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Here’s Why This Green Token Could be Next to 100X

Press Releases

Green cryptocurrencies are back in trend, as the rapid presale of Chimpzee tokens proves. After crossing the $2M milestone to enter its last and final stage, the presale has become a sensational phenomenon in the crypto market. 

Infused with meme coin elements, $CHMPZ is widely predicted to kindle the next wave of meme coin mania with a 100X surge.

What is $CHMPZ?

$CHMPZ tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the Chimpzee ecosystem. 

The presale allows users to buy $CHMPZ at a fixed, but discounted price before it goes live on popular exchanges. The presale milestones of the project, accompanied by token burning and donations to various wildlife organizations, have led to its grand reception. 

The growing traffic to the Chimpzee presale has a lot to do with its meme coin label. But Chimpzee stands out in the meme coin market as a green token with a mission dedicated to advancing climate action through support for wildlife conservation efforts.

The unique combination positions Chimpzee as a highly market-relevant utility token in the crypto market. The project harnesses the power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to fight against rapid climate change through wildlife conservation. 

The Chimpzee Reward System is a Game-Changer

Chimpzee introduces a crypto rewards system to incentivize active participation across its ecosystem. Here is a quick look at the three Chimpzee platforms.

1. Shop-to-Earn Platform

The first platform from Chimpzee is its merchandise store with shop-to-earn features. 

  • If you’re a sustainability-conscious consumer, you can explore the platform to find a diverse range of environmentally-themed merchandise like t-shirts and mugs featuring impactful slogans. 
  • The Chimpzee Shop is currently live for users to get an idea of what’s coming. The second version with shop to earn features will go live soon.
  • With the merchandise, Chimpzee aims to raise awareness about climate action.
  • Users earn rewards in CHMPZ tokens with every purchase they make using the platform.
  • Chimpzee tokens can be converted into popular cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies through major crypto exchanges.

2. Trade-to-Earn Platform

The next platform is an NFT marketplace with an integrated profit-sharing mechanism. It allows active traders to enhance their returns through CHMPZ rewards. 

3. Play-to-Earn Game

The third platform, Zero Tolerance Game, introduces an element of fun and excitement to Chimpzee. It acts as a source of fun income through engaging mechanics. Themed around deforestation issues, Chimpzee encourages gamers to translate their awareness into real-life action.

One of the key aspects of Chimpzee is giving back. A share of the revenue generated on these three platforms is donated to wildlife initiatives worldwide. 

Chimpzee NFT Passports

CHMPZ tokens serve as the native cryptocurrency of the platform while Chimpzee NFT Passports offer numerous benefits and privileges to holders.

Chimpzee NFT Passports will be made available after the conclusion of the CHMPZ presale. If you did not participate in the presale, you will have to wait until after the whitelist event to obtain an NFT passport. Only presale investors have the initial opportunity to acquire these passports before they are open to the public.

NFT Staking provides investors with an additional stream of passive earnings. 

The project has an exciting product on the horizon—the Chimpzee smartphone app. It uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized Chimpzee AI avatars. 

Chimpzee tokenomics is strengthened by a burning mechanism

Chimpzee’s tokenomics includes regular burning mechanisms. They boost the token’s price in the open market, with a particular focus on maintaining a strong price action. It also gives reliable returns to long-term investors, despite the whims of the broader market.

The project has been systematically burning a portion of its total supply at each presale milestone. The CHMPZ coins utilized for purchasing Chimpzee NFT passports will undergo burning, leading to the removal of almost 5 billion tokens from the overall supply.

How to get CHMPZ tokens?

The ongoing CHMPZ presale, now in the sixteenth and final stage, presents the final opportunity to acquire the tokens at a discounted price. 

With price forecasts ranging from a conservative 10X to a wildly optimistic 100X surfacing, the traffic to the presale is rapidly growing. The growing FOMO reflects the growing excitement and interest surrounding the Chimpzee project, hinting at a rapid sell-out. 

Frequent brand partnerships and collaborations with voluntary organizations will help the token enter the mainstream within a few months. Traditional sustainability communities, in particular, have been showing interest in the project. 

Chimpzee will make its way to popular exchanges as soon as the presale is over. The team’s focus in the subsequent stages will be on improving its technological functionalities and rolling out the products, triggering strong bull runs. 

Don’t wait until then to acquire CHMPZ tokens. Securing the tokens before the exchange listings will be a strategic move to capitalize on the projected price momentum.



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