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Forecasting the Next Bull Market: Can Borroe Finance and Avalanche Outperform Bitcoin?

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A bullish market is a reward for long-term investors. These investors are now trying to determine whether Bitcoin (BTC) or other top altcoins like Avalanche (AVAX) will yield the highest ROI in the next bull run. On the other hand, savvy long-term investors found a new crypto token called Borroe Finance ($ROE) and invested over $2 million. Keep reading to see what experts think about these tokens.


$ROE Prepares for Triple-digit Price Surge in 2024

The bull market is always a perfect opportunity for new high-value cryptos to spike and deliver massive ROI to early investors. Currently, savvy investors are preparing for the next bull run by stacking up Borroe Finance tokens. Borroe Finance is the world’s first AI-powered fundraising platform that allows web3 businesses access to raise instant cash by selling future subscriptions, royalties, invoices, and other income at discounted prices.

Currently, $ROE is in its third presale stage, and the token is selling for $0.0175. At the end of the presale stages, $ROE will hit the mainstream crypto market and sell for $0.04 on major crypto exchanges. When this price movement continues, $ROE will record a triple-digit surge and deliver 128.6% ROI to early $ROE investors.


AVAX Whales Take Profit in December

Avalanche was among the best crypto investments in Q4 2023, thanks to an AVAX triple-digit price surge in early December. However, data from IntoTheBlock showed that Avalanche whales are currently making a profit. These Avalanche whales collectively sold 156,560 tokens on December 15, and their net flow decreased following this action. For context, these Avalanche whales took home about $7 million in profit.

On December 5, AVAX traded at $22.50. 11 days later, AVAX gained a massive 101% and traded for $45.00. According to analysts, AVAX will likely go bearish in the last days of the year due to the current sell-off action. Therefore, we can expect AVAX to trade for $32.50 by December 31. AVAX already outperformed BTC and the best altcoins in December. However, analysts doubt it can outperform Bitcoin in Q1 2024 due to the upcoming halving.  

Bitcoin Sees Bearish Retracement After SEC Decision

Recently, Coinbase, a leading crypto exchange, petitioned the US SEC to review and relax the rules governing the crypto industry. Under the chairmanship of Gary Gensler, the SEC rejected this request and insisted that the existing laws apply to the crypto securities market like other financial markets. Gensler also said that it is vital for the US SEC to maintain its autonomy and discretion in setting rules for financial markets.

As a result of this decision, BTC recorded a minor price dip in the third week of December. On December 11, BTC traded at $42,310. A week later, BTC lost 3.14% and traded for $40,994. According to experts, BTC will range between $40,000 and $45,000 till the end of the year. However, 2024 is a halving year, meaning analysts expect BTC to break through $50,000 resistance by Q1 2024.  

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