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Google Bard’s XRP Price Prediction for 2023 Might Surprise You

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The crypto market has been highly volatile in recent weeks, with Ripple’s legal win over the SEC proving to be a catalyst for some significant price swings.

Google’s new conversational AI model Bard has started weighing in on where specific cryptos could go in the latter half of 2023 – with $XRP being one token that has piqued its attention.

In this article, we explore Google Bard’s XRP price prediction for the remainder of the year before highlighting another new token the model is highly optimistic about.

XRP Price Fluctuates on Ripple Lawsuit Developments

XRP has been the talk of the crypto market over the past few weeks, thanks to the positive conclusion of Ripple’s long-standing legal battle with the SEC.

Although Ripple only scored a partial victory, this was enough to send the $XRP price soaring nearly 100% once the news broke.

Unfortunately for $XRP holders, the positive momentum was only temporary, with the token pulling back by 28% from its peak on July 13.

Several factors have caused this pullback, most notably the rumors that the SEC might appeal the judge’s ruling.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, the SEC believes the ruling goes against long-standing securities laws and principles like the Howey test.

Moreover, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has expressed his disappointment that XRP was ruled not to constitute a security in the context of retail sales.

As such, rumors abound that the SEC might appeal to get the precedents set by the Ripple case reversed – given that these precedents could restrict the SEC’s ability to regulate the crypto market in the future.

Outlook for $XRP Looks Gloomy According to Google Bard

With the ongoing legal issues putting pressure on XRP’s price, Google’s new AI tool, Bard, had its say on where the token could go in the latter half of the year.

When asked about $XRP’s future potential, Bard forecasted that the token could continue facing challenges, ultimately hampering price growth.

Specifically, Bard predicted that the maximum price it believes $XRP could be by the end of 2023 is $0.56 – 15% lower than the current price.

Bard based this prediction on several factors, including the adoption rate of $XRP, the overall performance of the crypto market, and the fallout from Ripple’s battle against the SEC.

If Bard’s bearish prediction proves accurate, $XRP holders may be in for a tough few months ahead.

Which Other Cryptos Is Google Bard Optimistic About?

While Bard might not be thrilled with XRP’s outlook, the AI model sees a brighter future for several other cryptocurrencies.

In particular, Bard seems optimistic about XRP20 – a new ERC-20 token that offers a “second chance” to those who missed the original XRP’s bull run.

Google Bard Predicts 1,000% Return for XRP20 Presale Investors as Hype Builds

As its name implies, XRP20 ($XRP20) is a brand-new token offering a tokenomics setup similar to XRP but with added utility and use cases.

XRP20’s presale phase has just been launched, enabling early adopters to purchase $XRP20 tokens for $0.000092 – 30 times cheaper than XRP’s all-time low.

Alongside being used for price speculation, $XRP20 tokens can also be deployed via the project’s staking protocol to earn passive income.

Adding to the excitement around XRP20 is the fact that the developers have implemented a 0.1% token burn on each transaction, designed to reduce the circulating supply over time and boost the value of the remaining tokens.

This setup has caused much debate in the XRP20 Telegram community, with many early investors believing that the token could be poised for massive growth once it debuts on DEXs in the coming weeks.

Interestingly, Google Bard also believes $XRP20 is destined for big things – predicting that the token’s price could hit $0.0010 by the end of the year.

Should this prediction come true, it would represent a whopping 1,000% increase from the current presale price.

Bard has noted several factors that could play into this price rise, including the success of XRP20’s staking program and adoption for $XRP20 by developers and businesses.

While speculative, Bard’s price prediction will be music to the ears of early investors – hinting that they could see a solid return on their investment.

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