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ICP.Hub North America Partners with Women in Blockchain Canada to Promote Inclusion in Blockchain

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ICP.Hub North America is thrilled to announce a landmark partnership between the ICP.Hub North America and Women in Blockchain Canada (WIBC). This strategic alliance aims to foster growth, inclusion, and innovation in the blockchain sector while showcasing the transformative potential of the Internet Computer blockchain (ICP).

Women in Blockchain Canada is an organization devoted to empowering women to become leaders in the blockchain industry and has been at the forefront of numerous initiatives aimed at fostering diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in the technology sector. Their work aligns perfectly with the vision of ICP, a decentralized and democratically accessible internet, thus making this collaboration a natural fit.

The ICP.Hub North America has been involved so far organizing events in Universities such as UBC, Quantic School of Business and Technology, BCIT, Michigan or Berkeley,  meetups in Boston, Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle, Montreal and Toronto and sponsoring community and developer grants for devenpreneurs and influencers all across Canada and the US.

The ICP.Hub North America  is one of the major contributors to the Internet Computer Blockchain in the region. The Hub is accelerating the mass adoption of the Internet Computer in Canada and the US. The Internet Computer is an ambitious project aiming to extend the functionality of the public internet, empowering users and providing a robust platform for the development and hosting of secure software systems and open internet services. The ICP.Hub North America is supported by the DFINITY Foundation, a Swiss-based not-for-profit organization with the largest R&D team in the blockchain industry.

In this partnership, Women in Blockchain Canada and ICP.Hub North America will work collaboratively on various projects, sharing resources, knowledge, and skills. This collaboration aims to enhance women’s education in the blockchain field, provide them with practical experience with the Internet Computer, and develop women-led blockchain projects to harness the power of the Internet Computer’s decentralized infrastructure.

“We’re excited to partner with Women in Blockchain Canada to further our shared goals of promoting diversity and inclusion in the blockchain industry,” said Javier Arroyo Ferrer, the Co-Founder at ICP.Hub North America. “The Internet Computer was built to be a platform for everyone, and this partnership underlines our commitment to ensuring that ‘everyone’ includes women, who have historically been underrepresented in tech and blockchain.”

Women in Blockchain Canada’s founder, Justyna Osowska, added, “The future of blockchain is diverse and inclusive. We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Internet Computer Protocol to advance this vision. With their support, we can amplify our efforts to educate, empower, and equip women to thrive and lead in the world of blockchain.”

ICP.Hub North America is committed to supporting Women in Blockchain Canada’s efforts in education and community-building. Itwill provide technological resources, expertise, and support to help cultivate a more diverse and inclusive blockchain ecosystem. Together, ICP.Hub and WIBC will host events, hackathons and collaborative projects aimed at providing hands-on experience in developing on the Internet Computer.

This partnership between ICP.Hub North America and Women in Blockchain Canada will boost innovation, inclusivity, and diversity in the blockchain industry. It will create more opportunities for women, and help shape a digital future that is representative of all its users.

For more information on this partnership, visit the ICP.Hub North America and Women in Blockchain Canada websites.

About Internet Computer Protocol:

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), developed by DFINITY Foundation, aims to reinvent the internet as a computer that hosts secure software and a new breed of open internet services. Its mission is to democratize the internet, fostering a new era of creativity, functionality, and access.

ICP Developer Grant:

The Developer Grant Program aims to foster the expansion of the Internet Computer ecosystem and promote widespread accessibility for developers worldwide. Through this initiative, promising developers and teams receive support to accelerate their projects and contribute to the growth of the Internet Computer.

ICP Community Grant:

ICP offers the Web3 Community Grants Program inviting Participants to catalyze the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem and make the Internet Computer the default blockchain around the world by Inspiring, Engaging, and Accelerating promising developers and entrepreneurs.

About ICP.Hub North America:

ICP.Hub North America is one of the major contributors to the Internet Computer Blockchain in Canada and the US. They are accelerating the Internet Computer mass adoption in North America. Created with support from the DFINITY Foundation, they are supporting developers, entrepreneurs, projects, students, investors and VC’s to achieve their goals through education, events, content and any activity that foster Internet Computer widespread adoption.

Name: Javier Arroyo Ferrer, Co-Founder

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Telegram Twitter Linkedln 


About Women in Blockchain Canada:

Women in Blockchain Canada is an organization devoted to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in the blockchain industry. It aims to encourage and empower women to participate in and become leaders in the blockchain industry, promoting education, collaboration, and diversity in the field.

Women in Blockchain Contact:

Name: Justyna Osowska, CEO and Founder

Email: [email protected]

Social Media: Twitter Linkedln



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