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From Rocketing 30,000% to Zero: Is SBF Behind BALD Meme Coin? Could MillionaireGame Be The Next Breakout?

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The recent controversy swirling around Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder of the crypto exchange FTX, has the crypto community buzzing. His connection to the spectacular rise and fall of the meme coin BALD has led to speculation about the future of other rising projects, including MillionaireGame (MG).

SBF: A Crypto Mogul in Controversy

BALD, a meme coin that caused quite the stir, skyrocketed by an astonishing 30,000% before plummeting back to zero. All this happened in just a matter of days, leaving investors and spectators alike reeling from the extreme volatility.

SBF, currently under house arrest, was alleged to have launched this “$30m scam” using a meme coin known as BALD. According to @RyanSAdams, utilizing the blockchain of one of his biggest competitors (who also happens to be bald), SBF thought his clandestine activity would go unnoticed.

This incident sparks a big question: Are other meme coin projects secretly controlled by famous people?

MillionaireGame’s “Million-Dollar” Dream

Investors are speculating about the intriguing new meme coin project, MillionaireGame (MG), questioning whether influential figures might be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

MillionaireGame is founded by an anonymous crypto whale who has proven his multi-million net worth on-chain and claims to want to mint a millionaire every month and establish the largest crypto millionaire club on the Ethereum network.

The Unique Proposition of MillionaireGame

MillionaireGame (MG) breaks the traditional mold of meme coins, which typically revolve around memes, pets, or celebrities. Instead, MG is focused on creating wealth.

Using the power of the community and smart contracts for transparency, MG offers its token holders a chance to accumulate life-changing wealth.

For each token you hold, you have a chance to become a millionaire – the more you hold, the higher your chances.

Opportunity to Get In Early

Already, MG’s presale price has soared 18%, indicating the potential for significant returns.

The ongoing presale campaign presents a golden opportunity for early MG contributors to become the “first insiders” of the game.

MG’s fixed supply tokenomics ensures the sustainability of the game for more than 50 years.


With BALD’s dramatic rise and fall serving as a reminder of the volatility inherent in the crypto world, MG’s innovative approach stands in stark contrast.

Despite the unpredictable market, MillionaireGame presents a new vision for meme coins, centered around financial success and the democratization of wealth.

As the scandal surrounding SBF and BALD continues to unfold, the question remains: Could MillionaireGame be the next breakout in the meme coin market?

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