closes.

TOADS has taken passive income in DeFi to an entirely new level and has become a firm contender amongst the top altcoins. The Swamp (the DigiToads ecosystem) contains everything an investor could imagine, including a play-to-earn game, airdrops, deflationary tokenomics, NFT staking, specialized treasury management, a native DEX, and even charity initiatives that help to preserve the rainforest.

The NFT staking mechanic has explicitly drawn attention, and the 3,500 toad-themed collection have been named some of the best NFTs to invest in by senior analysts. They further predict an incredible 1,200% rally for $TOADS before it launches on Uniswap.

Analysts validated their claims by noting the increased appetite for smaller-cap altcoins. They also pointed to the Toad Tax within the ecosystem that funnels capital throughout the protocol to benefit holders.

This sophisticated economic design funds the NFT staking payout pool and the aggressive burn campaign for $TOADS, with 2% of each transaction forever removed from circulation. This drastic supply reduction will send $TOADS skyrocketing as soon as it activates.

Not to mention the treasury management system that gives every TOADS holder the privilege of asset management services through simple token ownership.

Ethereum (ETH) The Next ETF Crypto?

Ethereum (ETH) has constantly closely tailed Bitcoin (BTC), and investors need to realize that as soon as a Bitcoin Spot ETF gets approval, Ethereum (ETH) will be next in line with approximately a year lag.

Tax-advantaged direct exposure to Ethereum (ETH) in a product investors are familiar with. What does this mean? Capital inflows. Analysts have foreseen this event already, and their forecasts show their bullish opinion.

They predict Ethereum (ETH) targeting a range high of $4,057.35 in 2024 but added that the most significant gainers would be altcoins within the ecosystem.

Closing Thoughts:

Investors need to look for the next growth vector, and the horses leading the race are new DeFi projects. These dApps will rapidly outpace the titans of the last cycle. They are built on better tech stacks, have smaller market caps, and have a better understanding of end utility for users.

Protocols like DigiToads, which provide an all-in-one experience for investors and put the community first, will be big gainers. Crypto investors love yield, and The Swamp has plenty of earning potential; wait until the economic mechanisms kick in at launch. Get ahead of the crowd and join the presale today before $TOADS takes off.

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