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The crypto market has experienced a relatively underwhelming couple of months, with Bitcoin stuck between $25-$32K since March. While many other top cryptos have followed a similar path, Launchpad XYZ’s Telegram signals group has been on a tear. It has made numerous 10-30x trading calls and protected its community from market dips.

Its profitable calls have been widely celebrated, yet the most lucrative trade may be buying its native token, $LPX, currently in presale.

Launchpad XYZ Telegram Group Warns of Upcoming Ethereum Crash

Although the Launchpad XYZ platform is renowned for its profitable calls on emerging cryptos, its analytics tools also warn investors of impending market risk.

A recent Launchpad XYZ Telegram community update warned that Ethereum’s price could be about to crash. The analytics platform leverages several cutting-edge tools to forecast the market’s next move, then prompts Telegram members with signals to help boost their profitability.

Following its recent call, investors could short or sell Ethereum, helping protect from losses and even profit.

Another notable call the team made was a buy signal for a meme coin called ELON 2.0. Following the signal, the token rocketed in price, netting some investors a 29x profit.

It also made early calls on ECHOES and WAGIEBOT, which pumped 10x and 11x, respectively.

There are endless examples of Launchpad XYZ making such calls. The community can attest to this in its trading success room on its presale Telegram channel.

One of the exciting things about Launchpad XYZ is that users can buy a lifetime membership for a low fee.

The project is currently in its presale, and those who buy $50 worth of $LPX get a free NFT and lifetime access to the signals group. In comparison, many other signal providers charge over $50 monthly, with much less proven success.

Another benefit to the $LPX token is that it holds notable upside potential since it powers the Launchpad XYZ ecosystem. Users require it to pay for pioneering tools like an AI trading assistant, a trading terminal, decision-making frameworks, a learning platform, and much more.

The platform is one of the best ways for users to find new emerging projects before they explode. This provides significant demand for the $LPX token, potentially bolstering its price.

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Besides the $LPX token, three other promising cryptos to buy now are Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat, and TG Casino.

Bitcoin Minetrix Lets Users Easily Mine Bitcoin By Staking on Ethereum

Although the broader crypto market looks bleak, Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies, boasting a groundbreaking use case that has captured the attention of investors and prominent analysts.

The project facilitates Bitcoin cloud mining, with users simply staking the $BTCMTX token on its Ethereum-based protocol. Essentially, users stake $BTCMTX, receive cloud mining credits, and burn them in exchange for Bitcoin cloud mining power, resulting in free Bitcoin.

As well as that, presale investors can earn free $BTCMTX tokens right away by selecting the “Buy and Stake” option when purchasing the presale.

Its compelling use case provides a no-fuss, no-expertise-needed way for anyone to begin mining Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain. Also, incorporating the decentralized $BTCMTX token solidifies the project’s transparency and security, eliminating the risk of cloud mining scams, which are common in the industry.

Top analysts have weighed in with their predictions for the project. YouTuber Jacob Bury called it the next 10x potential presale, noting that it mines Bitcoin for you as its main advantage.

Since users require $BTCMTX to begin earning Bitcoin, this provides massive demand potential, which translates to upside potential. Furthermore, staking bolsters its supply-side tokenomics since most tokens will be locked in the platform’s smart contract.

As such, investors looking to buy the Bitcoin Minetrix token for a low price should not wait, as it could explode once it goes live on exchanges.

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P2E Staking Coin Meme Kombat Lets Users Wager on Meme Character Battles and Offers 112% Staking APY

Another project illustrating massive upside potential is Meme Kombat ($MK). With the fall of Pepe and other top meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, there is a gap in the market for the next meme coin king.

Meme Kombat wants to fight for the crown, hoping to win over investors with added utility and generous community rewards.

The project blurs the line between P2E and meme coins, enabling users to wager $MK on battles between meme characters. There are numerous game modes, including player vs. player and multiple player vs. game options. It leverages traditional odds mechanics to provide fair and engaging gambling.

Its other core feature is its staking mechanism, offering a fixed 112% annual percentage yield (APY). This is well above the market average, with Ethereum staking offering just 4% APY. Moreover, given its viral meme coin allure and utility-driven tokenomics, Meme Kombat likely holds significantly higher upside potential.

Despite just launching, the presale has already raised over $230K. With its next goal at $1 million, investors looking to secure a low price should act fast. Presale investors can also begin staking and compounding their holdings right away.

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Anonymous Telegram-Based Casino TG Casino Raises $360K at Presale and Offers 1,176% Staking APY

The popularity of crypto casinos has been booming recently. Therefore, traders are punting on the next one to explode, and TG Casino ($TGC) has proved a favorite.

TG Casino is a Telegram-based casino offering KYC-free, secure, and private gambling on hundreds of games and events. The project is one of the first Telegram-based casinos to be fully licensed and regulated, providing investors with peace of mind that they are engaging with a legitimate and reputable platform.

It has just launched its native $TGC token in presale and has raised over $360K in under a week. The presale’s goal is to reach just $1 million, which it will hit very soon.

TG Casino’s token offers holders a range of benefits, like rewards, exclusive access to games and rooms, and an impressive staking APY of 1,176%.

Furthermore, presale buyers will receive additional rewards following its exchange launch, and those who invest over $5K will be deemed “high rollers,” receiving exclusive NFTs and other benefits.

On top of that, the $TGC token looks primed to explode. Besides its ecosystem utility, TG Casino’s buyback mechanism could bolster its price. It will repurchase $TGC tokens with a portion of the platform’s revenue, then 60% will be allocated to staking rewards, and 40% will be burned. 

This adds buying pressure to the token while alleviating supply through burning, hinting at long-term potential.

Yet, with the presale selling fast, investors are running out of time to secure $TGC at a fixed price.

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